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Open Book Templar Knight In Jerusalem - Young Miniature Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. pinsel Active Member

    hello allow
    the question
    do you do some reserach when you reviewing items.if i would get an napoleonic item i should have knowledge about the uniform details,even more if i have to judge them and give other tips for buying or not.the last thing i would be after would be to recommane dan figure wich is historically totally incorrect in regards to clothing weaponry ect
    here the bust is nice alas the shield is much to small.in this form not usable if you want create an correct looking knight.i think in an review one should point out historic factores as well as the pure fit an look of single raw of parts.
  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Hi Markus,

    I should have made it clearer ... This review (Templar Knight) is an "open box" review syle.

    I have created a label system to separate the two review types:
    [Open Box] Pictures of the content and summary
    [Review] Research and historical, fit and assembly (in depth) review.

    I'll make an official post, distinguishing the two to avoid any confusion in the future. :)
  3. pinsel Active Member

    hi gordy
    ah well understood.
    surely my fault for not reading or more for not understanding it in detail
    now i did get it
    best regards
    gordy likes this.
  4. gordy Well-Known Member

    No harm nor foul Markus :)
    Have a great weekend!
  5. pinsel Active Member

    hi gordy
    thanks same too you
    last thing i did mention to this fine bust
    i would in any case alter the position of the shield.the way it is fixed here is not practic.the shield is curved so its normal that you let hang the shield in an normal upright position.so your back fits percet the curved structure.
    when you carry it like the way shown the framing of the shield does rest against your back and those rims are hard and will add pressure to the spine..and if you ride the shield would bounce any time the horse lifts its feet to the back.
    so its often not only an matter of stuff should look one must use logic too how stuff is carried
    but i beginn again to get nosy.its only an aspect i would imediatly alter on this bust.make it bigger and let it hang upright on the back.
    one is after to carry the gear in field as comfortable as possible.
    so an slight alteration would make it perfect
  6. Ebroin Active Member

    Thank you for the great review, Guy. =)

    Thank you all for your interests and opinions, too. =)

    You'll see the better shields on my next works, I hope.
  7. LouisCV8 New Member

    I am just getting into the 1/10 figure bust modelling and this is the first one I am really interested in buying to start of due to my interest in the Knight Templar. My question here is can you tell me the physical size (height) in cm (or inches if it is easier) so I can work out the amount of work I need to put into this model to do it justice.
    Thank in advance.
  8. Ebroin Active Member

    Its height is about 5cm (including the head), and about 5cm shoulder to shoulder.
    Head's height about 2.5 cm.
    It is not certain, but my 1/10 scale size should be around that.
    Enjoy your first 1/10 bust. =)
  9. LouisCV8 New Member

    Thank you Ebroin for the info. I have placed an order for this model.
    Guy likes this.

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