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The Old Forum is Back

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    Hey Guy, Gordo and the rest of the staff.

    Men o Men, what a waiste of time. So much spend in the forum to have a new look and hopefully get some things better.
    Now we are back where we started from.
    For me, i was happy with the new one, seems the last days getting better.
    But now, (maybe i am an old man) i like the looks and the abillity of the old one.

    But i don't like the time that you spend on running the new forum hasn't brought what it shouldt be. Pitty.

    But to all the staff:


    It is here on the planet that i learned painting figure's.

  2. yeo_64 Active Member

    To Gordy,Guy,Anders,Roc and all the GREAT staff of pF: A BIG THANK YOU for trying to improve the site (y) (y) !! On a personal note,I sorta missed the colour of the old site and am glad that it is back(unfortunately,without the animated smileys :( ) Ah well,we can't have everything in life the way we want it all the time. Cheers !
  3. Figure Mad Well-Known Member


    It great that our hobby is mainly about the link between tradition and modernism, but slightly ironic that we have to backwards to come forwards, dont you think...?

    Thanks guys for all your efforts, time and ability to control such a beast as this brilliant forum, the popularity of this forum can only be put down to you guys, giving so much to keep us all informed, a credit to you all

  4. Pete_H New Member

    At the risk of getting my arse raked over the coals, I must disagree with many of the posts here - I liked the new forum. I liked the fact that we can see the new postings on the other forums, KitBay showed lots of promise, and we could IM ICQ or YahooIM anybody off of their postings (I thought it even showed us if said individual was online or not). Also, I too must thank Gordy, Guy, and Anders for their tireless efforts in bringing us a far better forum than what it "used" to be and "now is." While reading all the complaints about the "new & improved" forum, one thing came to mind: how many of us remembered that this was originally Gordy's site and that it comes FREE to each and all of us? With that price tag in mind, who were we to complain about the "new" forum? Now I don't mean that last comment towards those who simply stated the situation they were in (slow speed, log-in problems, etc.), but it's directed to ... oh well, you know who you are :angry:

    This whole experience with the new site brought back memories from other forums that sailed into the sunset: MMHQ, HMForum, and the many Delphi forums that have been created and have gone the way of the DoDo. They all ended on a sour note, namely because of a very vocal few who found it better to point out what was "bad and wrong" instead of offering a solution to the problem. I'm just glad that we have a forum "owner" (for lack of another term short of "Lord of the Manor" :lol: God, I miss those emoticons!!! ) that has a skin and a sincere interest to provide us all with an "online hospitality suite" to talk about painting little men. It's a true shame that a number of nay-sayers (who I can count with one hand) brought down a new and improved forum because of what I perceived as a deficient bandwidth that laid at the feet of the server hosts and not that of our forum staff (then again I'm most likely wrong in this assessment, so please feel free to correct me). However, I'm glad that Gordy and the Gang didn't close shop and leave us lurking in the dark such as occured after the demise of HMForum.

    To Gordy and the gang, I'd like to buy you guys a beer at the next show I see you all at ..... or at the very least let Anders collect on your behalf (as if the young lad needed an excuse :lol: ). Thanks, dudes!!!
  5. Roc Active Member

    I think it's time to put an end to finger pointing and to put this thread to rest.
    The Planet is still spinning on its axle so let's get back to painting and scupting figures. ;)


  6. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Here Here....

    well said Roc

  7. thegoodsgt Active Member

    G&G, a rollback is always a difficult decision to make, but now that you've done it, I feel free to say that I like this format much better than the old one.

    Thank you for this huge contribution to our hobby!
  8. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Understand your point, but I honestly think that anytime you let the tail wag the dog, you have a problem, and folks need to know what caused the problem; if we don't learn from the past, we are destined to repeat it. I think that was the point of Petey's posting...

    All the best
  9. bwildfong Well-Known Member

    I read a great quote in one of our local papers here in the frozen North, from a successful commercial designer that seems appropriate here: "If you like it, do it again; if you don't like it, do it again."

    It seems to me that Guy and Gordy's efforts with the new Pf format are alot like what we as figure painters do in our hobby - we reach a stage in our abilities where we're confident and curious enough to take a chance and experiment with a new technique that'll hopefully push our work into a new phase of creativity, enjoyment and satisfaction. Often the results pay off, and we wonder where we'd be if we never had the fortitude to risk it (anybody remember making the "leap" from oils to acrylics ?). My hat is off, gentlemen for having the guts and artistic spirit to TRY. I'm simply glad that Pf continues to exist !

    I have no idea how difficult the technical aspects of your brave experiment were- everything I know about computers and website operation could be put on the the tip of a well-pointed 00000000000000000 brush! :lol:

    Thanks again guys!

  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Roc, Amen. There's nothing like beating a dead cat, let's move on.~Gary
  11. PJ Deluhery Active Member

    I agree with Roc. It's over. The blamegame is not productive.

    I don't know what the problem(s) were, but my heartfelt thanks goes to all those who worked so hard to keep the planet a fun place.

    Let's go back to fousing on what we came here for - talking figures and the comraderie of fellow artists.

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