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Review The Ottoman Sipahi 15-16 Century HIMINI

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Edorta, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Edorta A Fixture

    Hi To all, I received this extraordinary figure past week, the producer is HIMINI (a posse ad esse), the russian producer´s last release, sculpted by Oleg Pogosyan. Resin 75mm.

    Himini1.jpg Himini2.jpg

    The presentation and the box of the kit is rustic, handmade but very careful and elegant. The box is made of wood and the figure is protected by straw, as if it were an expensive drink.

    Caja1.jpg CajaAbierta.jpg

    The kit contains two heads to alternate to taste, in addition to several nasal protectors to choose from.

    Cabezas.jpg Piezas.jpg

    All the pieces come separately and they are very easy to remove from the foundry block. The quality of the casting is very clean and high, as well as the quality of the figure.
    Finally the kit contains a certificate of authenticity with the historical research and reference photographs for painting.

    Himini4.jpg Himini5.jpg
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  2. Redcap A Fixture

    That is VERY nice indeed!
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  3. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    Mine is slowly making its way from Russia. I’m going to title it Battle of Kosovo. I don’t know about everyone else but I like the fancy packaging.
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  4. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Is there a supplier in the UK?
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  5. Gary_81 Active Member

    I agree you can never go wrong with fancy packaging and other extras :D. Looks like a great kit and very well sculpted.

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  6. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    You might want to ask ElGreco. They carry this brand but I noticed they didn’t stock their last release.
  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    Looks like a quality release. Good to see a new piece from Himini, they seem to have been a bit quiet lately.

    - Steve
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  8. Oda A Fixture

    Received mine a few days ago and I am still in awe because of the overall quality ,luxury and historical accuracy of the kit.Himini have really set the bar too high with this one.I would like it even more if it was mounted on a fine Turkish charger but I am not complaining,it is still one of the best figures ever released IMHO.
    Kevin I am by no means an expert on Ottoman arms and armor but the battle of Kossovo polje might be too early a date for this kind of armor.

    P.S: I am one of those people who consider that Oleg Pogoshyan is a genious of a sculptor but who for reasons unknown to me has given himself over to a kind of manierism during the last few years,producing copy-paste figures of warriors in overly dramatic poses,grimacing almost to the point of facial distortion.I am glad to say that this figure does not belong to this category.This figure is Master Oleg in all his artistic glory and consumate skill!!!!!!
  9. Edorta A Fixture

    I made more photos to show better each and every piece of the kit.
    The body, arms, base, weapons, coat etc.

    Cuerpo.jpg Armas.jpg Fotograbados.jpg
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  10. Nap Moderator

    Hi Edorta

    Thanks very much for doing the review , some fine details there on the sculpting

    Look forward to seeing your artwork

    Happy benchtime

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  11. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    I was thinking that was possible. I know that style was used at Constantinople in 1453 which is much later than Kosovo. I got the idea from a painting by Guissepe Rava showing the sultan getting killed in his camp at Kosovo. It looks like he was wearing this armor.
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  12. Oda A Fixture

    As I have said,I have a vagaue knowledge of Ottoman arms and armor and it looks like you have some solid documentation.I will be looking forward to seeing your painted version of this magnificent figure mate


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  13. Tom W. Well-Known Member

    The tangeling chainmail under the knees……...(y)
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  14. HIMINI Active Member

    Thank you Edorta for your review! We are happy and proud you like our Sipahi! :)(y)
    Looking forward to see this kit in color! ;)
  15. HIMINI Active Member

    These will not happen anymore, I promise. BTW there are already 4 releases in 2020, and we aint gonna stop :rolleyes:
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  16. HIMINI Active Member

    Thank you Oda! We are proud. Really. That was a really hard work to create this kit.
    Concerning Oleg and copy/pasting. Partly I agree with you. But partly)) Because every customer can make his unique brief for a sculptor. And to work with sculptor during the whole process of creation. But 90% say just smth like "Oleg I want a Viking/Greek/Landsknechte in similar pose with your previous Roman/Knight/Fantasy warrior - it was cool!". No brief, no creativity, no knowledge. And of course the result is copy-paste clones.
    That was Himini to create a brief for Sipahi figure, we gave an idea of the pose (Oleg had slightly change it, BTW), give sculptor hi-res pictures of an Ottoman artifacts, give a number of technological ideas to work with: Photoetched nasals, tangeling chainmail under the knees, extrathin saber with separate blade etc. And we worked with Oleg day by day, discussing the process.
    But we do that with every sculptor we work with because we like this kind of work. The most exciting part of the process in my opinion))

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  17. HIMINI Active Member

    Richard, unfortunately, I can say that there WERE a supplier in the UK((
    ElGreco didn`t have any of our last year releases.

    But the good news is that you can order this kit directly from us. Just contact me via PM or e-mail Himini@bk.ru
    We have several constant UK clients and I know that there are zero problems with shipment to UK - it is fast and safe.


    Himini team
  18. Oda A Fixture

    I agree with you on all accountsThe fact that you worked in close collaboration with the sculptor is evident in the end result: probably one of the best figures ever released.Your attention to detail in every aspect of the production line from historical research down to boxing is admirable.Keep up the good work,quality always pays dividends.

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  19. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    I received mine yesterday. The quality is stunning. I can’t think of another hobby that makes me feel like a child on Christmas.
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  20. Oda A Fixture

    Took the words right out of my mouth mate.

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