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The Minuteman, 1775 - A.C.M.A.S. "I Normanni"

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by maco61, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    For all the vitriolic exchanges that have taken place here has nobody noticed that Mr Silic has not made any comments on any other pieces of work on this forum. Does it not seem odd that he has concentrated on this one figure and despite repeated threats to forums elsewhere still keeps coming back with claims of victimisation and threats. If I was a cynic I might think that rather odd. Everybody is entitled to their opinion on subject, presentation and painting style and people do it on here on a daily basis. But they do it the right way, in a constructive manner without being insulting. My thoughts are that this is being done deliberately to cause friction. I have no idea why but that is what I feel.
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  2. mao A Fixture

    You're right!
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  3. housecarl Moderator

    Just goes to prove the adage, there's no such a thing as bad publicity.o_O
    The thread as attracted loads of interest, out of morbid curiosity, more than the figure merits.
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  4. kazuc silic Member

    outrageous comments???
    The soldiers are just a game we try to remain serious.
    If I were here for a year then I could speak freely
    but because I'm new to be a sheep.
    If you split because someone has different opinions is not democracy but dictatorship.
    I think there are many people who think like me
    just read all the posts
    Mr. Cartacci is a very good painter, but in my opinion pieces are all equal.
    There are many good Italian painters who would say the same things that I said.
    no one is offended. I am Russian I speak poor English
    This is not a fault. Many speak English better than me but have no ideas
  5. gorgosaurus Active Member

    Carl, cunning marketing ploy soon to be adopted by commercial figure producers? :whistle:
  6. billyturnip A Fixture

    I know I opened my big mouth in this thread but it's time to put this behind us and get on with what we're really here for but perhaps take a few moments to think before we hit the Post Reply button in future..... all of us. ;)
  7. kazuc silic Member

    I have commented positively on other posts
    maybe you have not read them
    no matter!!!!
    no mystery or bizarre reason.:eek:
    I saw something I do not like
    I commented and someone tries to shut me up
    I go back because I'm not used to losing the last word
    In addition there are other people who think I'm right;):)
    maybe it's a mystery internationally?? :cautious: or a conspiracy of the total world??:confused:
    peace and love, you stay relaxed
  8. kazuc silic Member

    (y)(y)(y) ohh yes, gooooooooooood idea for my personal future
  9. kazuc silic Member

    The silence is deafening
    Silence is often absent
  10. Sergey Savenkov A Fixture

    Come solito bella pittura di Danilo ed eccellente scultura di Maurizio!
  11. kazuc silic Member

    "come solito" is a perfect definition!!!
  12. Sergey Savenkov A Fixture

    Было бы странно -необычно.. если бы роспись Данило выглядела плохо......
    Мне лично нравится...
    В Италии и вправду появился новый любитель миниатюры из России или это финт...?
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  13. gudel Member

    Bravo Sergey,ora vediamo come ti risponde il falso Russo,ma vero troll italiano.
    Sei un GRANDE!
  14. mao A Fixture

    Lasciamolo stare... Cerca solo di farsi "pubblicita'"
    Let stand ... He Seeks only "advertising"
  15. kazuc silic Member

    sergey you're very intelligent but
    You know very well who I am
    advertising???? is for the Sicilians clan.
    You know well that the Russian painters are much better
    The box art of Tartar does not Cartacci
  16. kazuc silic Member

    per te verità o idea diversa è troll?
    allora io sono fieri di essere troll
  17. kazuc silic Member

    better to remain silent
    all this talk is too much for a piece so anonymous
    few would have spoken without controversy
  18. Brancaleone Active Member

    Mr Silic .. I don't agree so much about your opinion, expecially when you talk about a virtual "Sicilian Clan ". This is quite offensive for me as Italian. And if you lived in Italy for a while, like you say you did ... You should have some experience about our warm ospitality.
    I need to ask you something that i would like to remain personal, can you send me a private message with your email please ?
  19. Mike S. Well-Known Member

    Never mind. I'm biting my tongue instead.:rolleyes:
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  20. kazuc silic Member

    Mr. brancaleone I have nothing to say
    I was very explicit
    Clan of the Sicilians?? clan = group
    anyone who thinks differently is sent away
    As has happened many many users
    All this is reminiscent of a film
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