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Review Tarleton's Legion Officer from FeR Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to everyone ,

    Well what a blast we all had at Euro this year, great traders amongst them an established and well respected one in our community it is of course
    FeR logo.jpg

    Amongst their display was the subject of this review ...not that I waited till Euro to get this just had to have it as soon as it was released.

    The release in question was announced by Fernando here on PF


    and also of course on FB .

    The release we will look at is :

    Lets have a bit of information on this subject and the Legion itself:

    Banastre Tarleton was born on August 21, 1754 in Liverpool, England. His father was a merchant who dealt in sugar and slaves. After squandering an inheritance in London, he convinced his mother to buy him a commission in the British Army in 1775.
    The least expensive commission at that time was that of a cavalry coronet.

    The cavalry suited him well, and after the start of the Revolutionary War he volunteered for service in America. By 1778, at the age of 24, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel.

    The British Legion, which became known as "Tarleton's Legion", was originally formed in 1778 by the union of the Philadelphia Light Dragoons, Caledonian Volunteers, and Kinloch's Light Dragoons, all from the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. In 1779, the volunteer group was named the 5th American Regiment, and in 1780 it absorbed the Bucks County Light Dragoons.

    In February 1780, the Legion was transported to South Carolina and began a campaign that lasted almost two years.
    Through that time many were killed or captured, but Loyalists from the Carolinas (many of Scottish origin) joined the Legion. As the muster rolls from October 1781 show, the Legion consisted largely of these Scotch Loyalists.

    The Legion played a key role in many of the most famous battles of the Revolutionary War:
    • Monck's Corner in April 1780: This battle cleared the way for the surrender of Charleston, South Carolina.
    • Waxhaws on May 29, 1780: The Legion marched 105 miles in 54 hours and caught up with Buford's Virginian militiamen, and though outnumbered more than 2 to 1, quickly defeated them after Buford refused to surrender. In the confusion that followed this battle, some Americans tried to surrender while others ran or kept fighting. The Legion killed most of the Americans, giving Tarleton his reputation as a slaughterer, and the title "Bloody Ban".
    • Fishing Creek, August 19, 1780: The Legion charged the encampment of a force of 1000 American volunteers, and scattered the army.
    • Cowpens, January 17, 1781: Battle of Cowpens: The 71st and 7th regiments were added to Tarleton's command for a total of about 1100, facing an army of 1000 Americans under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan. Morgan placed his men well, and laid a trap. The over-confident Tarleton and his Legion were misled by a false retreat and found themselves outflanked. The result was a rout which was one of the worst for the British in the entire war.
    • Guilford Courthouse, March 15, 1781: Tarleton's Legion was joined by Royal Welch Fusiliers and Hessian light infantry against an American force under Lee.
    • Warwick Courthouse, spring 1781: Tarleton and a patrol of dragoons (cavalry) routed 400 rebel militia.
    • Charlottesville, June 1, 1781: Tarleton and 250 infantry attacked the town and broke up the Virginia legislature, capturing many prominent politicians. They almost caught Thomas Jefferson himself, but Jefferson was warned and fled 10 minutes before Ban and his troopers arrived
    The chosen uniform was much like that of [John Graves] Simcoe's, consisting of a short green jacket with a black roll collar, white buckskin breeches, with black riding boots for the cavalry or long black gaiters for the infantry. The headgear was a black leather cap, hard and polished, and looking like a small round iron pot, with a glazed leather peak in front. The dragoons were armed with sabre and pistol, the infantry carried a light musket with the usual cross-belts holding bayonet and cartridge-box."
    000.jpg 000.png 0000.jpg 00000.jpg
    The British Collectibles (Militaria) Limited once advertised a "Tarleton-style" 9th Regiment Light Dragoons helmet, shown on the right (the photo is from their website). This isn't an actual Tarleton's Legion helmet, but is of much the same style:

    [IMG]"A rare 1784-1812 Georgian Tarleton helmet. The body and peak are of stout black jacked leather, the peak is edged with a silvered band, across the front above the peak, is a silvered metal title strap inscribed "1X Light Dragoons". A black velvet pleated turban encircles the body, fastened with three sets of silvered chains to each side. The right side is mounted with a large silvered regimental Crowned emblem comprising the English rose, shamrock, acorns and oak leafs, below are two-part scrolled banners inscribed "Dieu Et" "Mon Droit". To the top of the helmet, a large black bearskin fur crest. The left side, inset in the top of the turban is a concealed metal plume holder (plume now absent). To the rear, a black velvet padded bow with hanging silvered twist wire tassels. The interior retains a scarlet silk liner, now faded but intact, also present a mostly faded label of "Hawkes Mosley & Sons" Hatters To His Majesty The Prince Of Wales, Piccadilly London. Helmet is complete with little or no restoration, in remarkable good condition for its age.

    "The Tarleton helmet is named after Banastre Tarleton, who raised a legion in the American War of Independence. Hand manufactured by hatters and saddle makers, skull and peak made of boiled leather and thus combining a resistance to sword-cuts with some degree of lightness.

    aaa0.JPG aaa.jpg

    After the American War, the helmet became popular among the regular regiments of Light Dragoons and was worn by them up until 1812, when the Shako replaced it."

    The Tarleton style helmet was used in many units including Yeomanry and at Waterloo with the RHA 0aaaaa.jpg and also by French units before and during the Revolution

    As you can see Tarleton and his legion was hard fighting and his helmet style was copied by many

    Books are again well served and of course we now have the internet ..I like my books !!! here are a few to have a look at :

    a.jpg aaaaaaa.jpg aaaaaa.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. mick3272 A Fixture

    I do like this bust, Great research on it.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets see what we are looking at:

    Title: Tarleton's Legion Office Charleston 1780

    from the Series: Magna Historica

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 6

    Sculptor: Paul Deheleanu

    Box Art: Fernando Ruiz

    The purchase was received quickly and safely from Fer , with the contents being held in a really strong oblong plastic container. the parts were in resealable plastic bags resting on a foam base, on the top was of course the Box Art. the box is very secure so much I asked SWMBO to open it !!!
    FeR Tarleton 001.jpg

    Contents consist of the torso, the head, the helmet, the right arm , right hand(with pistol) and the feather "plume", no separate base is included as this is incorporated with the torso.
    FeR Tarleton 002.jpg
    Prep needed torso ..nothing really smooth infact not a blemish , the arm has a tiny pip of resin from casting on the elbow, , the head will need a tiny bit of sanding to fit to the collar perfectly and a small casting remnant to take away from the top , the helmet has a small casting remnant to sand away on the underside and a few air holes that are easily filled,the pistol has a fine casting line to sand off on the top and a bit of resin excess from the butt ( the pistol has a small lug on it but do not remove as it fits in a cutout on the right shoulder) ....and that is all minimal prep before the real enjoyment begins.
    FeR Tarleton 016.jpg

    Looking at the Torso this is a classic bust in style and its good to see this , the torso sweeps down to form the base as well , beautifully smooth , the sculptor has a lovely tight sculpting style we see the uniform as in the pictures , the sword belt over his right shoulder , good undercuts and definition on the buckle and the buttons but for me the most striking area is the fold over collar the undercuts are excellent , the lacework edging sharply worked , we see a cravat at the neck nice folds here, on the shoulders we have the epaulettes again as in the pictures . on the back of the collar is the hair tied in a bow , both areas are good , like the work on the hair and the way the bow hangs ..very natural.

    FeR Tarleton 006.jpg FeR Tarleton 005.jpg FeR Tarleton 004.jpg FeR Tarleton 003.jpg FeR Tarleton 007.jpg FeR Tarleton 008.jpg

    Now to the Head this is a young officer from a good family well clothed and well kept hair , he looks to his left perhaps at his troopers getting ready for the battle, features are good the mouth tightly shut and the eyebrows are not overdone, the hair is a lovely bit of work this has been worked with fine skill the side rolls are great , , I like the way we have a stray strand of hair showing underneath , fit to the neck is easy with the hair matching up to the collar piece. On the top we have 3 keys to fit into the cutouts on the helmet
    FeR Tarleton 012.jpg FeR Tarleton 011.jpg FeR Tarleton 010.jpg
    FeR Tarleton 009.jpg

    Now to the Helmet on the underside we see the 3 matching cutouts , the helmet itself is very accurate to the pictures , the peak has a brass edging to it with the right side having a badge this is beautifully sculpted making painting a joy for sure. the turban band again great texture and folds with the retaining chains all spot on . On the left we have the same quality but no badge. FeR Tarleton 013.jpg FeR Tarleton 015.jpg FeR Tarleton 017.jpg The bearskin crest is packed full of surface work , and sits really nicely over the helmet crown , on the left there is a cut out ready to receive the feather.

    The Feather , what to say except a good bit of work , fit into the helmet is a easy method with a lug on the helmet crest matching a cutout on the back of the feather , when in place looks really good.

    FeR Tarleton 020.jpg FeR Tarleton 021.jpg

    On now to the Arm , firstly fit to the shoulder is really clean with no gaps visible so no filler !!!, the same care and attention to details are seen as in the torso , folds and cuff work well done and again naturally worked , we see the correct clothing seams both here and on the torso., the cuff is ready to receive the hand , I like the way the sculptor has put the shape of the lace cuff into the inside making fitting of the pistol hand easy.

    FeR Tarleton 018.jpg FeR Tarleton 019.jpg

    Now the final piece the Hand with Pistol , this is another good bit of work , nice work on the lace cuff , I like the way the hand has been done he is actually holding the pistol , good finger definition , the little finger slightly ajar , his forefinger is through the trigger guard , all he has to do is cock the weapon and another traitor will die!! The pistol has the mechanism uncocked but showing nice details including all parts like the flint and screws , pan etc , on the opposite side we have a plate again with good work on the retaining screws.the ramrod is in position , I will drill out the barrel on mine.

    FeR Tarleton 023.jpg FeR Tarleton 022.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A really classic release well sculpted and with great box art ...an interesting subject which will be a nice addition to the display cabinet , presentation is very good indeed , minimal prep and lots of enjoyment to follow. I recommend Fer Miniatures not only for the HIGH QUALITY but also for the customer service.

    For more details on this and other releases have a look at the website:


    or go to their FB page as well for more pictures , why not follow them ...I am !!!


    Thanks to Fer Miniatures for the fast shipping and to you all for looking in

    Happy modelling

  4. Nap A Fixture

    Lets have a couple more pictures of the excellent box art...

    0.jpg 00.jpg 000.jpg 0000.jpg
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  5. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thats a fine looking bust, Sir. Great review too Kev.

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  6. Nicolaos Well-Known Member

    On my wishlist too, great new FeR Miniatures release! Also, warm thanks to Kevin for the detailed review.
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  7. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Great review, great bust !
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  8. swralph A Fixture

    Great review Nap,thanks for showing.
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  9. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Excellent bust, fantastic review. Thanks for the super review. Man, that was very thorough!

    I recently became familiar with the FER line. WOW, these are some awesome researched and finely detailed figures and busts! Would love to see them do a Colonial Dragoon bust and a Loyalist foot figure from Southern Campaings of the Rev War.

    Terry Martin
    Member of the Atlanta Miniature Figure Society
    Atlanta, GA USA
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks very much for the comments , it's a lovely piece of work .

    Terry , I agree it would be nice to see another from the AWI to go with is and the Infantryman previously released...perhaps a dragoon standard bearer .

    Thanks for looking in

  11. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Nap, I think the releases from FER for the Rev War are some of the best available. The busts of the British Legion and 1st Maryland and then the full figures of the Va Militia and Fraser's Highlander are awesome! Lots of character, detail and something different with each release. While I would not mind a Dragoon Standard Bearer...I would dearly like to see a Continental Dragoon in a bust...Other ideas include a member of the 17th Light Dragoons-The Death or Glory Boys, a member of Queens Hussars, a Hesse-Cassel Infantry, Brunsiwck Dragoon, and a French Hussar,a Colonial Drummer Boy bust ... I am attaching an illustration from Imrie-Risley of a Continental Dragoon from the 3rd Contintenal regiment of Dragoons.. They dressed like this in the Southern Theather due to supply shortages. William Washington and his 3rd Dragoons made quite a name for themselves fighting Tarleton and his British Legion from 1780-1781 Battles of Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, Hammond's Store, Waxhaws, and Eutaw Springs. Perry Miniatures a wargaming manufacturer has even done dragoons in Hunting Smock. Would love to see FER do one!

    Kindest Regards, Terry Martin
    Member of the Atlanta Miniature Figure Society-Atlanta,Georgia, USA

    Attached Files:

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  12. Perseas Well-Known Member

    Another excellent review on a fantastic bust from FER miniatures!
    Thank you Nap!!!
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  13. DaddyO A Fixture

    Thanks for the review Nap - some great photo's of the 'T' helmet which is a classic of the period and not often done.
    Lot's of yeomanry uniforms of the period which are just that little bit different from the usual Napoleonic stuff which would make great figures . . . now where's my books (I'm also a book person; internet is great, but there's something about holding a paper copy in hands) :cool:

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  14. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Good review. One of my favourite pubs hereabouts is named after him, the General Tarleton in Ferrensby.
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  15. Jimbo A Fixture

    Superb review again Kev (y)
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