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Completed The Earl of Duke Street

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ghamilt1, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    I didn't know what else to call this latest creation. I just finished putting the last few touches on him after sculpting this fellow out of Magicsculp putty. The head is a hornet 1/32, but everything else is from scratch. I made the sandstone wall out of polyfila from the local B&Q.

    I wanted to have a little bit of fun and to keep practicing my sculpting. I suppose you'd have to be from Glasgow to "get it", but these guys are all around and are an essential part of the local colour that I have come to know and love. Now that my year of living in the Glasgow region is just about over, I wanted to make sure I could take a little piece of the experience home with me. So every time I look at this wee man, I'll think of Glasgow and the great year I spent living amongst such wonderful people. I'd be happy to take any comments or criticisms, and perhaps even a few suggestions as to a proper title for this piece? Any way, thanks for looking!

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  2. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Absolutley love this piece Glenn, glad you've enjoyed your year in Glasgow. Keep sculpting m8.
  3. DEL A Fixture

    Brilliant Glenn.
    Obviously you were limited to a Celtic fan as Hornet doesn't do heads handsome enough for even the ugliest Rangers fan.
    What a great memento.
  4. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks Barrie, I really did enjoy the year and sculpting this figure as well.
    Derek, I almost fell off the chair laughing! I could have avoided the controversy all together by putting him in Patrick Thistle kit, but it somehow just wouldn't be the same. Thanks for looking, and for all your kindness so generously shown over the past year.
  5. housecarl A Fixture

    Excellent, just needs a bottle of "Buckie."
  6. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks Carl, A bottle of Buckfast would have been perfect, but I had trouble sculpting a proper bottle in that scale, so the can of Tennents will have to suffice. Cheers.
  7. DEL A Fixture

    Glen you're welcome. Partick Thistle ...of course ... you know what they say, there are 3 great teams in Glasgow, Rangers, Celtic and Rangers reserves.

    The more I look at this the more I like it.

    Carl you can probaly expect a visit from the Buckfast Abbey lawers for defaming their product...no kidding......flee the country.

  8. Meehan34 A Fixture

    What a great way to legally take a piece of the country with you. While on my visit to Ireland I brought home a divot of grass from county cork. I had to sweat the whole trip through customs. Of course you had to sweat the carry of him home. I just love the piece, you will never forget your visit there now.
  9. alamac Well-Known Member

    Glenn, What a great piece ! and I reckon I met this blokes father 30 odd years ago ( same haircut as well ) when I was over that way. Love it keep, up the good work
  10. rheath Active Member

    Very nice mate, something different and good memories I'm sure.(y)
  11. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks Rob, this figure, my photos and my growing collection of SPL scarves will help keep the memories fresh.

    Thanks Alan, I had almost the same haircut around Christmas, but not on purpose. That's what you get when you go to a place called "Get Yer Dome Done" for a haircut.

    Thanks Mike. Glad I won't have to worry to much about the fine people at customs both here and in Canada (just in case they're monitoring the internet). I have a wooden case just for my figures, but will need to think about how to squeeze in all the figures I've purchased and built while in Scotland! I'll get it sorted.
  12. megroot A Fixture

    What a splendid sculptwork.

  13. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Cheers Marc, thanks for having a look and for the vote of confidence.
  14. 1969 A Fixture

    Exellent work Glenn i love this wee chap you have created and for me the title is just fine as it is. I take it though you only had green paint and no blue otherwise you would of course made him a Rangers man :p

    Lovely job mate,

  15. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks Steve. Don't quite know why, but most of the guys I've seen around were wearing the hoops of Celtic. Maybe it's just the part of town I was living in? I have both Rangers and Celtic jerseys so I probably went with the green and white just for the painting challenge.
  16. Michael Tse Active Member

    A superb piece of work and frankly a dude I wouldn't want to go near, especially in the World Cup season.
  17. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks Michael. World Cup season is fine, especially so because Scotland didn't qualify :(, but I'd watch where you stand during "Auld Firm" games if I were you.
  18. tonydawe A Fixture

    Nice work Glenn, a great momento of your time in Glasgow.
  19. Lancer Active Member

    Great work Glen, looking forward to seeing all the projects you've done while overseas when you get back! I wasn't aware Glasgow had a hockey team!
  20. brian A Fixture

    Great work Glenn,i didn't know you were left footed.

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