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Review Thanatos, Michael Kontraros, 90mm (full figure)

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by franck edet, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. franck edet A Fixture

    Hello Friends !

    This week was Christmas before (way before) time : i had the pleasure to have Thanatos delivered ...
    all i can say is : WOW !
    i didn't took any picture of the external packaging but i can say it was just perfect in term of protection

    Now let's get into what you have in term of real deal :

    here is the box (really tough cardboard) with a high def print of the box art by Marc Masclans :


    then when you open it you will first encounter a high class card, i mean, each figure comes generally with a card but it's the first time i see such quality, it's like the Vuitton touch, the card is printed in 3d ink on a very rich bristol and shows the original drawing by Michael, the back is showing care too : Michael have personaly and manually signed and numbered each original copy ... i have rarely seen this.

    002.jpg 003.jpg

    once you've took off the high density foam you see this :


    ok, it looks like usual business right ?

    NO !

    all the parts are are in SEALED bags ... not the usual zip bags we are used to. It means that no part can escape from the package, more : each seal bag contains air ... so each bag is a "bubble" protecting the parts ... never seen that before and how clever this is !

    so i took great care while opening the "bags" : i took a scalpel blade and slowly cut the bags ...


    sincerely this is the best ever care i've seen from an artist to send us painters their work !

    once opened here is what you get :

    as you can see : the north star is totally intact and i won't even speak about how the details are incredible in term of casting ! i'm just ... wow it's thin as blades in this scale and it doen't show any flash or bending ... perfection


    this is the background part ... look at this ! prime it and paint it ... that's all !


    here is the figure ... right from the box ! i just can't believe this : i took a long time to stare at it : no falsh, nothing to take care of ... sincerely i can't say where was the injection point ! and trust me : this is a VERY complex one part pour in term of engineering !

    then , as with every fig, we need a head ... 90mm scale is really a challenge as you need to have a face showing all anatomical details perfectly ... once i opened the sealed bubbled pack and have it in my hand i was like ... how is it possible ? never seen such delicateness before :


    finally i just didn't opened the last bag as it is the finests parts : hands and jewelry ... but you can have a good idea of how they are well adressed here :


    So ... to be honest : I.ve never seen such luxury quality, yes i said luxury, in my painter's life, never !

    I just put the wing in her place quickly to understand that the fitting is absolutely top notch !

    my conclusion is :

    this is REALLY a master sculpt and figure, but : this is really not something for the beginner for sure, any step will need some very deep planification and know;edge of what you're doing. BUT : in the end you'll go really deep into it ... this is a long run project where you'll need to take your time and think of it before going on ...

    I will immerse myself in it as soon as the motorcycling season will end ...

    and this will be an intense pleasure to humbly put colors on this jewel !
  2. Nap Moderator

    Hi Franck

    Thanks for the review , obviously high quality in all respects

    Look forward to the motorcycle season ending...safe driving ! ...l and seeing this on yiur bench

    Happy Benchtime

    Michael Kontraros and KenBoyle like this.
  3. Capt. Warren PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice Review!! I have ordered, but still in transit, both Genesis and Thanatos bust and full figure. I have several pieces from Michael Kontraros. Quality and detail are absolutely superb in every respect and such interesting subjects. Cannot wait until they get here. Just about finished with Michael's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Incredible piece!
  4. Henk A Fixture

    I too ordered the twin set of the full figures, they arrived just over a week ago. I agree with Frank's review, the casting is excellent, lots of very fine detail and textures. However I did have some issue with mine. There are some minor mould lines and flash present, and the background part has a slight warp. But all this is easily remedied, and indeed something that any modeller working with resin would somewhat expect. There is unfortunately a cast issue with one part, which I emailed Michael about, and he will sort it out. So so far, not only is the overall quality absolutely superb, communication is also very positive.
    Frank, I'm looking forward to see you tackle this. I have some ideas, something slightly different..

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