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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Feb 4, 2024.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everybody

    It’s time for a look at another addition to the music legends series of releases from :

    Following on from my first look at a guitar legend here https://www.planetfigure.com/thread...resents-guitar-legend-mr-jimi-hendrix.583522/

    We continue to look at iconic artists , this time Elvis Aaron Presley ,January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

    Known as “ The King of Rock and Roll “ , causing audiences to faint and scream with delight at his at the time outrageous moves ! He served in the military and also in many films ...even today the legend lives on in his musical legacy


    Shipping was quick the contents received in a strong simple cardboard box, no artwork outside as this is a WIP by Mark himself , the items very well packed in resealable bags surrounded with bubble wrap

    Details of release:

    Title: The King

    Reference: Mark R Haywood Collectables

    Scale: approx 1/10th

    Material: Lt Gray

    No of Pieces: 3

    Sculptor: Mark Haywood using 3D

    Casting: In House

    Box Art: N/A

    Consisting of pieces , main full torso , microphone and small rounded base

    E5DEBD95-0DB3-4174-B1C5-4EEC9B83C40D.jpeg DDC4D9FF-5B84-46A3-BDEC-28C5FAD8D259.jpeg 88DFC0CB-263A-41EF-9F03-07932A66C354.jpeg

    Prep ......Less than minimal , nothing on the torso is needed ..judt a little sanding underneath then a quick wash before priming

    The actual microphone stand needed to be straightened ...easy to do ( the rolling between the fingers is enough )

    The stand sits well into the provided hole underneath ....good to see a long post on the actual base , you could of course replace with brass rod

    Thanks to careful packing I was happy to find no damage to the right hand fingers

    Before we look at the actual resin here’s some references you might find useful

    0DED7B1F-8167-4F68-893B-6F5042BAC3A7.jpeg A676DABB-2F90-4925-9BB4-C5B4669EC8A2.jpeg 02661771-5F20-4438-9537-521694FEDFEF.jpeg 4DBD004A-A9B7-4796-A080-5B03E1E3A2CE.jpeg BBF50A8B-7DAC-495F-98B2-257696FFD24A.jpeg 981A9DB5-271C-4C0F-8A62-B350A7B5661F.jpeg 65D32957-91F1-4598-A02C-75EEC85AA795.jpeg 1387A408-CB7B-4CCC-906E-2F867E72638D.jpeg 0FFB3D92-ED76-4E58-B9C3-E021938FD63C.jpeg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Let’s rock’n roll with the resin

    The main piece is the full body including right arm , head with the left wrist being open to receive the hand holding the microphone

    The lower edged is angled showing more of the lower jacket

    The surface of resin is smooth with no print lines which is good to see , Elvis is posed in the classic position whilst on stage the right arm raised , the fingers positioned well

    Finger work is really good , as I said no damage to deal with , the jkt is buttoned at the base of the lapels , nice folds all over the clothing , the collar open wide to mid chest exposing the area well for his adoring fans , the collar is raised at the back

    The big question can only be does this look like Elvis ....certainly does , nice features , mouth open the forehead slightly lined with the movement of his face

    The hair is very easily recognised as the period with nice surface work

    On the underside a substantial hole to fit the base of your choice

    I am happy to note this is not a hollow print as in other 3D release we have seen from some manufacturers ( I know this saves resin if hollow )

    Let the pictures take you around

    7008B2F0-2F54-4513-BF8C-05D8FB97CFC8.jpeg 2C5B75DC-FCE4-406F-B893-1AA0E4A4D8DD.jpeg 7F24BCF4-0606-4A66-8B93-42D3C44AF508.jpeg 7265BCE0-CDF6-41D1-BF0E-1F45B6BC0516.jpeg F5E29CE3-B9AF-4562-A5FC-6731F991BAC8.jpeg C983B724-D589-47A4-AD4D-711964363D85.jpeg BCD4B5B5-8D86-4573-8FF8-5E7874A1BE23.jpeg 729A904D-7456-47BC-B071-77EE6A53C4E4.jpeg 1201D704-4F54-4F76-8DC5-8CCABA237236.jpeg D1222211-282C-4CCC-A85A-37F9C233DCE5.jpeg

    836F05EC-383F-4F90-8C74-A5ABC4C2E7C8.jpeg 93540AB7-9DD3-48DB-90DF-B3E6FC2565E7.jpeg EF20E192-8F1E-4CDE-A8EA-A8929670C2BC.jpeg 1E8E6A25-29F9-4BA0-B816-2EBAEE5E3E44.jpeg 4E9B2D9A-6AB9-4B59-8C71-83B90AF0D830.jpeg 99AEB9E6-9773-4BEC-9A8E-50955FFDBB0B.jpeg A9C3A3E0-C03D-4963-91D8-EB399A563188.jpeg

    Are we Rock’N’Rolling or what !

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Onto the remaining pieces

    The left hand is worked holding the microphone, again good finger work , the actual wrist is longer to fit well into the jacket cuff on the main resin , on the wrist one of the many watches Elvis had , on a finger a ring( again he had many of these in various guises .

    The actual microphone is spot on to represent one seen in pictures of him performing called a Shure Super 55.

    There is part of the stand but some may wish to replace with a brass rod ...easily done if you wish

    6D043314-2195-4C10-A69E-E8EE044C1924.jpeg EA60F2A2-EC29-47CC-BC4D-A131D878B5D3.jpeg B364BB00-CE9E-4439-9C49-EEB4B1FB19D4.jpeg 9A7EC4EE-A0C0-48AF-AFCC-9AFE504B3BB9.jpeg EEDF9368-FE9F-4BFC-9420-D9B9F32379CE.jpeg C439B193-48C8-4D75-A49B-CD174D2DD851.jpeg 04CA96A5-DFFB-4CAE-8DBE-B88B8CCEBF49.jpeg 9D232164-8144-4807-B3AE-C4A7A9C26A0B.jpeg 1B6CAF47-F43B-46E6-A7A6-984FD21306A8.jpeg 6D043314-2195-4C10-A69E-E8EE044C1924.jpeg B364BB00-CE9E-4439-9C49-EEB4B1FB19D4.jpeg 9A7EC4EE-A0C0-48AF-AFCC-9AFE504B3BB9.jpeg EEDF9368-FE9F-4BFC-9420-D9B9F32379CE.jpeg C439B193-48C8-4D75-A49B-CD174D2DD851.jpeg 04CA96A5-DFFB-4CAE-8DBE-B88B8CCEBF49.jpeg 9D232164-8144-4807-B3AE-C4A7A9C26A0B.jpeg

    The base stand is a two tiered shaping with a long connection...suitable if you wish to use


    CONCLUSION There you have it ...my look around this release ....my conclusion ....a good addition to the series , all painted up will look excellent , plenty of options for the jkt as well including a sparkling one !!

    This is a well thought out piece , a great diversion from the normal military subjects ...adding more fun to the Bench

    Big thanks for the quick shipping , packing quality and customer service to

    For more details go to the website www.conceptminiatures.com

    Email Mark : info@conceptminiatures.com

    Message via PF ( user name Shark )


    For me it’s 4/5 microphones

    27AEAE2B-517C-462F-B696-551DE91CF600.png 27AEAE2B-517C-462F-B696-551DE91CF600.png

    27AEAE2B-517C-462F-B696-551DE91CF600.png 27AEAE2B-517C-462F-B696-551DE91CF600.png

    Early on I mentioned others from the series ...here they are

    Jimi Hendrix - Legends of Rock

    Brian Johnson (AC/DC frontman) - For those about to Rock

    James Hatfield (Metallica) - Metal Legends

    Of course Elvis - The King

    If music not your thing then there’s also Military , recently released - Hell in the Ardennes

    Previous this called Edward Chapman VC , BEM

    For more details go to the website www.conceptminiatures.com

    Thanks to you all for looking in

    Have a great time at the bench

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