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The Tempter from Himini

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by HansDig, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. HansDig A Fixture

    Yesterday my "Tempter" arrived and I thought it would be nice to share my first impression here adding some pictures.

    Ordering went well, using Planetfigure as our 'communication-platform and Vasily is a very nice person to do "business" with.

    Shipment took less then two weeks which is quit fast ( Russia / Netherlands ) with customs and everything ( I did not have to pay VAT due to clever shipment)

    The figure is well packed in a very nice wooden box with a "Certificate of Authenticity"( eat your heart out Aliexpress ) signed by the artist.

    All parts are well packed seperately

    About the sculpting and casting I can only say that they did a great job !!

    The figures are HIGHLY detailed, very smooth and these's no "flash" , "residue" or other bad casting left-overs.
    Though not dry-fitted yet I have no doubt all parts will fit perfectly ( due to the very good casting ).

    I've added some pictures, especially of the very well sculpted sword.

    Thanks Himini ( and Vasily ), great job and....

    .....please, get a website because your stuff is too good so I want to see more ( and I will NOT get me a Facebook account ;) )


    Tempter (5).jpg Tempter (6).jpg Tempter (7).jpg Tempter (8).jpg Tempter (1).jpg Tempter.jpg
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Hans

    Thanks for the review , it looks high quality which I agree with based on the review I did of the mounted archer .

    Certainly good presentation as well ...the box is useful after the benchtime is finished as well

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  3. HIMINI Active Member

    Thank you Hans! It was real pleasure to deal with you)

    Yes we definitely gonna make a website in 2019. We are working on it.
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  4. HansDig A Fixture

    Oké, the build has begun. I noticed NAP is doing a review as well but that is closed for responses ( :( ). Started with the woodwork. Needs more highlights (and a better picture) Woodwork is done with oils. The sculpter made some nailholes in the planks and I added some very small nails to make it more realistic. ( Sometimes inspiration comes from the sparebox..... ). Now as for the figures, and most of all the skin, I'm still searching. Should I use thin layers of acryl or oil over acryl. My biggest problem is that I never get is real smooth.... any suggestions on how to paint oil-over-acryl ? I have the same problem with Atonement that was planned to be finished this week but I'm not satisfied with the skintones.....
    Did some digging on the Landsknecht and that will be a colorfull guy !
    As for the figures...the fit is amazing !!!

    landsknecht.jpg 65219.JPG wood.jpg
  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Hans

    Patience ...lol ! ...it's a lot of work on the review( locked so the review flows better ! ) ...following this as well here

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  6. HansDig A Fixture

    Okay, since you do the review (very good btw !!) I'll continue the build in the Vbench section. Keep up the good work, NAP.
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  7. Nap A Fixture

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  8. HansDig A Fixture

    Here's one lovely lady in, what looks like an old oil-paint setting. More pictures tomorrow with natural light ( though I presume she likes it better not being seen in broad daylight...... ;) ). For the skin... oils over acryl and.... pastels. ( they are great for very thin shadows and blushes e.d. I scape of some chalk, dip a very dry pointed brush in the chalkdust and tip a tine bit on the model. Then, with another DRY brush I blend it. Just like make-up.
    As I said before, the figures are stunning. Great detail and knifesharpe casting !

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  9. Oda A Fixture

    Great review and a great start.This vignette is a real "Tempter" for any historical figure modeller.

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  10. HansDig A Fixture

    Every picture tells a story....this picture tells me the eyes need more work and some parts ( no, not those :sneaky: ) need more highlights.


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