The Northern Chronicles from Himini

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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all,

    Himini a fairly new company from Russia have only released a couple which I have shared here on PF

    So it was nice to open the door to our postman and receive a parcel from Himini.....what will we have in the parcel ?

    Announced here on PF :

    and the artwork being announced here:


    As you can see we have a trio of figures in the release

    • There are several options
    • As result there are several stories you can tell as well
    • The groundwork/Building shown here is not included
    Options include:
    • A choice of heads and arm positions
    Stories options include:
    • A warrior in a tender moment saying farewell to his wife , a child plays innocently by
    • The parents on their own saying farewell
    • A warrior venting anger at finding out about his wife being unfaithful
    • A child playing on his own
    Details of the release are :

    Title: The Northern Chronicles , 10th Century

    Reference: HI-75-004

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Light Gray resin

    No of parts: 25 plus a insert

    Team involved:

    Box Art: Margarita Mikhailova

    Figure sculpting: Alexander Bodunov

    Raven: Andrei Ross *

    Figure bases: Vyacheslav Rusyaev

    Box art base : Vladimir Alekseev

    Note: * only included in the first 30 pieces

    Initial comments:

    • Same presentation and packing quality as with The Tempter
    • Resin quality used is very good
    • Access to remove parts from plugs is easy
    • Hardly any if any filler required
    • Sculptor signs the insert and the cover
    As before all packing is very secure in a laser cut wooden box , with the parts in bags and in recycled materials (straw type) , the box being held by a push on cardboard surround with pictures on one side ( in B &W )

    viking trio by himini 001.jpg viking trio by himini 002.jpg viking trio by himini 003.jpg XX.jpg

    The insert is similar in that it gives a good historical background and information , together with unpainted pictures of the piece

    viking trio by himini 004.jpg viking trio by himini 005.jpg

    Parts consist of :

    2 adult torso , a full child sculpt, a choice of 4 heads , 7 arms ( the 8th is cast in with one of the female heads ), , 2 weapons, helmet, a cord , shield , shield spar, a piece of hair wrapped up ( for male ) , a small branch and 3 bases

    viking trio by himini 006.jpg


    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets start the resin


    • For all figures here is minimal prep needed removal of carefully position casting blocks , all easily achievable with a sharp knife and sanding pads
    • You will need to choose which story you want in your model , that not used makes useful additions to the spares box
    • Fit the shield spar and the stick to the child's hand
    The Warrior

    First thing to say is that one of the head options for this fellow bears a remarkable likeness to Ragnar , the other is a bearded

    Our man is very much like the character in dress , wearing a long mail shirt which as expected shows fine detail work , we have belts for the shield and weapon and a small bag on the waist , trousers are baggy with natural folds being held in at the knee by wrappings that go down to the ankles, definition on these is sharp and with good textures , like the way they are held in place at the knee , on the feet we see a good pair of boots , again nicely detailed

    Under the feet there are blocks to fit into the base securely with the arms fitting into position easily

    viking trio by himini 007.jpg
    viking trio by himini 010.jpg
    viking trio by himini 008.jpg
    viking trio by himini 009.jpg


    A choice of two , if you choose the "Ragnar" type you will need to add the back piece of hair

    Both heads have really good character , the facial features on both are well done with both showing teeth , the hair texture particularly good on the bearded version , long and straggly and unkept , he looks the older of the 2 with "laughter" lines at the eyes

    Fit to the torso presents no problem

    viking trio by himini 016.jpg viking trio by himini 017.jpg viking trio by himini 018.jpg


    Again a option with the you can have the right holding the helmet or drawing the knife from the scabbard , if you choose the first you need to fit the cord into the scabbard

    The left has 2 versions , resting gently on the shoulder of the female or you use the arm cast with the female head ( more later )

    Folds on the sleeves again natural and correctly positioned , whats is particularly impressive is the work on the hands , lovely work , viens , well defined fingers

    Fit again no issues

    viking trio by himini 014.jpg viking trio by himini 015.jpg

    Weapons/Shield/Helmet/Cord/Hair piece

    A really nice sword is included fitting at the left side plus a scabbard for the scramasax which hangs from the belt, both these are based on historical finds as bare all the items that are sculpted

    The sword has a good pommel and heel on the scabbard both with designs on them , the knife has a design on the edging

    Fit issues into well formed locating holes on the torso

    viking trio by himini 019.jpg


    Rounded in shape covered front with the planking being well shown at the rear , nice effects in the grain , , the edging has reall detailed stitching with the central boss prominant , you will need to fit the spar which is easy with small locating holes , the whole shield fits into a hole on the rear of the torso

    When in use it was used as a weapon or as part of the famous shield wall

    viking trio by himini 023.jpg viking trio by himini 022.jpg

    Helmet/Hair and Cord

    Based again on historical finds , well sculpted and with thought , strengthening pieces on the top , at the front we see a eyepiece and nose protector , this has a eyebrow design on

    I mention thought ...the sculptor has included a mail neck protector the sits nicely inside with a small amount hanging over one side

    The hair is wrapped in 3 places with the end pieces splaying out , again matching the hair in the quality sculpting

    The cord is a nice touch , be careful as its delicate!! cast on the end is the handle pommel

    viking trio by himini 021.jpg viking trio by himini 020.jpg

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the female and the child


    Our lady wears typical dress simply made , hanging down to the ankles , together with shoes , in addition we see items she would have used hanging from a necklace , needle cases, a small knife , The necklaces are often very coloured in glass , bone and stone all , shaped ...perhaps by her .

    The definition of the accoutrement is well done, all are again well sculpted and cast , at the top of her dress there are 2 larger brooches again all based on finds , under the bib type dress she has a under garment .

    Folds in the material are not over done and sitting in a natural way , there are locating cutouts for the head and the arms

    Shoes are based on finds , there is a tiny bit of flashing around them together with good strong fitting pieces for the base

    viking trio by himini 024.jpg viking trio by himini 025.jpg viking trio by himini 026.jpg viking trio by himini 027.jpg viking trio by himini 028.jpg


    Choice of 2 dependant on which option , one shouts innocence and beauty wearing a simple over cap under which a plaited hair peeks out at the back resting on her right , this is a really pretty face , lovely delicate features

    viking trio by himini 029.jpg viking trio by himini 030.jpg viking trio by himini 031.jpg

    The 2nd head is another matter , not to everybody's taste but the choice is very much yours.

    What I must say is the the sculpting includes the male arm and hand and the females left and is a credit to the sculptor

    The male hand is grabbing her throat with anger and is without doubt very dramatic , her hands are sculpted onto the arms which when in place fit wonderfully , the beautiful work on the hands continue with her wearing rings on her fingers ...given in happier times I suspect.

    She wear a different type of head wear a scarf , tied at the back , this cleverly shows the full terror she has in her face , eyes wide opne , mouth showing all the teeth in sheer terror at whats happening

    viking trio by himini 036.jpg viking trio by himini 035.jpg viking trio by himini 034.jpg viking trio by himini 033.jpg viking trio by himini 032.jpg viking trio by himini 037.jpg


    2 options again the tender moment the left hangs down , slightly open the right rests gently on the resting male arm that sits on her shoulder

    viking trio by himini 040.jpg

    The other is the 2 folded up arms fitting to meet the 2 hands cast on his arm as above

    viking trio by himini 038.jpg viking trio by himini 039.jpg

    Sculpting is good , fingers are delicate

    Fit is good on all


    I like the way this has been sculpted , depicting a young boy about 5 or 6 looking down and playing totally unaware of the incident happening close by , dreaming of being warrior and drawing in the ground using a stick

    He wears a hooded top under which there is a garment that goes to his knees , trousers and extra protection at the ankles with some fine looking shoes the laces pulling in and around the ankles

    Facial features are cute , he looks well fed shorter hair as well ...bit like me ....LOL

    Clothing has good folds and not over in scale as well , hanging down we have a necklace ...Thor's hammer

    This is a piece that could easily be displayed alone imo ..really does give off an air of innocence , you could also scratch build a small wooden sword and fit that ..just a thought .

    Perhaps in the future we might see a domestic life scene , weaving , cooking maybe with a female child

    viking trio by himini 041.jpg viking trio by himini 042.jpg viking trio by himini 043.jpg viking trio by himini 044.jpg viking trio by himini 045.jpg viking trio by himini 046.jpg viking trio by himini 047.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Final pieces now


    There 3 included all are different shapes and all have texture with stones scattered about .......for me a real nice touch is the shape of a longboat that is drawn in the sand ........matching with the child of course ...his dream of being like his father

    You will also see the stick that needs to be fitted

    viking trio by himini 050.jpg viking trio by himini 048.jpg viking trio by himini 049.jpg

    Some pics for you



    Final Thoughts

    Another really good and well executed release if some parts might concern but whichever option you choose all tell a story, casting is of the high standard as with my previous reviewS .,

    Himini are a breathe of fresh air to the hobby and I look forward to seeing more from them.....

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and well done Himini

    I would like to see a website from them but for now you can contact by :

    but you can contact Vasily either by :

    Message on FB page

    Or a PM via this forum to user ID HIMINI


    If you are in the UK then El Greco Miniatures are showing the releases

    Thanks to Himini for the review piece and to you all for looking in

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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Finally as promised reference pictures

    but first some books you might wish to look at , the first is particularly good covering all aspects of Viking life

    V111111.jpg V11111.jpg V1111.jpg V111.jpg


    V1.jpg V111111111.jpg V00000.jpg

    Happy Modelling

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  6. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Another fantastic review Nap of a nicely sculpted vignette.(y)

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  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    great review again Nap. Very nice detail on the figures.
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  8. mortier A Fixture

    Thank you for this great reviev,everything is right,i start this Vignette today
  9. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very detailed review to a very nice vignette...

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