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Review The Lake Elf And The Fairy, 1/9th Scale, elGen/Mokha Blue Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by PropBlast, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. PropBlast Moderator

    The Lake Elf And The Fairy, 1/9th Scale, elGen/Mokha Blue Miniatures

    There comes a time in every modellers life when they want to do something a little bit different from their normal genre. As we all know sometimes it can get pretty tedious painting the same subject matters and I think that sometimes it does us good to have a break from the norm. The following is indeed ones of those.
    Now I normally like military subjects with the occasional foray into pirates and some tv/film busts but this fantasy scene caught my eye in more ways than one. I actually have to admit I do like The Witcher and especially The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. In fact this could even be a scene from either one of them and that's what fantasy is all about – using your imagination to its full extent.
    I see this particular model like this – a Elven warrior who has fought hard and is now bathing to wash away the dirt, grime, and reality of battle, when she is visited by a fairy. It's a calm, relaxing scene that is full of emotion and although some may be offended by the slight nudity shown, it's very subtle and nothing compared to other figures circulating within our hobby.
    Now let's get down to the model itself that was manufactured by elGen Miniatures (ceased trading some years ago) but is now being revived by and distributed by Mokha Blue Miniatures of Spain – https://www.mokhablue.com/product/the-lake-elf-and-the-fairy.

    Display Fantasy Resin Figure. 1:9 scale
    Sculpt: Javier García Fuentes
    Parts: 11
    Size: Base 16x8cm
    Casting: Valquiria Studio
    Concept art: Daniel Mora

    This figure was shipped in a strong cardboard box and inside is the box containing all the necessary parts amply protected by a generous amount of bubble wrap. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery which was only four days from Spain to the UK. Now that is quick!



    Let's begin with the base which measures a generous 16 x 8cm. I think that a lot of manufacturers look at the base a a bit of an after thought when it comes to miniatures but elGen have really outdone themselves with the base. It really ties in all the elements of the scene and the attention to details is incredible. Water lilies, water droplets, the movement of water rings to emphasize a sense of movement in the water - its all there!




    Next we come on the main figure in the scene which is the elf herself. She is beautifully cast in flawless grey resin and again the detail is remarkable. I especially like the simulation of water droplets on her skin and feeling of the wet look. I think however I would like to have added my own water droplets and water effects with clear uv resin. Either way she will be a joy to paint in any way you see fit.


    Up next are some smaller but no less impressive items.
    First we have her clothing and armour she has taken off to bath. Brilliantly cast again the usual high standard that this model continues to deliver in spades.

    IMG_1917.JPG IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1919.JPG

    We have the fairy next sitting on a tree passing a flower to the elf. She really is a sublime little character which could be painted in a a fantastic array of colours. Her wings are cast in two separate pairs and look dainty and delicate as we would expect.

    IMG_1922.JPG IMG_1923.JPG

    Further smaller items to complete the model are the elf's sword, a curl of hair, and the fairy's hand holding a flower.

    IMG_1924.JPG IMG_1926.JPG IMG_1927.JPG

    Conclusion -
    Pros - Excellent casting, little to no clean up required, dry fitting shows no problems.
    Cons - Some would like to simulate water droplets themselves rather than them being cast onto the figure.

    Rating - 10/10
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  2. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Excellent review, nice figure... thanks for sharing..
  3. Russ Active Member

    Yes, good review! I also have this kit, and I was also impressed with the quality, detail, and swifter-than-expected delivery.

    AND - my base was slightly, but noticeably warped. I contacted Mokha Blue, sent a picture, and they were surprised (at the warpage, not my rugged good looks ;)). They went and talked to their production folks; I don't know if they figured out the "why", but they got back to me and basically said "We're going to make a new one, check it close, pack it in armor plating, and get to you free of charge." Which they did; that was the 19th, and I received it today, 11 days to WA State, USA. Pretty good, I'd say.
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  4. maco61 A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi there

    Thanks for taking the time to share this , certainly a very different subject , it looks well engineered in respect the build , agree with your comment ref droplets

    It's a clever idea , like the fairy on the tree as well ....could easily be a single figure

    Look forward to seeing your version painted

    Appreciate your time

    Happy Reviewing


    PS Good to see the comment from Russ ref customer service, all credit to the company
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  6. LorenzoSasso Active Member

    Beautiful figure and great review
  7. Darby Member

    The more I look at it, the more I want one.
  8. Egg Active Member

    Looks really good but the scale is a bit too big for me. Prefer 75mm ideally.

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