History The City of Visby Remains "Neutral"!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Martin Rohmann, Jul 26, 2020.

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    On July 22, 1361, the 40-year-old King of Denmark, Waldemar Atterdag...


    ...landed on the island of Gotland....:


    He has carefully prepared the invasion and is carrying 70 ships with around 3,000, mostly German, mercenaries.

    The peasants of Gotland then took up arms to defend themselves against the invaders and to defend the house, farm and their families.

    Excavations show that "weapons" is said too much!

    They have spears, axes, some arrows and bows ...


    ... flails forks, scythes but no (or hardly) real weapons like swords.

    The invaders, on the other hand, are well equipped: they wield war hammers, crossbows, longbows and two-handed swords, chainmails and armour...:


    The peasants only have improvised armor ...


    ... and also no war experience, since the Gotland civil war of 1288 there had been no fighting on the island.

    And so it happens as it must - the peasant army, at most 2,000 men strong, is crushed at Mästerby field on July 24, 1361!



    The peasants, however, do not think about giving up and gather on 27. July 1361 again under the walls of the strongly fortified city of Visby to fight...:


    The peasantry fought under this banner ...:


    They probably hope that the city dwellers will either support them - or open the gates so that they can get to safety.

    But the residents of Visby don't lift a finger!

    This can be traced back to the already mentioned Gotland civil war, in which the peasants fought against the townspeople and Visby won.

    And so the inhabitants of Visby are watching from their walls, unaffected, the Danish professional soldiers slaughtering the peasantry of their countrymen to the last man...:


    Then Visby surrenders and opens the gates to the Danish king.

    Waldemar Atterdag occupies the city militarily and has his soldiers looted extensively - but the Danbk residents are not bent for their "benevolent neutrality" ...

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