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WIP Critique Tambour Major

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Briggsy, Jun 15, 2024.

  1. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Time to crack on with another figure, this time no horse but plenty of being.

    The figure is Historex's Tambout Major of the Guard, though the habit in the kit does not match the colour sheet that came with the kit. I'll be deviating a little from the intended figure anyway to produce a representing of the Second Regiment de Grenadiers (Hollandais) de la Garde Imperial. I will possibly change the habit lapels or may be just go with them as they are.

    This I plucked from Pintrest, that invaluable aid to easy reference material.


    Cheers Simon
  2. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    So far I have cleaned up the legs, removing the prominent mold seam lines and the cast on detail of the thigh ornament. He's had his boot resoled and the detail around the tops of the boots.

    It is a long time since I last made Historex kits, probably back to the 90's, but I do think the detail.on some cast pieces is getting a little soft, certainly needs a sharp scalpel to bring it out. Not bad considering how old the moulds are, the longevity must be down to the fact that they were engraved in steel

    7F359051-1CBF-4DF7-B34D-BC002CB4B858.jpeg 59683854-D76A-42B3-973A-BEC55B31523B.jpeg

    The left leg has been repositioned from marching to just slightly bent at the knee. This has resulted in the tops of the legs not aligning properly so they will.need to be sorted.

    Time to crack on.

    Cheers Simon
  3. MalcC A Fixture

    A very nice choice, I'm looking forward watching you bring this piece to life.

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  4. blaster A Fixture

    Hi Simon,

    I made two similar drum majors sometime back. Hope you dont mind my sharing them on this interesting thread of yours.

    The ptg is from the series of 4 books by Major Elting.

    The first fig is pure historex conversion based on Drum major Senot of the !st Imp Gd, reputedly the tallest man in the French Army. I made an extra long drum mace to suit his height.

    The second fig is a hybrid conversion of a battered Tradition figure with various airfix historex.


    a.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg
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  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi Simon

    Don’t you be thinking you can sneak one past me young man ......lol

    Great choice Sir ........look forward to seeing more

    Following with much interest

    If you need anything I’ve got lots on the musicians



    PS nice to see Victors figures that he’s done
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  6. Merryweather A Fixture

    Ooh yes , bring it on Simon!
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  7. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Malc, Victor, Kev and Neil, thank you gentlemen I shall try my best to please.

    Victor, very nice figures, I'm always happy for anybody to hijack my threads with relatable pictures, reference or anecdotes. The more figures on show the better, Senot looks really tall, did you add height to him?

    Cheers Simon
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  8. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    following this one, nice figures from Historex.
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  9. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Cheers Bob, I seem to have become somewhat fixated on Histotex now, not a bad thing but I really wanted to stay away from Napoleonics, not much chance of that!

    Cheers Simon
  10. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Verbal update, I've had to carry out some drastic surgery on his legs, the pose I thought was going to be all casual and relaxed made him look like he was busting for the loo. Not a good look, got some fettling to do before progress resumes.

    Cheers Simon
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  11. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Looking forward to this mate - lots of colour and character I forsee.

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  12. NigelR A Fixture

    Always a good thing to be fixated on Historex IMO.....
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  13. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    W & Nigel, cheers gents, colour, character and Historex go well together.

    Cheers Simon
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  14. Oda A Fixture

    One more interesting subject Simon.Following with interest.

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  15. blaster A Fixture

    Hi Simon,

    Didn’t need to. The Historex legs for this figure were unusually long.

    Rgds Victor
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  16. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Oda, it's a subject I have wanted to do for quite a while now. I was looking at a second Empire figure but Historex created this so why not.

    Victor, yes I have noticed the legs are rather long, it beats having every figure exactly the same height.

    Cheers Simon
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  17. clubcat PlanetFigure Supporter

    Even the Imperial Guard needed to pay a visit occasionally....
    Interesting subject, Simon, will watch your progress with interest.
    Historex used to make a pyrograve to add a bit of sharpness and texture to their figures, I bought one ages ago when I had a go with their figures but sadly sold it on and I have been regretting it ever since. It's probably considered wildly dangerous in this soft age we live in now but it did a grand job., nevertheless. Ah happy days...
    All the best
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  18. NigelR A Fixture

    I too bought one in about 1973. Still got it, still use it!
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  19. Merryweather A Fixture

  20. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Melanie, Nigel & Neil, yes a pyrogravure is a great tool, my original one died years ago but I got one similar to what Neil highlighted, the fine tips aren't as good as the original but a good tool non the less.

    Cheers Simon
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