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The Old Forum is Back

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    I just got off the Phone with Gordy and due to reasons beyond our control, we elected to go back to the existing forum. The new forum will be closed down and we will remain in this forum from now on.

    Sorry for the inconvenience to many of you who have made postings but the decision had to be made.

    Gordy & Guy
  2. jjgurk Member

    Guy and Gordy I know the efforts that the both of you put into this and I think I can speak for all of us when I say how much your hard work is appreciated. And I'd just like to add from my perspective that I'm actually glad to see the 'old look' back.

  3. rafaelega Active Member

    Guy & Gordy. Thanks a lor for all your efforts. I you want to know my oppinion I prefer the old forum usability (at least at this time).

  4. Pete Wenman Member

    Not to sure whats happening here, but I do want to express my thanks to Guy, Gordy and other PF staff.

    Bottom line guys, do whatever you need to keep PG going, and I will support you 100 %


    not sure whether to be worried or not :eek:
  5. quang Active Member

    Guy and Gordy,

    I understand what you've been through and I admire your perseverance and your dedication.

    (y) (y) (y)

  6. btavis Active Member

    Remember Guy, Gordy, Progress is getting things to work as well as they used to.
  7. Johan Well-Known Member

    No problem, guys - and you have my respect and admiration for running this forum. Thank you ! (y)
  8. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Guys, Thanks a lot. By the way, does this mean all of our postings on the "new" site are gone?~Gary
  9. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks guys,

    Gary - I am not sure yet about the postings made between the old and new.....and back to the old. Will let you know as soon as I do. Thanks everyone for your support.

    Gordy & Guy
  10. KeithP Active Member

    My Thanks to the staff as well. :)

  11. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Gordy has been above and beyond in his helping of my total computer dumbness. I know he has better things to do than guide me though all the things he has plus his work on the new fourm and the old. I like this one better than the new fourm but as he had taken the time and the other members also to work out a new idea I was going to learn it out of respect for all their work. They are a fine bunch and have given us a great figure site. Thanks Grody and Guy and all the others. Regards Brock
  12. Parkadge Member

    I just want to add my thanks to the PF staff who keep the Planet revolving
  13. RobH Active Member

    Behind Gordy and Guy 1000%!

    Such a shame about the kitspy forums. I really liked some of the new features (dare I say I'm missing some already!)

    A real shame so much work has been potentially lost.

    I'm just glad we still have a Planet!
  14. Bluesking Active Member

    100% guys - full of admiration - I would have hung up my boots in the same circumstances.
  15. Patrick Kirk New Member

    I understand Guy...unfortunate, cuz I think the kitspy offered some neat features...Good to know that you both are still holding the reins on this beast, and doing a great job, too

  16. panzerfaust New Member

    I feel bad for gordy and all the effort that you put in... I hope you are okay... and not smoking two packs a day over all this... :(
  17. Evan August New Member

    I wondered what happened when I visited earlier today and the most recent posts were from a month ago. I liked the new site, and it's too bad it had to go. That being said, there's nothing wrong with the current form either. Just as long the community is here, it's still the best figures site on the net. Thank you to the staff for your hard work and to everyone who makes this place great.
  18. neill Active Member

    Thanks Gentlemen. I am new here, but already appreciate your work and effort at this exceptioanl site.

  19. daredevil New Member

    G & G--I haven't been around in a couple of months--imagine my surprise when the site had morphed into something unrecognizable. I couldn't log in, couldn't (even with coaching frm Guy) figure out how to get in.
    So image my SHOCK tonight to find that everything is back to 'normal'. By looking at the replies before mine, I gather that your Herculean effort was, despite being a 'bust', appreciated nonetheless.
    I for one am glad to see the old format back--I like the look of it, like the navigation--I never had a problem with it!
    So nice try guys--but THANKS FOR GIVING US THE OLD STYLE BACK! And a special thanks to Guy for trying to walk me thru getting into the other incarnation.
    --linda ;)
  20. carpo Member

    Cheers to our hosts for not only being proactive and trying to make things better for us all - and also being responsive to the readers and bringing the old forum back.
    We are all lucky to have such hardworking and practical hosts!!

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