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The Minuteman, 1775 - A.C.M.A.S. "I Normanni"

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by maco61, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. garyjd Well-Known Member

    It's a beautifully sculpted AND painted figure. The size/scale is nice too. If I had to nit-pick anything it would be the coat collar and cuffs. The collar is more of a stand-up type seen in the 1790s while the cuffs are a bit large like those of the 1750s. Let the slings and arrows commence I can take it. lol ~Gary
  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    You'll be telling us that Lionel Messi is crap at football ncxt Kazuc :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :D

    Or maybe you'd like to post up some of YOUR OWN work and show us how it's done!!

    - Steve
  3. kazuc silic Member

    I answer with the words of a great painter
    "Only a stupid ask me to paint like Michelangelo" (andy warhol)
  4. kazuc silic Member

    able to understand not mean just knowing how to do
  5. garyjd Well-Known Member


    I think all or most painters use the same method/formula which makes their style stand out. Is his painting any different than any other "big" named painters in the hobby. Do you see other painters painting differently every time they paint a new figure? This is what makes their work distinctive. While you are welcome to your opinions I think it's the rude tone (verses constructive) that has put people off here. ~Gary
  6. kazuc silic Member

    if you think that the revolutionaries are always in the minority
    the world would never be changed
  7. kazuc silic Member

    Perhaps the rudeness comes from my bad English. sorry
    the great painters of the past have never been faithful to their style
    interpretation and passion have always given
    This piece does not inform me anything ,in my country we say that is like a tree without fruit
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  8. Meehan34 A Fixture

    I can totally buy into this. I really don't think it is anyone's job to sit here and defend Cartacci through our posts. This is way different than that old thread that the guy lead out trashing Bill Horan and Shep just to get a rise out of people. Can we not let Kazuc express his opinion just because most have a different opinion? He doesn't like the painting, it doesn't stir his emotions. Let's just leave it at that.
  9. kazuc silic Member

    I see the lines on the socks that are not equal
    This is something that everyone can see
  10. kazuc silic Member

    often just because a piece is painted by a master does not have the courage tosay that the wine has the smell of the cork
    Normal is ok but does not seem normal to criticize those who say his opinion
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  11. kazuc silic Member

    in Italy I never met this producer acmas.
    romeo is a great production and Maurizo Bruno is a guarantee
    only 200 pieces! if he sold them all in Italy where sales are always good
    means that Italians do not like this piece
  12. gorgosaurus Active Member

    This is a beautiful piece, sure it will do well!
    But, I have to agree that Mr Silic is welcome to his opinion whether or not he can paint as well as Mr Cartacci.
  13. pno New Member

    J'ai lu toute la question
    Je suis partiellement d'accord avec ce que vous dit M. Silic. le visage ressemble à une peinture burlesque
    Je pense que la couleur de la robe est historiquement fausse
    la couleur était impossible avec les techniques de cette période.
    est une couleur appropriée pour une robe chinoise
  14. Ferris A Fixture

    My apologies for accusing you of trolling Kazuc.
    It seems you expressed your honest opinion.
    It was just a very surprising, and let's say, original opinion, to me at least.

  15. Jazz A Fixture

    Mr Kazuc, like everyone else here, you are entitled to your opinion. God knows, I have given mine a few times. But take a piece of advice, if your English language skills are not so good then please stop speaking in metaphors and write in your own language or Italian or whichever language you are more comfortable speaking. There are many of us here that can decipher that if we wish to. Maybe then you will get your point across without seeming rude.
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  16. Patrick Kamsma Active Member

    I like this one.
    Nice touch with the name plate.
  17. billyturnip A Fixture

    Kazuc is quite entitled to voice his opinion and has given the reasons why he doesn't like the painting of the figure, what's so wrong with that?
    I accept not everyone will agree with him but perhaps it would be more productive if the defenders of the piece stated what is so good about it rather than attacking Kazuc for daring to say what he thinks.

  18. gudel Member

    Kazuc,visto che sei russo ma vivi in Italia ,che non scrivi bene in inglese ,spero che almeno l'italiano tu lo capisca.
    Mi sa tanto che tu ti sia iscritto su Planet solamente per denigrare questo figurino, tu di Russo non hai neanche il nome.
    kazuc???? silic???
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  19. debrito A Fixture

    FANTASTIC in all aspects....how much?
  20. Mariner Active Member

    I tend to avoid this type of discussion, but after reading the posts, here's my 2 cents...
    As a new member having a problem with English, I think Kazuc's expression of his opinion was a bit of a shock to other members and put a lot of people off - Jazz made an important point.
    Whether or not one likes Daniel Cartacci's style, there is no arguing the fact he is a superb painter; his handling of all the browns in this sculpt is testimony to that. But, when you 'throw dirt you lose ground' and while people are entitled to their opinions, to me Mr Silic's post comes across as an attack.
    No matter what the figure, the level of sculpting or painting skill, one can always find something positive to say, or a constructive way to criticize.
    And that's my lecture for the day:D

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