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the chavalier

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by marrakech, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. marrakech Active Member

    Hi guys, i want to share my first historical figure,not my strong suit in the past but i learned alot making this figure
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  2. megroot A Fixture

    Beautifull figure.

  3. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    like it a lot, will this be commercially available?
  4. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow! Very nice. This would be a wonderful figure to paint.

    Well done,
  5. Sergei Active Member

    Apologies for a stupid question, but does the section Digital Miniatures 3D Modelling imply that that this is a virtual figure or does it exist in ‘flesh and blood’, i.e. metal and/or resin? Nice figure anyway.
  6. Tony Barton Active Member

    This looks very nice, well proportioned and naturally posed.
    One thing that needs changing ....presuming this figure is intended for the 1620 /40 period, he should have a high collar on his doublet , underneath the linen collar of his shirt. Low collars exposing the neck like this were NEVER worn at this period. The cup-hilt rapier is also a little anachronsitic : yes, I know they are easier to cast, but that style was only really around ( in Spain , chiefly) from later in the century, say the 1670s. It was always more popular in Hollywood, rather than in the real historical context.
    If you want more references, you have only to look at the numerous , dated group portraits of Dutch militia companies that have come down to us , which show very clearly the changes in fashion through from 1600 until the 1660s.
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  7. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Not my usual period but I would love to paint this.......hopefully it will be commercial?

  8. valiant A Fixture

    A lovely sculpt with some nice detailing. My only observation would be that the cuirass (breastplate) needs to be bulked out a bit. They are cumbersome items and a more or less "one size fits all". I think it need pulling away from the torso a millimetre or two, IMO - (y)
  9. Borek A Fixture

    Very, very nice sculpt Indeed. Just a few things ...:

    Absolutely agree, cuirass must be much more massive and more bulging.

    I also agree with Tony about the collar, although I've already seen bacground materials with this misconception.

    The structure of the surface (or texture, if you want) of the coat that is under the cuirass comes to me not exactly happily created (only my own impression, nothing exact).

    In all other aspects, it is an awesome job, a truly excellent sculpture.

    Cheers Borek
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  10. marrakech Active Member

  11. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    Remarkable suface detail. Some observations:

    • The linen collar should be round, close higher up the neck under the head and drape differently over the cuirass. you should not be able to see the neck protuding like that;
    • The cuirass should be rounder and bulkier. It appears too flat;
    • the head and hat appear like something from a Hollywood movie. The hat itself is too low. What material does the surface of the hat depict? Felt?
    • In any case: an early 17th century cavalryman would most probably bewearing an iron helmet;
    • The boots are depicted with their tops folded down. But this was done so as to show the bootsocks. Paintings by Dutch masters from this period (Hals, Vermeer) show the correct way.
    • The breeches were kneelength and closed tight just below the knee. In the model the appear to wide.
    • The sword should have 'a bit more meat' after all it's a cavaly sword. It's not made for fencing like a rapier;
    • Paintings by Le Messonier often show beautifull hilts. This basket hilt you don't see very often.
    Below are 2 excellent examples of the way in which 17th century dress is depicted in model form. What you man is wearing is basically the same. Although with a leather baldrick on top under the cuirass.



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