The Valkyrie

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by harrytheheid, May 20, 2012.

  1. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    The Valkyrie; in Norse mythology, one of the twelve handmaids of Odin who ride their horses over the field of battle and escort the souls of slain heroes to Valhalla....
    Seems that there's a few of us doing this terrific figure from Alexandros Models at the moment.
    Unfortunately, I don't presently have access to my home PC and these are the only snaps I have available of my example Valkyrie figure on this laptop. These were taken when I was considering using the her in a Conan scenario and none of the figures were actually finished at this stage. (I eventually took her out of there because I reckoned she didn't really "fit" in the Hyborian Age).
    Doom%20and%20Arnie_4-Aug-11.jpg Doom%20and%20Arnie_9-Aug-11.jpg
    This is a rear view of the figure on her own. As can be seen, I need to do something about those welders glove she appears to be wearing so that her left hand begins to actually resemble that belonging to a female. Also considering changing the colour of her shield, (too much red). It's a bit difficult to see in the two diorama photos above - but her face still needs a few glazes applied to get rid of her 5-o'clock shadow and define the cheekbones and jawline a bit better than at present.
    It's a wee bit academic at the moment because I won't get back to work on her for another three weeks, but I'll post a few finished photos when I get her completed.
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  2. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    At last - almost finished. Just a few more corrections to do now, her lower left arm in particular, Brünnhilde_a_27-Jun-12.jpg Brünnhilde_b_27-Jun-12.jpg Brünnhilde_c_27-Jun-12.jpg Brünnhilde_d_27-Jun-12.jpg
    but I reckon she's vastly improved from the initial effort.
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  3. theBaron A Fixture

    Thanks for posting, Harry, I like these additional pics. The darker shade of red on the shield does look better.

  4. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks Brad,
    I reckon I've got her mouth sorted now, although the shadow under her lip looks a lot darker than it really is in this photo.
    Face 2.jpg

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