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Open Book Templar Knight In Jerusalem - Young Miniature Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    "Templar Knight In Jerusalem"
    1/10th scale resin - 7 parts
    Sculpted by Ebroin
    Painted by Franco Mocci

    Templar 01.jpg

    Young Miniatures most recent release for February of this year is The Templar Knight in Jerusalem. Sculpted by Ebroin and painted by the talented Franco Mocci this 7 part resin kit is a dead ringer for Sean Connery, even without the paint.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Templar 02.jpg

    Templar 03.JPG

    All Young Miniature kits come packaged in a sturdy black cardboard box with the parts sandwiched between layers of foam. In the top photo you can see the thick top foam removed to see the contents of the kit. The bottom photo shows the parts removed for inspection.

    Templar 04.JPG Templar 05.jpg

    Templar 06.JPG Templar 07.jpg

    Templar 08.jpg Templar 09.jpg

    The engineering of this kit brings us a facial portion of the hooded head as a separate part and once the casting blocks are removed fits snuggly into the bottom portion of the hood.

    Templar 10.JPG Templar 11.JPG

    Templar 12.JPG Templar 13.JPG

    Above you see the four sides of the bottom portion of the hood and neck before the casting blocks were removed.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Templar 14.JPG Templar 15.JPG

    Templar 16.JPG Templar 17.JPG

    Above you see the upper portion of the turban.

    Templar 18.JPG Templar 19.JPG

    Above you see the face dry-fitted into the lower portion of the hood and neck after the casting blocks were removed. The photo on the right shows how the face fits into the hood.

    Templar 20.jpg Templar 21.jpg

    Above you see all three parts of the hooded head dry-fitted together and held in place for the photograph. Fitment was excellent.

    Templar 22.JPG Templar 23.JPG

    Templar 24.JPG Templar 25.JPG

    Templar 26.JPG Templar 27.JPG

    Above you see multiple views of the chest portion of the bust showing all the attention to detail Ebroin is noted for.

    [ continued in next posting ]

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  4. Guy A Fixture

    Templar 28.JPG Templar 29.JPG

    Templar 30.JPG Templar 31.JPG

    The above photos shows the dry-fitting of the hood to the chest and the face installed into the lower portion of the hood.

    Templar 32.jpg Templar 33.jpg

    Templar 34.jpg Templar 35.JPG

    Above you see the dry-fitting of the head, neck and top portion of the turban with the chest.

    Templar 36.jpg

    Above is the lower portion of the turban that will hang down on the left side.

    Templar 37.JPG Templar 38.JPG

    Above you see the front and back of the highly detailed shield with the wood grain showing through the tears of the shield fabric.

    Templar 39.JPG

    Above is the bust plinth that is standard with most Young Miniature busts.

    [ continued in next posting ]

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  5. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Yum. I can't wait to get this one.
  6. Guy A Fixture

    Additional Box Art Photographs
    by Franco Mocci

    Templar 40.jpg

    Templar 42.jpg Templar 43.jpg

    Templar 44.jpg Templar 45.jpg

    Templar 46.jpg

    Another beautiful kit by Young Miniatures. Dry-fitting after removing casting blocks was excellent. Highly recommended.

    Young Miniatures web-site
    click here

  7. DaveCox Member

    Thanks Guy. Having seen it 'in the flesh' I want one even more!
  8. Guy A Fixture

    I was really pleased how well all the parts went together Dave. Excellent kit.
  9. tonyhp Active Member

    Great sculpture and painting. Excellent.
  10. Tarok Active Member

    Thanks for the review, Guy. As always greatly appreciate you taking the time :)

    Forgive my ignorance, and I did a quick but unsuccessful Google search, but is this supposed to be Sean Connery? And which movie?
  11. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Rudi. I believe it is just the face of Sean Connery and not tied directly to any movie that I could find either.
  12. mil-mart A Fixture

    Beautiful painting and sculpting , yet another classic from youngs.
    Thanks for the excellent review Guy.

    Cheers Ken
  13. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Dear Planeteers,

    a small tip to the painting of is bust:

    A friend in an other forum, who knows really a lot about the age of the templar-knights, has pointed to the extensive and strict dress regulations of the Templars.

    Then knights ONLY carried white coats!

    The dark capes and coats, like on these photos, were left to sergeants and ordinary fighters.

    Who wants to paint a regular templar-knight, has to paint the cape white.

    Anyway - a fine bust!

  14. DaveCox Member

    From a book on the Templars that I've just finished reading; the 'habit' was white with a red cross (The surcoat worn under the cape and directly over the mail hauberk) The cape or cloak could have been white or possibly have been black/dark brown signifying the monastic origins of the order. Of course the turban could have been any colour as it was not part of the Templar's uniform, but black or dark brown (IMHO) would have been most likely.
  15. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Thanks Guy for another great review,cant wait to get one of these.

    Cheers David
  16. gordy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guy :)

    The folds and wrinkling are excellent, Ebroin nice work! (y)
  17. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the excellent review Guy, now I want to buy this sculpt most definately.My buddy Frank Konetzke from Frank Miniatures has them coming in this week...So its off to the phone I go !!!!
  18. Michael Tse Active Member

    My goodness. Now this is not just Young standard. Destined to be a celebrated one.
  19. megroot A Fixture

    If i remember good enough it was: The first knight
  20. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guy,
    Now i gonna get me one within 3 weeks.


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