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WIP The Guardian - Medieval Knight XIIIc

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Luver, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Luver Member

    Let me introduce you to “The Guardian” – Medieval Knight XIII a.C. of BestSoldiers.
    This is a resin bust whose scale is not reported on the box, but I would say it’s 1:10.
    I really like the overall posture and above all the proud look of the Guardian’s face the sculptor has been able to represent.

    I have currently painted the chainmail and the face, and the next step is about painting the arms.
    Any comment is very much appreciated

    Other photos and information are available in my blog here https://luver.it/wp/2019/04/07/the-guardian-wip-part-1/


    Guardian-WIP-04.jpg Guardian-WIP-05.jpg Guardian-WIP-06.jpg
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  2. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice piece.... veins on his arm.. Nice touch.
  3. Luver Member

    Well, actually the veins are sculpted, so that will be easier to paint.
    I am right now painting the arms, so will highlight the veins appropriately...
    Thanks for the feedback
  4. fogie Well-Known Member

    Nice piece. Some say that figures/busts of this scale are easier to paint - they seem to think that the sheer size helps.
    I'm not so sure. I think it takes a lot more skill - not to mention immense confidence - to paint something so 'in your
    face' where there is absolutely nowhere to hide. There are many here who are highly skilled at things like this, and
    you are up there with them.
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  5. Luver Member

    Thanks Fogie, I really appreciate!
    I do agree with you about the size. Also I used to think "the bigger, the easier" but I discovered that is by far not true! Yes a big size implies bigger details, but also bigger surfaces to paint. I am now painting the arms and, hey, it's not easy at all to properly blend colours .
    This bust also has a shield to paint and it's quite big. I am thinking to leverage on an airbrush to properly shade it (I have never done this before...)
    Thanks for the feedback
  6. Luver Member

    Here is a quick update. I completed the arms and the wristband adding some more touches to the face. The next one will be the lights and shadows of the vest. I am also planning to slightly change the colour of the vest and desaturate a bit to give the feeling of worn out clothing. Also the belt is missing of course.


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  7. Henk Active Member

    Wow. Superb painting and blending technique. I love the tanned and mottled skin.
  8. Luver Member

  9. Luver Member

    Easter time quick update, and it’s a nice time as I think I learnt a bit more how to use oil colours over acrylic, so I wish to celebrate! I used the oils for the first time with the Trumpeter back in December 2018, but that time I used the “Oil Brush” and I was not pleased with the outcome. Recently I purchased some Abteilung 502 (https://abteilung502.com) colour sets (Flesh, Leather and Wood and Base Color Alteration) and yesterday/today I put them at test.

    My “Guardian” has a leather bag, probably to keep some coins, so I took the opportunity to try my brand new “Leather and Wood” oils. I started with an acrylic base coat and I just sketched the main lights and shadows, then I picked some oil colours and tried to blend them directly onto the acrylic base coat. I though the process would have been more difficult, but I discovered it’s actually rather easy and also a lot of fun. It’s really easy now to get smooth transitions! On the pictures you can see the final result: overall I think it’s ok. Of course this is just the beginning and I have to refine my technique, but I think this is a good start.

    I discovered that the key element is to use very small amounts of colour and put it on the figure with a tiny brush, then you use a soft and bigger (typically flat) brush to smooth the colour. If you want to paint thin details, you have to dilute a bit the brush as the colour must flow easily. Using the latter technique I have bee able to paint some detail and the scratches.

    As I got a bit more confidence with this media and I enjoyed a lot creating easily the shades, I decided to retouch the face and arms of my Guardian. Typically, after completing the face, I am really afraid to change anything as a small mistake can frustate hours of work, but oils, with their long drying times, do let you change anything if you make mistakes.

    The “Flesh Colour Set” from Abteilung 502 provides a nice set of colours for different flesh shades (six overall), so I picked the darkest shadow, the pinky tone and the highest light just to retouch the shadows and lights on the Guardian’s face. For example, for the shadows, I applied a small quantity of dark colour in the darkest region, then I transitioned the color to the lightest shade.

    I also painted the sword the same way, that is I started with the acrylics and then I applied some shades with the oil colours.

    Overall, I like a lot the final result. I think that even very small quantities of oil colours have the capability to make much more uniform the acrylic painted surface, actually blending the acrylic layers.

    So, in summary, I enjoyed a lot this painting session and I am sure I’ll use oil colours more and more, not just to paint leather, wood or the flesh, but also other types of elements like the fabric. Below, in the gallery, you can find other snapshots I took from different angles.

    Oh, one more thing… As you can see from the photos, I also added some spurts to the vest and sleeves. They are just random spurts I create using an old a cheap nylon brush with very short bristles. I dipped the brush into some colour without diluting it and using the finger I bended the bristles to create the spurts: it’s a quick and easy method. Finally I retouched slightly using a thin brush.

    That’s all! See you next time and good painting!

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  10. arj A Fixture

    Very nice work.

  11. Luver Member

    Hello, this is the final post on this beautiful bust by Bestsoldiers. I completed the shield which I painted in acrylics and oils.
    You can find more information about the process I used to paint the shield on the post I published in by web site here https://luver.it/wp/2019/05/12/the-guardian-final/ where you can also find more photos of the final work.
    Thanks and... good painting!

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