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The Fugure That Burned Me Out

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jim Patrick, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Jim Patrick Active Member

    It's a 54mm Pegaso Chassures a Cheval de la Garde (54-160) and I usually enjoy painting figures but right around Dec. this figure did me in. He has lace inside of his lace! :eek: Well, after a nice break, I'm back at him again. I stiil need to finish hi sabretache (very colorful) before I can finally attach his pelisse. Once this is done, I'm back to painting his lace inside of lace. His dolman isn't the right shade of blue in my opinion (Thanks for the help Daniel) but being as it was already painted and fixing it would be a major project, I left it alone. The banner on his trumpet needs some darker blue around the eagle (and yes, the end of his trumpet is broken off!). Looking at the flesh tones, it seems like I need a little more highlights and some more reddish tone to it. What do the rest of you think? As far as the base, it's something I made by taking a Custom Dioramic kit (steps, wall sections and pillars, #CD 1131) and cut a section out of the ceramic steps. I think the pillar in the background might be a little too tall. I'm thinking of cutting it off just above the base and putting some type of vase or somehting there. Just something that doesn't stand quite so tall behind the figure. Tell me what you think. Leave it alone or cut it off? By the way, if you see a mistake in here that I didn't, tell me please so I can fix it before it gets too late. As far as the scarlet color goes, I'm not too happy with that at all. The color I used is:

    Base- Andrea #46 Crimson (2 drops) and #33 Nap. Red (1 drop). You can see the base color on his chausse (the pennant coming out of his headgear). What should I use to highlight this color? I was using Vallejo #835 (Salmon rose) with a little #815 (Basic Skintone) for some highs. Violet is what I'm using to shade this. I think it's getting to "worn out" looking for this old cavalry trooper to be wearing after a parade or such.

    In any case, send me your comments to help me out.

    Thanks, Jim Patrick



  2. John Long Active Member

    I think it looks great Jim. I like the base the way it is. Many times I like to incorporate a taller element. I think it creates initmacy between the figure and his surroundings.
  3. KeithP Active Member

    I think it's gorgeous! So, I wouldn't change a darn thing.

    Often I am prone to over tweak my figures. I think it's good that you put it down for a while and now can take a fresher look.

    Ultimately, though, it's what ever you are confortable with :)

  4. homellop Active Member

    Hi Jim
    I think your figure looks great.
    Good work on the gold laces.
    I usually highlight reds with sunny skintone with a little ammount of orange added.
    May be the boots are too grey.
    Keep it up.
  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Jim, finish it as is. I really like the groundwork you've placed it on.~Gary
  6. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim,

    He looks great! I especially like the buff pants, they are very well done. The base will look really good to, is that a resin kit from someone or is it scratched?

    Keep plowing away with it, he looks super, and I am sure once finished he will be a whopper of a figure with all those colors and your excellent painting!
  7. Roc Active Member

    Jim, your figure looks good.
    I can't tell by the picture,but it might need a little more highlights and shadows.
    Your ground work is excellent.

    Roc. :)
  8. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Jim,your figure looks EXCELLENT (y) (y) ;just add the tweaks that the rest of the guys have suggested and it'll look really,really good !
    Kenneth :lol:
  9. Brad S Member


    I also think it looks great. I think I would have a horrible time painting such a figure as that time period I seem to back away from. The flesh tones look good to me also. Always good to see your work, and know that someone besides me has a figure that just doesn't seem to work out.

    Brad Spelts
  10. Dani A. New Member


    I understand what you mean with the blue... but I agree it is better to let it lie as it is!
    As far as the other colours are concerned, I'm not sure about crimson - it looks good on the busby's bag, but too orange on the pelisse - maybe it is the photo?
    I think Jaume has made a good observation on the boots - they look a little too faded, and having in account that your trumpeter is clad in parade dress, this detail clashes a bit with the whole.

    BTW, there is an excellent little book on Napoleon's Guard Cavalry, published by "Histoire et Collections" in Paris - there is an English version. It is an excellent compendium of all available sources, and lavishly illustrated with infographic designs. Only the senior regiments are covered, so far, Chasseurs à cheval included - it is expected they will release new titles.
  11. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Ok, took me a little while but here is a update. Nearly finished with the figure (yes, it's still burning me out) except for a few details. Changed the background as it appears a bright subject doesn't take very good pictures against a bright background (Thanks again Brandi ;) ). It would also appear nearly everyone else already knows this and I'm, once again, late in joining the human race! The pelise had to be repainted after I broke it (Let's hear it for Bozo again!). The groundwork is finished barring something obvious that I missed. Tell me what all of you think.

    Jim Patrick

    1 June 04
    I didn't like the pictures so I deleted them and added some new ones. Hopefully these will be a lot clearer. -Jim-




  12. Jason W. Active Member

    That figure looks GREAT Jim! That brick looks awesome, very realistic!
  13. John Long Active Member

    That looks great Jim. The detail on the sabretache is particularly good. The patina on the lightpost looks great.
  14. Jim Patrick Active Member

    High praise indeed coming from you two. Thanks Jason and John. Actually, I looked at how you two do groundwork very closely when I did this so the compliments should go back to yourselves! Thanks for inspiring me!

    Jim Patrick
  15. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member


    Great job my man! Looking super, see how all that hardwork paid off? Keep the faith!
  16. amherbert Member

    Super job!!

    I have that figure too. It scares me...
    I hope I can do half as well!!!
    The base, with flowers, is wonderful.

  17. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Thanks again Anders. Andy, this figure is a very attractive figure, until you start to paint it. Nothing wrong with the sculpting, not that at all. It's just not very forgiving when a mistake is made. Also, with this figure, you really have to do some research and plan how it's going to be assembled. A great figure though. I just hope you patience is better than mine!

    Jim Patrick
  18. Jim Patrick Active Member

    New pictures added. I didn't like the old ones. The last picture is a little fuzzy but I'll leave it until I finish the figure.

    Jim Patrick

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