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"The Great Escape" finished

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marijn Van Gils, May 29, 2006.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Awesome work Marjin. When I first saw this in a show photo album, I knew who did it without seeing any credit on the photo......could only be Marjin.
  2. kastigamatt Active Member

    Great job as usual, I was waiting to see how you were fixing the figure on a pedestal ciao!
  3. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hey Marijn !
    :lol: :lol: piece of modelling !!! WELL DONE (y) !!!! Cheers !
  4. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Marijn, I´m so sorry that you had not come to México, I was happy to meet you in person, well friend, maybe next year ;)

    Your model, GREAT as always.


  5. Arminous Member

    Hi there!

    Marijn,this is one of the GREATEST figures ever created in the History of Miniature Modeling!If I was a judge in a show,I would suppose giving your creation a special award!It's Art,it's imagination,it's modeling!I guess you have established a brand new style!

  6. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    In the 20+ years I have paint a miniaturist, this got to be the best most imaginative piece I have seen! (y)
  7. Excatlon Active Member

  8. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Hello everybody!

    thanks for all those nice words about my little figure! They are certainly motivating, but also make me blush a little... :)

    The word "art" has been used several times. I don't know about that, but I do know that for me, modeling becomes so much more fun and rewarding when I can work on an idea I really like. As it happens, I usually like ideas best when they are a little different from what I have seen before...

    Dan, in fact it is not too difficult to find an idea like this. It is just a matter of "thinking outside of the box". Plenty of other mediums have been fooling around with their own tools, so they provided plenty of inspiration. Just think of "the quest for he holy grail" by Monty Pyton for example, were a monster in a cave suddenly disappears because the drawer gets a heart-attack. There are also plenty of cartoons where the characters jump from one fame to the next, or use pencils to alter things in their own story...
    I just see this one as a kind of "meta-modelling": fooling around with the medium itself. In a way, the crimea figure in German camo I did, is done in the same spirit.

    Once you start thinking ot of the box, hundreds of ideas come quickly! One simple question can be enough to get your brain working. Roy gave the perfect example when he wrote "I wonder what these guys get up to when we are not looking".

    I think modelling can be so much more than just the reproduction of a piece of history as realistically as possible. Doing this is by no means less than doing some crazy idea, but we shouldn't feel limited to it. Modelling is a whole medium on its own, and in fact doesn't have any boundaries at all.

    I must admit though, that the idea for the worktable-base is not my own, but was suggested to me by my good friend Phil Stutcinskas. The idea of having the figure walk trough a puddleof spilled paint came from Conrad "Conny" Schulte. Thanks guys!
    So you see, I'm not ashamed at all to use someone elses ideas too! :lol:

    Calvin: thanks! It is great to see your vignette every day too! :lol:

    John, thanks a lot! Technically, I still find anatomy and posing the hardest part to get right, so I ppreciate your complimet a lot!

    Thanks Dave! Well, for the nameplate I had to choose between readability and logic, and logic is always the first thing I throw out of the window!

    Thanks Marc! Also thanks for the comment! You spotted the one part I am also not really happy about, but just left it as good as I could. It was not possible to turn the hand in any anatomically possible way that really grabs the wooden base, so I positionned the hand as if it is just counterbalancing the base, not really carrying the weight. This is carried by his back and right hand. Of course, the real weight of the thing is quite irrelevant, since it is impossible anyway... Thanks!

    Thanks Gary! I recently had some camera trouble, and of course I also have to produce some stuff before I can post it... But I'll put something new on soon!

    Thanks Michael! How have you been by the way? It sure has been long time!

    Thanks Alejandro! Believe me, I'm also really sorry for missing out on the trip, especially in such a stupid way... I hope to be there next year though indeed!

    Thanks again everybody, and best wishes!

  9. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    A truly brilliant idea Marijin. I echo what others said.. Keep it up.

  10. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Marijn, we always look forward to seeing your work, and this example typifies why. Lots of imagination, things are kept simple, and there's a lot of fun in there - something often missing from our hobby........thanks again mate ;)
  11. arthur Member

    Super Cool (y)
    Your pieces are getting better and better and better, ....how any of us can possibly catch up to you?
    This is one of most original ideas that I have seen in a while,...topped with your excellent painting skills I am sure it will be a medal winner at Euro.
    Wish I could see it in real life to be able to really admire it.
    Thanks for sharing.
  12. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Marijn
    sure it cannot be said that the imagination lacks you....... you always succeed to make
    a job with all the just technical equilibriums and invents to you.
    Bravo and always a pleasure to see as you amuse yourself.

    ;) MAB
  13. fulgor New Member

    verry nice figure , like always.

    realy a verry original idea.

  14. bonehead A Fixture

    Hello Marijn,

    Art. You do not have to feel the word applies to you, but in this case there can be no other conclusion!

    Art, with a capital "A", happens when a medium communicates with the viewer in new and profound ways. This is one of those occasions. There is no room for argumant here.

    There is little I can add here that has not been said by the others. This is a brilliant and original idea, superbly executed. You can demand no more than this from any art!

    I have said it before and I will say it here again. You are, indeed, a World Master. Even if you do not have the actual award, you put many of us to shame with your creativity and brilliant execution.

    You are quickly becoming my very favorite modeler. Keep up the brilliant work! And, to think I had never heard of you only a few short years ago........

    Bravo!! You ROCK dude!!


    Mike Good
  15. garyjd Well-Known Member

    There are many miniaturists who have produced some amazing pieces of work, both before and after being "titled". I agree with you 100% that Marijn's work is a cut above the best just in execution and creativity alone, and should rightly be rocognized. For reasons other than that noted I fail to understand why such a "title" is so important.~Gary
  16. IronMike A Fixture


    Mike Stelzel
  17. GARD9 Member

    Marijn, you never cease to amaze me.
    This is thinking "Outside the Box".
    I love it.
    Many thumbs up!
  18. Ray Active Member

    Thanks for showing this piece finished, I've waited eagerly since first seeing the unfinished model here. You solved the problem of an appropriate base for the model imaginatively. Your modeling is of course (echoing the others here) unparalleled, and I for one am always eager to see more. It's also nice to see a civilian figure for once, have you done any others?

  19. Christos Well-Known Member

    Awesome!Great idea, posing of the miniature looks so natural!
    Best regards
  20. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Hello guys!

    sorry for the late reply...

    Thanks a lot everybody for all the nice comments! Very motivating... :)

    Hello Ray! I have only done a civilian or two in an AFV-diorma some years ago, but I certainly would like to do more of them. Why only do military, when there are so many other great subjects and ideas?
    For the base, I have to thank my friends Phil and Conny for supplying me with ideas.

    Mike and Gary, thanks for the nice words! I think all Mike is trying to do is express that he likes my work (which is very much apreciated, since I'm a fan of yours for many years Mike!). I think we all agree that titles can only have a symbolic meaning and are quite hollow and meaningless on their own. In my opinion, the same goes for competition awards by the way.
    Probably the worst way of modelling must be to model in function of winning awards (or titles). This will make the modeller build what he thinks is expected, and thus prevents him from building in the way he really wants, so stops all real expression. Progress is impossible without deviation from the norm... and awards and titles often only confirm the norm.

    Thanks again, and best wishes!


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