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Review The Wicken King from BrokenToad

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    We have had BrokenToad on PF before , a company whose owners have over 20 years experience in this hobby , their aim to give the modeller quality pieces and items at reasonable prices , amongst them includes brushes, soap, pigments and of course resin releases , we have seen a previous one from them in the Tooth Fairy and now this has been joined by :

    0.jpg [/
    Now I have to be honest I have no idea what the subject is but its scary !!!!!! doing a bit of research with the help of the Urban Dictionary .....
    Wickens are different than witches to get one thing straight. witches normally use potions,spells, chants,etc. Wicken's use what's called the third eye sense, they feel whats around them and can sometimes predict future events.
    Wicken is also a small village in The Fens ...not that I ever think our subject would haunt that tranquil location!!!
    As you might have guessed its a fantasy piece allowing the painter an open canvas or in this case resin to paint as he wishes .
    Lets have a look at the details of this release:
    Title: The Wicken King
    Size: Approx 75mm in height
    Material: Resin
    No of Pieces: 3
    Sculptor: Christian Hardy
    Casting: In House by BrokenToad
    The review piece was received in a sinister black cardboard box perfectly suited to the job on the top we have a black and white picture of the piece .
    Inside we find the 3 pieces , the main piece the full torso separate to the remaining armour for the shoulders...all resting on a foam packing.
    Wiken King 001.jpg Wiken King 002.jpg
    Looking at Prep needed , very little on the torso apart from a bit of flashing on the back , and sanding on the lower edge of the cast in base. Wiken King 003.jpg
    There is also a very tiny casting line at the back to easily sand off.
    BrokenToad has helpfully put a single locating hole in one shoulder and a double in the other so you can't fit the armour wrong ..nice and simple touch by all concerned.
    Wiken King 019.jpg
    The 2 shoulder pieces have small casting plugs to remove , fitting is easy using the single or double lugs cast on.
    I found the resin to be smooth and good to feel in my hands.
    Beginning with the Torso this includes the head and from the moment I looked at this I had a chill running down my spine its really sinister , the ideal fantasy piece.
    The subjects lower torso has a large armour plate with a smaller one on top both with good surface work , cuts, knocks and holes , coming out from under these we have a collar very finely done , ragged, on each side there is some rather nice chainmail , for once the links are seen in good form .
    Wiken King 009.jpg Wiken King 008.jpg Wiken King 010.jpg Wiken King 007.jpg Wiken King 006.jpg Wiken King 005.jpg
    Wiken King 004.jpg Wiken King 013.jpg
    Onto the neck area , a large and disgusting globule of perhaps skin sits above his armour , the flesh has tears and open areas revealing the muscles or formers for its body ......his face is no more the surface is falling and dripping down in a almost shattered skull like surface or perhaps he has a wooden mask on ..the choice is yours .
    Wiken King 011.jpg
    Draped over this is a rather nice head scarf hanging very naturally over the shoulders , ragged and torn and every effectively done ....nice one Christian.
    On top his head we have his crown delightfully formed a mass of points and ornate details .
    Wiken King 012.jpg Wiken King 014.jpg
    One thing that really stands out for me on this piece is the very good undercuts seen particularly on the headscarf and collar ....skilled casting without a doubt.
    On now to the Shoulder Pieces , easily to fit and sitting well in place , both have good surface definition , perhaps wood , there are great damage worked into both with circular balls being included on both , 1 on the left with 3 on the right all encased in a surround ...perhaps these are gems or perhaps these are eyes ..let your imagination go wild .
    Wiken King 015.jpg Wiken King 016.jpg Wiken King 017.jpg Wiken King 018.jpg
    Final Thoughts
    A pure fantasy piece from Christian and the team and BrokenToad so a good combination here I hope we see more , the piece is full of details with great casting , its a painters piece for sure , so much could be included , different textures, colours , the damage the list goes on with you the modeller being given a choice of a quality subject at a reasonable price.
    Thanks to BrokenToad for the Review piece and to you all for looking in .
    For more information why not visit the website
    0aa Broken Toad Logo.png
    Or visit them on Facebook and why not follow this up and coming company as well
    Happy modelling
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi PF ,

    Here we have some pictures of the unpainted piece from the website

    01.jpeg 01e.jpeg 01a.jpeg 01b.jpeg 01c.jpeg 01d.jpeg

    and also a painted version by Shane Rozzell (the editor of Figure Painter Magazine on line magazine)

    wicken.jpg wicken2.jpg wicken1.jpg


  3. samson Well-Known Member

    Great looking piece .
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  4. swralph A Fixture

    Great review Nap.
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Thank for the comments appreciate everyone good and bad!


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