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Completed The Red Baron

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by smudger1960, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello to all my fellow miniaturists,i've finally managed to finish my latest piece which is the 1/10th scale bust from Andrea of Manfred Von Rictoffen better known as The Red Baron,the bust comes in 3x parts which consist of the cap peak in white metal and the complete head / torso and block plinth both in resin.
    I was recently given a copy of the new film titled The Red Baron as well as the Blue max and after watching these 2x excellent films this gave me the inspiration to attempt my first figure from the great war.
    After having studied the films and scanned the internet one of the things i found was that the pilots during the great war during general flying and ariel combat was the amount of dirt and oil splash they had to endure,this was something i wanted to portray in my figure.
    I decided to add a scarf which was common to all pilots when flying from milliput which was applied to the figure and molded to create the folds as needed,the fringes on the scarf ends where created with a very small scalpel blade,i also wanted to add some flying goggles which i managed to salvage out of my spares box,the lenses were created from epoxy resin mixed with ivory black oil paint and applied to the frames,the goggle straps wer'e also from the spares box accompanied by some lead foil.
    The effect i wanted to create was of the baron having just returned from an ariel sortie or combat mission.
    Having posted previous threads in the past i have recieved some good and not so good critisism about the methods i use to weather my figures,i fully appriciate that some modelers like the parade ground look but i like to try and portray the figure as realistic as i can in its natural surroundings,i hope your critism wont be too harsh when viewing the photos and i hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as i did researching and painting the piece.
    I was hoping to have the name plate attached but its still in the post.
    Happy Modeling to you all,:cool::cool:

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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    It does look like you enjoyed painting him, the extreme weathering on the face really works. My only criticism would be is that the fringes on the scare end at the bust cut off point, were they to continue past that point I think it would pull everything together better.
    But after all that waffle, great job,
  3. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Brian, you have captured what you wanted to with this bust, well done. He really does look like he has just got back from a hard fight in the air.

  4. T50 A Fixture

    I like the unique approach of painting the face.
  5. jimias A Fixture

    Really unique painting style. I really like the result.
  6. sarouman A Fixture

    Hi Brian,
    These two additions, glasses and scarves, have changed the very face of the miniatures, giving the militancy of the time. (y)
    Now the painting is very special trying to give the emphasis of battle Tanning the person enough. (y)
    However as the idea is amazing (y), but I think we lost a bit of work he has done in the face with the other colors.:)

  7. megroot A Fixture

    Very nice work. But that engine has spoiled alot of oil.

  8. Michael Tse Active Member

    Bravo, Brian! Truly unique!

    This is a great time for me to see this as I am having serious doubts with my own control of how much highlight to apply on the cheeks. Here you prove to be quite the pioneer! As my tendency in this respect coincides with yours, the approval on this post is kinda a boost for my morale, too.

    It's a brave new world out there and you lead the way.
  9. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks to my fellow planeteers for viewing my latest post:

    Carl - thanks for your coments,your'e right about the scarf,carrying it on further i feel would have looked better.

    Barrie / Taesung / Dimitrios - Many thanks for your kind coments.

    Alexandros - Thanks,perhaps too much weathering / shadow on the face,this will be something for me to learn from.

    Marc - Fair coment about the oil,the weathering was a difficult thing to capture in the face,thanks for your coments,this is the only way i will learn to better my painting.

    Ngai - Thanks ngai,my painting style is not everyones cup of tea but as i said before i try to project some life into the pieces i paint,its nice to know someone shares my views and i'm not out on my own with this process,many thanks.

  10. tonydawe A Fixture

    Well done Brian, that's a bold, new approach to a subject that has been done to death. I think the additions of the scarf and googles really improve it.
  11. unknown01 New Member

    I think unique approach is successful.
    I feel the peculiar atmosphere.
    I think a very striking work.
    I congratulate completion.

  12. Christosjager A Fixture

    I agree with Mitsutaka, very atmospheric painting, the result is excellent, well done Brian.
  13. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Tony / Mitsutka / Christos

    Many thanks for your kind coments guys i really do appriciate it,appologies for the delay in replying to your posts but i've been away with the family on holiday.:cool::cool:
  14. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Excellent painting Brian and very brave to attempt these effects, but you have pulled it of with a great end result.

    Cheers David
  15. dArtagnan A Fixture

    Excellent paintjob, Brian! Very nice brushwork, my friend!
  16. SRP Active Member

    Nice one Brian...good result..!!
  17. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Dave / Eddy / Steve

    Thanks for the positive coments they are very much apprichiated,:cool::cool:
  18. pmfs A Fixture


    HI Brian!

    Very likeness this Red Baron.
    The dirty on the face is extremly well reproduced and the wear on the leather jacket are amazing.

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