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The Dancing Couple by ArtIG

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Art.I.G, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Art.I.G Member

    The Dancing Couple

    We are happy to inform you that our diorama Reception continuous to grow.
    Please have a look at our new figures – The Dancing Couple a Polish voltigeur is dancing with a charming lady.

    IMG_4077.JPG IMG_4080.JPG IMG_4081.JPG
    This pair would be a great gift for the lovers of Napolionics.


    For more information feel free to visit www.artig.lv
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  2. Tonton Well-Known Member

    The sculpt is fantastic. Not too sure about the painting, though. Too glossy.

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  3. Babelfish A Fixture

    I agree with Jeff.

    Very good sculpt (though I suspect the subject will be of limited appeal) but the mediocre painting will NOT help to sell the piece.

    - Steve
  4. chippy Well-Known Member

    This sort of appeals to me as it reminds me of a scene from that great film Waterloo . If it could be convert without to many problems I think I could go for this as it's much more colourful than what is being offered .
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  5. Lasalle A Fixture

    The sculpture seems great ... too bad that the presentation of the model is unattractive ...
  6. Trouble is, that the dance pose is completely incorrect for 1815!. Obviously copied from the Waterloo film, and wrong there too. What they portray is a Victorian waltz, some 30-40 years in the future. If anyone cares to see what was danced in 1815, Google "Regency dance" and you will find loads of info. Or watch any of the more recent film or TV Jane Austen book adaptations, the dancing is more-or-less correct - same period!.
    Besides making model soldiers and re-enacting, I do Regency/Napoleonic dancing by the way.
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  7. akaryu Moderator

    What amazes me is the enormous difference between the almost hyperrealistic b&w image and the final result, which is not helped at all by a toy soldier like paintjob. I wonder what segment of the modelling market this enterprise is aiming at? Just some thoughts...
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  8. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    The paint job may not help but personally I think this is a pretty good release, particularly of the female as the face is not too exaggerated or cartoony like some others (don't think the paint job on the female face is too bad either). Appreciate the dance style may not be too accurate but I like to see diverse/ domestic subjects like this released. Think it has potential.
  9. Jaybo Well-Known Member

    Interesting comments re thedancing. I would otherwise never had known this but for Planeteers. Well done Andrew. I also agree with the prevalent feelings expressed abve: beautiful sculpt, toy soldier like paint job. ArtIG perhaps should hire some of those outstaning ladies from Saint Petersburg to do their painting.
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  10. blaster A Fixture

    Hi Andrew,

    What is the difference between ArtIG dancing couple pose and the waltz of 30-40 years later? I read from this site that the waltz was introduced about 1810 and some were scandalised by people embracing on the dance floor. The pose seems to be the same except for some beat tempos. BTW, I am no expert in dancing. Thanks.


    In the 1810s, the era of the Regency proper, English dance began an important transition with the introduction of the quadrille and the waltz.
    The Waltz was first imported to England around 1810, but it was not considered socially acceptable until continental visitors at the post-Napoleonic-Wars celebrations danced it in London—and even then it remained the subject of anti-waltz diatribes, caricatures, and jokes. Even the decadent Lord Byron was scandalized by the prospect of people "embracing" on the dance floor. The Regency version is relatively slow, and done up on the balls of the feet with the arms in a variety of graceful positions. The Sauteuse is a leaping waltz commonly done in 2/4 rather than 3/4 time, similar in pattern (leap-glide-close) to the Redowa and Waltz Galop of the later nineteenth century.

    Rgds Victor
  11. Babelfish A Fixture

    I actually think that most of us on here could do a better job than what we see above!

    - Steve
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  12. debrito A Fixture

    Agree, nice sculpture, terrible painting :wtf:
  13. peedee A Fixture

    So apart from the wrong pose and poor presentaion of finish, no other problems then ?
    NOT quite. He is plainly wearing the exclusive white tunic of the senior officers of the 1st light horse lancers of the guard (polish) squadron.
    With silver lace all over on Crimson facings on his white coat.the addition of the embroidered crimson waistcoat confirms this.

    Chippy ; If you bought it, you could paint the tunic in cream with pink facings and make him acolonel of the Lancers of Berg.
    If the rendered example is true to the casting, I'd willingly give it a go; perhaps re configuring the right arm behind his own back which alters the composition somewhat.
    It's a great idea though, it reminds me of pheonix figures which I think were in the same pose, abeit wrong.
    However this could never be a voltigeur officer, the tunic is wrong, by a wide margin.
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  14. peedee A Fixture

    Here a couple of references to show the differences.
    The first is Polish lancers parade dress, the second is the iancers of Berg
    Officier%20et%20trompette%20des%20lanciers%20polonais%20de%20la%20Garde%20imp%C3%A9riale.jpg Officier%20et%20trompette%20des%20lanciers%20polonais%20de%20la%20Garde%20imp%C3%A9riale.jpg chevaux%20legers%20de%20Berg..jpg

    I hope this is of some help

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  15. Nap Moderator


    Hi I think you mean this cracking set : [IMG]I also liked this [IMG]Nap
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  16. peedee A Fixture

    Oh yes I remember them's the ones.

    The second one, Napoleon advancing !

    Does your missus know ?

  17. Nap Moderator


    Hi Paul ,

    Napoleon advancing that's the one ...she should know that is her ......I wish!!

    Off to look at some more of the Phoenix stuff ..Vikings included!

    As for this release ...love the sculpt ..painting not good ..tempted to get it ....I know it's not a bust ....well one half is ..he he

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  18. Jaybo Well-Known Member

    I like it when guys remember the old stuff. Any Yanks like myself that remember the old POLKS HOBBY store catalogs? It is what pre-pubescent dreams are made of!
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  19. peedee A Fixture

    I'm not american but as a kid had lots of DC comics full of adverts for an army in a footlocker in every issue,
    Same company?
  20. ivopreda A Fixture

    If you go through to Artig web site you will discover that they sell mostly painted figures at a medium level painting as for the example.

    Subject is an officer of the polish light lancers in ball dress, I'm not sure can be painted as berg lancer that was a line regiment and less level dressed
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