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Review TFB Miniatures-Spahi ( Franco Prussian War ) 1870

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 19, 2022.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Its good to see a new company in the hobby and one that's a member here on PF ...who am I on about :


    The piece I am looking at is the first which was announced here along with a couple of more new ones

    IMG_2195.JPG IMG_2196.JPG IMG_2194.JPG

    Packed in a good box with the resin in bags and packed in bubblewrap


    Details of release:

    Title: French Spahi 1870

    Reference: TFB/001

    Scale: 1/9th

    Material: Lt Gray/White Resin

    No of Pieces: 5 plus small painting details info sheet

    Sculptor: Pavlov Offo Ove

    Casting: In House

    Box Art: N/A


    Parts include the torso,head, 2 pistol pieces and a base, so little prep is expected , looking at the review the following was required

    Torso.....Slight rework of lacing at front , remove excess resin at neck, sand away casting line at rear

    Head...Small amount of sanding under neck fit in place , small amount of filler needed , fill 2 tiny airholes underside of turban

    Pistols handles...Slight sanding on tops and fit ...suggest after painting torso

    Base...Tidy round edging and drill, pin and fit is recommended or leave off and drill a hole in torse to fit a brass rod

    General comments:

    Resin very smooth and cleanly cast and you get a large amount of resin for your money...good start

    Here's some references for you

    IMG_2198.JPG IMG_2199.JPG IMG_2197.JPG

    IMG_2204.JPG IMG_2203.JPG IMG_2202.JPG IMG_2200.JPG

    IMG_2259.JPG ...percussion pistol

    Slightly earlier Moroccan pistol IMG_2261.JPG

    IMG_2189.JPG IMG_2190.PNG

    IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2206.JPG IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2205.JPG

    IMG_2253.JPG IMG_2254.JPG IMG_2208.JPG


    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto the Resin


    The largest of the pieces of course , wearing the long cape sitting over the shoulders and hanging down at the rear with a small tassel on each side

    The neck area is angled to take the head , filling is needed , simple enough to deal with

    The folds and creases are well formed on the cape , the edging lacing is nicely lined in , holding the cape together at the lower neck is a stylised and engraved brooch with swirls

    The undershirt has good detailing in the lacework over this 2 straps , crossed over , buckle details look right , slight rework is needed on the underside one , the over one lines up to a holster ready to take the pistol handles

    The waist has a well folded sash , there is a casting line and a air hole to rework

    The actual over coat/waistcoat is again well formed at the sleeves with the folds , no issues casting , except to note the lacework is really good and well defined , making painting easier

    The good casting continues on each side with the patterned lace as you can see in the pictures



    Offo the sculptor has without doubt a talent when capturing faces , and this is a good example , really good facial hair showing good texture of the actual hair , nicely shaped moustache and beard , the latter sitting on the chin , pointed in shaping , same nice texture on the eyebrows as well .

    Neck muscles are in place with the ears peeking out from under a turban ( a little bit of careful knifework might be needed where that meets the head just to remove any flashing) eyes are well shaped and with excellent lining at the sides , aging the features to about mature warrior , the nose and nostrils are well formed as well

    Fitting on my review piece called for a small amount of filler ( I pinned in place as well )

    DSCN2585.JPG DSCN2579.JPG DSCN2581.JPG

    DSCN2584.JPG DSCN2580.JPG DSCN2582.JPG


    These consist of just the handles , slight sanding needed on one and on lower edges to fit , both have cross hatching on each side

    I would definately suggest you dryfit before committing , most will paint both fully then fit , this will allow access to the detailed centre area and lacing

    DSCN2586.JPG DSCN2587.JPG


    The base if you choose to use will need sanding on all edges and certainly a need to pin into place ...or you could drill a hole in the underneath and fit a brass rod ( I use 5 or 6mm depending on scale and how it looks )


    Final Thoughts

    A good strong first release , small amount of prep , casting is no issue and a colourful subject , reasonable price and a quick shipping when buying , the review piece only too just over 2 days to reach me , and with good communications as well

    Pleased to say that TFB will also release full figures but for me I will be watching the website closely for bust releases

    Bookmark the website

    Well done on this release , Look forward to seeing more


    You can contact TFB at www.tfbminiatures.com

    They also have a FB page

    You can also contact them here on PF ...username TFB MINIATURES and also Steve headley

    Thanks to Steve at TFB for the review

    Cheers to you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  3. Steve headley A Fixture

    Thanks nap it’s a very good review thank you. It’s good to know we’re on the right path with the subjects and the casting and also our customer service.

    Steve and the Team

    TFB Miniatures
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  4. Sylvanus Active Member

    Good review .. I got mine at about the same time so can confirm speedy availability!
    Brilliant, actually ...and more that addresses those issues that I saw a first look.

    Now sits alongside Sharkey Ward .. in pipeline.

    Displaying both is a pleasant challenge. Sharkey needs a "cockpit! base?
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  5. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi Sylvaus, glad to be of service. So happy you like him he’s a big piece but should paint up very well in deed. Looking forward to seeing your version.

    The box art is being done for us by Juan Perez so looking forward to seeing that too.

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  6. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    I have received both the “Hessian & Rhode Island Regiment” busts and I am highly delighted with both the service from tfb & the product.

    The two busts were ordered via the website on the Monday and delivered on the Tuesday. In fairness to all I live in the same city as tfb but still great service.

    The busts are well defined and detailed as we have come to expect with a sculpt by Offo and the casting is excellent with very little clean up required.

    I look forward to future releases from tfb.

    D1BE36AE-E8A4-4995-9D28-594EECF5EB4F.jpeg C7321E67-F0E8-45A5-971C-3ABB660F47FC.jpeg
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  7. Nap Moderator

    Wotcha Bootneck

    You had best get painting young 'un ......do like the Hesse ...lots ...and the skin is a good challenge on the Rhode

    Fair play to TFB ,looking forward to seeing what others come out

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    Happy benchtime

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  8. Steve headley A Fixture

    Glad to be of service peter, and very happy you like the product. As always Offo did a fantastic job on them both. We are lucky to have a good caster working with us too.

    Nap keep an eye open for more in the very near future


    TFB Miniatures
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  9. marco14 PlanetFigure Supporter

    very nice review and nice figure,not my era,but it's beautiful (y)
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  10. BRAN Active Member

    I love your "reviews" always very well photographed and which make you want to buy the model presented. Well done Kevin !!
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  11. Steve headley A Fixture

    Marco,Bran thank you for the kind words . Yes Kev did a very good and honest review of our Spahi, I have to admit the Spahi is one of my favourite busts we do. I have posted the painted version done by our good friend Juan Perez so you can see it in it’s full glory.


    TFB Miniatures Team FEDAC618-C6B3-47D2-9BA2-E0657C8320BC.jpeg 5BC76EA3-B77F-4409-B47D-C1D5F7647EFD.jpeg
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