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Open Book The 92nd Gordon Highlander - Young Miniatures Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    "The 92nd Gordon Highlanders at Waterloo, 1815
    1/10th scale resin - 6 resin parts
    Sculpted & Painted by Young B. Song

    High 01.jpg

    Last month Young Miniatures released the 1/10th scale bust of a soldier of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders. Cast in 6 yellow resin parts and sculpted by Young B. Song with the box art also painted by Young.

    Now, lets open the box

    [ continued in next posting ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    High 02.jpg

    High 03.jpg

    After I slid the clear plastic sleeve off the box and removed the top layer of foam that keeps the parts sandwiched and unable to be tossed about the box during shipping I found 6 resin parts including the bust plinth. The bottom photograph shows the parts removed from the box and laid out for inspection. I found the smallest part, the ribbon to the hat, sealed inside a clear plastic zip-lok bag to ensure against loss while in transit.

    High 04.JPG High 05.JPG

    High 06.JPG High 07.JPG

    High 08.JPG High 09.JPG

    Above you see various views of the separate cast head along with a casting block that must be carefully removed so that the hat will properly fit.

    High 10.JPG High 11.JPG

    High 12.jpg High 13.JPG

    High 14.JPG High 15.jpg

    Above is the separate cast chest portion of the bust kit showing the amazing detail Young is noted for in his busts and figures.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    High 16.JPG High 17.JPG

    High 18.jpg High 19.JPG

    Above you see the four sides of the hat / bonnet showing the detail in the plume as well as the cockade on the side.

    High 20.jpg

    High 21.jpg High 22.jpg

    I took the necessary parts out to my clean-up shop and carefully removed the casting blocks with a small Dremel sanding drum at low speed. After coming back to my den I dry-fitted the above pictured parts to check for fitment. Fitment was excellent, as all Young busts in the past have been. As you see I did not take the hat casting plug all the way down as I want to hand sand this for a perfect fit later.

    High 23.JPG High 24.JPG

    High 25.jpg High 26.jpg

    Above you see the separate cast back pack with bedroll on the top which fit exactly on the back with the locater lug and corresponding recess. Excellent fit.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  4. Guy A Fixture

    High 27.jpg High 28.jpg

    Above is the separate cast ribbon for the side of the hat with corresponding locator hole for fastening.

    High 29.jpg

    Above is Young's traditional bust plinth that most kits come with.

    Additional Box Art Photographs
    painted by
    Young B. Song

    High 30.jpg High 31.jpg

    High 32.jpg High 33.jpg

    High 34.jpg High 35.jpg

    High 36.jpg

    Another excellent bust brought to us by Young Miniatures. Removing of casting blocks is needed with a jewelers saw or Dremel. Dry-firment was excellent. Highly recommended for all levels of skill.

    Young Miniatures Web-site
    click here

  5. stu A Fixture


    Been waiting for this one to be given the once over.

    The kit looks great and somehow looks a lot better in its plain kit form to the painted pictures ?.

    Great release from Young and thanks guy.

  6. mil-mart A Fixture

    Guy, another excellent review. Many thanks.

    Cheers Ken
  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    A truly excellent piece, thanks for the review Guy! (y)
  8. Michael Tse Active Member

    Beautifully executed.

    Thanks Guy!
  9. FigureLover A Fixture

    Thank you for the review with a nice bit of "tounge in cheek" added in. From your review and pictures, I can see its a nice kit, sculpted very well, fits good and would be nice to paint up. Everything that I need to know if I were to buy it. As for the historical side, I wouldn't have a clue as I know nothing about this genre, but that is something I am not fanatical about, it looks like a highlander and I can take it from there.
  10. megroot A Fixture

    Not my periode of interest. But the revieuw give us a good and clean sight of what is in the box.

  11. Chris K New Member

    I have just completed this Bust, and I had a lot of fun painting it, I can confirm that it is a nice subject and very well produced, I will post pictures when I get home to the Hague, because I left my camera behind when I came to the states

    I really hope that Young produces some more diverse busts like this gem

    really reccomend this piece

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