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The Landgravine - Indaco Models new release

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by LorenzoSasso, Feb 25, 2022.

  1. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    Hi folks!

    Happy to share with you another character for the Indaco Models line, ' The Landgravine'.

    Landgravine.png Landgravine3.png

    Preorder is already active at:


    Preorder price: €39.00 + shipping
    Retail price: € 47.00 + shipping

    Preorder will be up for a week and will begin fulfillment on April 10th.

    Concept: Lorenzo Sasso
    Artwork: Daniel Comerci
    Sculpture: Alessandro DePaoli
    Boxart: Romain Schoemaeker
    Scale: 75mm (1/24)
    Number of parts of the kit: 13
    Material: High quality resin

    For this uncanny yet beautiful lady i took inspiration from the German costumes of Renaissance era.

    Hope you will like her, feel free to contact me if you need more info.
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  2. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

  3. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    Thanks for the support!:)
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  4. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    small update: i've set up a raffle to celebrate the coming Easter.

    Follow the IG link to see all infos:


    Entering is free and you can win a copy of 'The Landgravine' as well as discount coupouns!
    Share the word, and happy Easter.
    Raffle modifica planetfigure.jpg
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  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi there Lorenzo

    Not my thing but that is a really nice sculpt , very natural position

    Lovely artwork

    Thanks for sharing

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  6. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    Hey Nap,

    always appreciated to get some feedback. Actually credit for the sculpt and its natural pose goes to the sculptor, original artwork was very different (the one posted earlier is just a "promotional" drawing ;) ):

  7. nig-g Active Member

    It seems that I am going to be the lone dissenting voice here. I do not not believe that a model of any women being groped is a suitable subject for modellers. We modellers have a bad enough reputation with the general public when we are seen as sad old gits who live in the shadows and back rooms of pubs. We are perceived never to have spoken to a real women and so have to make up for it with models of buxom women etc.
    I fully anticipate the flak that will now come my way. I have learnt from experience….I once made a similar comment about models being posted on PF of women being tortured and was amazed by the vitriolic abuse I received from fellow members both in public postings but mainly by way of personal messages here on PF.
    I have raised this with the moderator who clearly disagree with me, so I feel I have no choice but to leave PF. So say what you like as I shalln’t be reading it……..
  8. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    First of all i'd like to reassure you:

    i am a young man with an active social life, regularly dating women and with a good number of both male and female friends. :)

    I don't say this with the intention of sounding cocky or condescending, it's simply that i don't care that much about how others "perceive" me because of my passion in scale models.

    That said, there would be a lot to reply here, but i'll keep to the essential since you said that:

    So, have you tried reading the background story of this character before jumping to conclusions?


    If you did, maybe you could have understood how this woman is a sort of succubus seducing men in order to feed on their life force, hence the lascivious pose and clothing.

    It's not nudity aimed to increase sales (look at my other models, they are totally out of the "mainstream", and they are fully dressed) but it's functional to her personality and story.

    I am a bit sad that all you noticed is the exposed skin instead of all the time i put into researching German costume and furniture of the time in order to create what i consider a quality product.

    Happy to chat more if it can help shed some light on the choices that went into this character!
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