The Red Lancers Miniatures Auction

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by H&C, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. H&C New Member

    Online only auction coming up selling the contents of The Red Lancers Miniatures from Milton, PA and Chuck Robinson's personal collection of hand painted miniature figures.
    Huge Inventory of Military, Historical and Fantasy Miniature Figure Kits
    Over 1300 Lots in Two Sessions
    Friday, April 17th 2020 at 10:00am EST
    Saturday, April 18th 2020 at 10:00am EST
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Such a loss to the hobby ...RIP Chuck

    Hope the auctions are a real success in tribute to a fine modeller

  3. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    Wow, there are some real potential bargains in this lot, well worth a wade through. Wonder what postage is like from the USA?
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  4. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    In a word, crippling .
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  5. Tommi A Fixture

    OMG there is a scratch built piece there that I done in the early 1990s, strange seeing it again after all this time


    H6837-L205321105.jpg H6837-L205321109.jpg H6837-L205321122.jpg
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  6. Sergei Active Member

    I never met Chuck, but he was one of the most pleasant traders to deal with. I remember buying an OOP kit from him on eBay. There were several bidders, and the final price eventually got very high. When the kit arrived, it turned out to be incomplete. Chuck immediately refunded me the entire amount with no questions asked and even without asking to return the kit, thought his description strictly speaking did not promise that the kit was complete. And he was always ready to offer his help with hard-to-find figures or with traders who did not ship internationally. So fond memories.
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  7. Bournouna Active Member

    How do you go about bidding for these figures, or do you have to wait for April 17th and 18th?
  8. kevininpdx Active Member

    Very sad. I don’t think I would even be doing this hobby today if it wasn’t for Mr Robinson’s business making it accessible to me in the early years. The greatest figure vendor there ever was in the US and at this point probably there ever will be.
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  9. H&C New Member

    You can absentee bid up until April 17th and 18th, register through auctionzip or invaluable. Then you may bid live online on the 17th and 18th as each lot goes on the block.
  10. gerryj199 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very sad indeed. Although here in the USA I have also found both George Grasse at Histomin, and Gray Creager at Colorado Miniatures, great to deal with.

    For shipping to outside the USA you can check the rates for Europe on You should find each country and region listed there. You should also check if the auctioneer will post outside the USA and, if so, whether they will charge an additional fee for that. Most businesses will generate their own mailing paperwork and so they'll use USPS Priority Mail. That tends to be more expensive than some of the other options. Check what their policy is before bidding.

    When I was selling kits recently I think the minimum postage to Europe was $24. I suspect that the lots comprising mostly resin figures could start at that sort of cost, but the lots of metal figures/books/paints would likely be brutal on shipping costs.

    Hope that helps.
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  11. Kevin D. Active Member

    First time I met Chuck, I was in PA for a funeral.... I never realized over multiple years of marriage and visits that my wife's family lived 30 minutes from Chuck's store. I told her, on this trip I would like to find where Milton, PA is and, if not too far, I would like to visit Red Lancers. My wife laughed and said... Milton??… thirty minute trip.

    So, while there I told her, ok.... I'm driving to Milton, I'll say hi, maybe buy a kit but finally meet this guy I've been buying from. I walked into Red Lancer, introduced myself and called my wife to let her know I had apparently died enroute because I am in HOBBY HEAVEN. LOL

    I spent hours there, talking with Chuck, looking at the cases and of course wandering the isles of kits. I saw one in his case (EMI 54mm two muslims with a grapple hook in mid air and told him I would love to have that one. He said too bad, oop! and then said, hang on..... He got a ladder, climbed to the top of a shelf, reached behind the kits and said.... thought I might have one left!.... brought it down for me.

    I spent about $350 or so that day, told him I would need to do lay away but could pay $100 now. He said...OK... take the kits with you.

    THAT was my introduction to Chuck Robinson and of course, I headed that way each time I visited my wife's family. Excellent gentleman!
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  12. ModelCellar A Fixture

    yes, sad, very sad. Chuck was a great guy. The Model Cellar has been in business for close to 30 years now. At first, as a re-seller of kits and after market conversions and photo etch bras, etc. My vendor table was next to Chuck at MFCA that long ago. And, I was bowled over by all the figures and caught the bug instantly. Chuck was responsible for getting me (Model Cellar) in the figure business. He introduced me to the late Jim Payette who sculpted my first figures 25 years ago and the rest is history. ...yes, TWENTY FIVE YEARS - Just coming off our Silver anniversary making figures and now beginning our 26th year. And through all the years/shows chuck was always there. His passing a few years ago left a HUGE hole in our hobby. I've done MFCA 25 years in a row. and now it is surreal that there will be no MFCA this year (as well as MANY other shows due to the Pandemic). HOWEVER, it is quite fitting that the auction will take place on Friday and Saturday April 17th and 18th ON WHATWOULD HAVE BEEN MFCA !! Nicely played Chuck, RIP =))
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  13. Blind Pew A Fixture

    RIP Chuck. I met him once or twice and dealt with him a few times. Always a gentleman.
  14. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter


    Just fyi. Colorado Miniatures is no longer in business. Although Gray is still active in the Timelines group on Facebook.

  15. gioazz Active Member

    The auction is only available in few countries, not in Italy, any chance to bid from my country?
  16. H&C New Member

  17. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    It is wonderful to see so many memories and comments about Chuck ...a true gent and a star in the hobby ...RIP

    Happy bidding everyone

    Stay safe

  18. yellowcat A Fixture

    I had been ordering from Chuck since the eighties. A real gentleman RIP.

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  19. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    I really miss chuck a great deal I considered him a good friend and tried my best to keep in touch and buy from him. He was always nice and a straight shooter with me. I still have the Mike French Tiny Troopers Zulu figures from the movie I bought from him and all are tagged with the Redlancers sell tag. Which I will never remove and a note from Chuck about the figures and the movie. He will be missed for a long time. Regards, Brock
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  20. Alex A Fixture

    yeap what a nice gentleman he was... have bought many kits from him on eBay... still can find his signature card when opening some kits ! It is difficult to see all his kits sold at auction like that :(

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