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The Owl has landed

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by HansDig, May 14, 2019.

  1. HansDig Well-Known Member

    This is too funny not to mention here.....
    Ordered my "Monday Morning" from Tiny Leads on April 5. Tiny Leads adresses the packadge 100% correct but......it didn't make my doorstep since "the adress was wrong' so the reports about a 'delivery-attempt are bogus"
    Now here's the proces this tine animal had to go through before it finally arrived TODAY !!
    Man......if it wasn't that sad it would be hilarious but it made clear why postal rates are skyhigh :LOL:
  2. fogie Well-Known Member

    Well, that makes things perfectly clear(ish)....
  3. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    You are lucky you got it.

    HansDig likes this.
  4. HansDig Well-Known Member

    Yep, I agree !! Tiny Leads is a great company. They promised me a new one if this one didn't make it.......but it did !!!!
    But man, it shows once more how completly ineffective postal services are and why prices go up every year. In this case it was our own PostNL who messed up again :mad:.
    Wanna have a laugh? Contact their chatservice......... there's absolutly nothing the have an answer on........ :depressed: but they always understand why you are dissapointed....:facepalm:
  5. Dolf Active Member

    "But man, it shows once more how completly ineffective postal services are and why prices go up every year. In this case it was our own PostNL who messed up again :mad:."

    I think it's a global issue... All P.O.s I know mess up at some point... :mad:

    They call it "progress"... :rolleyes:


  6. ivopreda A Fixture

    I ship a small package from Italy to USA...

    after more than 3 weeks I've been informed that the package isn't arrived...

    I ship another package to the same person and with the same sistem... it arrived in 4 working days... I can say good performance

    a week later the first shipment arrived...

    4 days and 4 weeks for the same shipment... quite difficult to justify
  7. HansDig Well-Known Member

    If you call the, they will tell you the 4-days is normal due to their excellent service. The 4 weeks, they will tell you, is something that "never happened before and are you sure the adress was correct". But....the four days were done bij the mailman, the four weeks by management since they are able to mess up the most simple things.
  8. John Bowery A Fixture

    Now you know why it is so expensive to ship. That is a lot of traveling and mileage cost:ROFLMAO: Gas is not cheap???:D
    HansDig likes this.
  9. harrytheheid Active Member

    And there was me moanin' and groanin' about the UK's Royal Mail - yet again, yesterday.
    Looks like they're pretty good in comparison with their Dutch colleagues, but to be fair, I'd like to think they all do the best they can.
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