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Review The Devil from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to one and all ,

    Nice to be to look at something for the fantasy modellers out there in resin land and thats what Nuts Planet have done

    Announced here on PF
    and in social media 000.jpg

    Based on the artwork from the Korean concept artist Hyun Joon , Kim (expix)

    you can see more of his work at expix.deviantart.com

    or have a look at his blog at hi_jooney.blog.me

    Amazing artist in my opinion.

    Now I am sure that I am not the first to think of another part of the male anatomy thats in the bag when looking at the artwork but the series is called the eye collection !!!

    So here is a couple of references !!!....
    00000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg

    Seeing (play on words!!!..lol) as how the Devil lives in flames here are a couple of links on painting fire:



    Details of the release

    Title : The Devil in the Eye Collection

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of pieces: 8

    Sculptor: Nelya Vitvitska

    Based on artwork by: Hyun Joon ,Kim

    Box Art: Myeong Ha Hwang

    As with all of the Nuts Planet releases parts are in the distinctive blue box with box artwork on the top and the side ..great reference , with the parts between the high quality foam layers , smaller parts were in a small resealable bag .

    Nuts Eyes 001.jpg Nuts Eyes 002.jpg

    Parts consist of the main torso , right leg , 2 arms , head

    Nuts Eyes 005.jpg 2 wings and a base Nuts Eyes 004.jpg

    Also included is a nice addition in the form of a card of the artwork ( on the back we have a Nuts Planet logo )

    Nuts Eyes 006.jpg

    Note: There are pins of resin one under her bottom the other under her feet ...these are locating pins

    The main figure..... has a casting plug on the shoulder .

    The Right leg...... has 2 small plugs to remove , from the heel and the upper thigh.

    Arms .....small plugs to remove at the top , there is a piece under the skull she leans on

    Head .....excess resin to remove from hair side

    Wings .....section of thin resin to remove from wing edge

    Base ......quick sand round the edge.

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto the resin

    Main figure

    To say that this young lady is curvy and voluptuous to say the least , long legged , slender and well endowed ..even for the devil..lol !!

    The pose is seated in a casual pose , looking at the body texture there are small "burnt" areas perhaps on the legs and the breasts and torso itself , these are really delicately done adding interest and a option in painting to the model itself

    Locating cut outs are provided at the back for the wings and at the arm ends. the right arm finishes at the elbow, the other just below the shoulder.

    Nuts Eyes 007.jpg Nuts Eyes 008.jpg Nuts Eyes 009.jpg Nuts Eyes 010.jpg Nuts Eyes 011.jpg Nuts Eyes 012.jpg
    Nuts Eyes 013.jpg

    Right leg

    Continuing in the long legged theme , this one is positioned slightly up , fitting is easy with minimal filler needed , we have the same effects on the skin as the rest of the body

    Both feet are not wearing any shoes showing some good work on the toe details.

    Nuts Eyes 014.jpg Nuts Eyes 015.jpg Nuts Eyes 016.jpg Nuts Eyes 017.jpg Nuts Eyes 018.jpg


    These are very well sculpted , thin and slender the left one leans on a skull which has a great crown on it , showing sharp sculpting skills , fingers are long , thin and boney gripping the victims skull naturally with her finger ends having pointed nails all very well done .

    The right one is the whole point of the sculpt and subject..... the bag of eyeballs are being held delicately away from her body , between thumb and forefinger , again the texture continues on the arm .

    Fitting is accurate on both arms with again minimal filler required.

    Nuts Eyes 019.jpg Nuts Eyes 020.jpg Nuts Eyes 021.jpg


    Here we have a pretty woman , young and dangerous , pointed ears with one peeking out from the left , very nicely done , the hair is blowing around in swirls and parted at the top , texture of the hair strands are good.

    Facial features are pretty with some texture on the forehead and lower neck at the side.
    Nuts Eyes 023.jpg
    Nuts Eyes 024.jpg Nuts Eyes 025.jpg Nuts Eyes 026.jpg
    Nuts Eyes 027.jpg


    To say these are an amazing bit of sculpting probably isn't enough , dragon like in shape spread out with tears and holes between the sections the textures are first class ..no other words ..these are a fantasy painters dream

    Fit to the rear of the figure is simple , you might want to pin as well as glue ...when in place they look really impressive

    Nuts Eyes 028.jpg Nuts Eyes 029.jpg


    This is impressive as well again really good sculpting it depicts a pile of skulls , some with eyeballs, some without , , some with lower jaw , this is again a great painters piece on its own , you could add worms crawling out of the skulls as well .

    Nuts Eyes 031.jpg Nuts Eyes 032.jpg Nuts Eyes 033.jpg

    Final thoughts

    This is a fantasy painters dream model , bags of texture and details , really good casting resulting from equally good sculpting and inspirational concept artwork .

    As expected the presentation is QUALITY as are the contents inside .

    Highly recommended

    For more information on this and other releases have a look at the website


    or follow on facebook


    E Mail: nutsplanet@gmail.com

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece and to you all for looking in

    Enjoy the modelling

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  3. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  4. Jim Active Member

    I got mine from El Greco yesterday and I completely agree with the 'open box' review. The sculpting and casting are stunning.
    She just might get moved farther up the list of 'I gotta paint this' projects.
    After all, the Devil made me do it!
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  5. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Thank you for this super review Kevin.
    A very good casting from Nuts as has become their trade mark.
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  6. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    When the Devil went to church, every one ran out except an old man, the devil said "Are you not afraid of me".
    "No "said the old man " I married your sister"

    Another fine review Kev, not my taste but great casting.
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  7. Barrie Harris Active Member

    Interesting review , will have to see how the pennies go !
    Welcome change from military figures.
    Barrie (Newbee ).
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  8. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I was actually going to wait on this, but as expected, I fell into temptation:sneaky: . It's on its way and once again, great review Nap.

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