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Review The Revolutionary from Oakwood Studios

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 15, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Yes you read that title right ...a release from Oakwood , suffice to say the owner well known Richard Wharton has obtained the masters for some previously released pieces from other companies ...one being this one ....


    Of course we all know the high quality bases that Oakwood provide so its great to see thst inside the review and yours will be a suitable base produced by the company

    Revolutionary by Chezzi Mark Chestnut.jpg Revolutionary by Colin Chandler.jpg

    The blue version which was the box art was painted by as you ca see COLIN CHANDLER with the blue version was painted by MARK CHESTNUT ( Chezzie )

    Details of the release

    Title: The Revoloutionary

    Referenece: NA

    Scale: 1/10th

    No of pieces 1 with a wooden base supplied

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    Casting: In House

    Sculpting: Steve Crisp ( Darkstar )

    Box Art: Colin Chandler

    Generral Coments

    Depicting a young man , long haired very much who would not look out of place in Les Miserables , the french revolotionary film/play

    The head is bowed slightly looking down to the right

    This has many painting options and is a painters piece allowing freedom on colours etc

    r.jpg rr.jpg rrr.jpg
    rr.jpg rrrrrr.jpg r.jpg
    The model and base was held securely in a good cardboard box with the pieces in clear bags and bubble wrap

    On the top and sides were colour pic of Colin's artwork and contact details

    Revolutioary 001.jpg Revolutioary 002.jpg


    Overall the casting is good , on the review item a fine casting line ran up each side among the long wavy hairstyle ....despite being in what could be considered a awkward place the line is very fine and with care can be removed with a sharp craft knife ...but carefully!!!

    There is excess resin to remove at the lower sides and underneath

    You will need to decide how your going to mount the piece and drill the appropriate holes in both resin and wooden base

    Revolutioary 003.jpg

    Parts consist of just 1 the full piece and a wooden base , angles to sutit the cut of the lower edge of the resin

    Looking at the resin now

    Hairstyle is long and wavy with around the face edges a small amount of excess resin , easy removed or by adding a tiny piece of putty becoming the hair ...nothing major

    I like the way the hair frames the facial features , cascading downwards onto the shoulders

    Features are of a young and good looking man , eyes are a good shape with teh forehead and nasal area showing good area's , lips are tightly held together , access for the neck area is good with the shirt collar being positioned upwards over this the coat clapels rise and falls down , good undercuts

    The clothing can be painted as cotton or velvet , the choice is yours and of course no end of possibilities for other options

    Revolutioary 004.jpg

    Revolutioary 009.jpg Revolutioary 010.jpg Revolutioary 005.jpg

    Revolutioary 008.jpg Revolutioary 007.jpg Revolutioary 006.jpg

    Revolutioary 011.jpg The undeside

    The Base

    Thos e that know Oakwood quality will not be surprised of whats in the box , a well produced in a nice wood , angled to meet the resin in shaping

    On the underneath a good velvet under piece with the contact deatisl

    No hole is drilled to take a post if you wish

    Revolutioary 012.jpg Revolutioary 013.jpg

    A good compliment to the resin bust

    Note:: Looking at the website the cost is only £20 with the base ....FREE SHIPPING ...can't go wrong there and a nice idea to add the base itself

    Final thought

    A simple piece to get ready to take the primer and plenty of options for painting , minimal prep is needed and you can get straight on with the benchtime itself

    Ideal for a lesser experienced painter or just starting to do busts as well

    Oakwood are well worth looking at , hopefully I can share any future re releases from the studio , even if you just want bases of high quality you will get the same great service from Richard and all at Oakwood


    Thanks to Richard for the review model

    Contact details : See above

    There is also a FB page: www.facebook.com/Oakwood=Studios

    Cheers to you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  2. Marcin Morawski Well-Known Member

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