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Talking of wishlists

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by simon1969, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. simon1969 New Member

    Fallen in love with this figure by FM Benieto and will take delivery of it next week
    Only thing is,....I know diddly about romans! :( so I'm hoping someone here can answer a couple of questions for me?!?
    1st, is red the only acceptable colour for the tunic? (I'm sure I've seen legionnaires painted wearing blue?)
    2nd, could I get creative on that shield cover? or should it be plain?

    BTW the figure portrays a legionnaire at the Rhine frontier (not sure of the date as the description's in spanish on the website! 2nd century I think but not sure if it's BC or AD!?)
  2. Guy A Fixture

    Hello Simon,

    I am not an authority on Romans, but from what I have seen Dr Mike post in Med-Rom forum, the officers wore red and others wore off-white. Wish I could help more. <_<

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Never made the wish list........went from Red Lancers posting yesterday to an order blank. I saw some pics of this figure come from Euro 2003 and was being patient......well I tried to be patient.....

    Guy (y)
  4. simon1969 New Member

    That is a nice figure!
    What have you lot done to me hey? My taste in figures is getting more eclectic by the day!! (can only be a good thing though I suppose!! )

    Can something become more eclectic I wonder?
  5. Guy A Fixture

    hey.....being a figure painter has made you an automatic member of the world's eclectic's .......welcome aboard

  6. Robin Active Member

    Hi Guy

    Bought that figure at Euro Militaire and what a bargain he was too only £15 I couldn't resist him.

    Well worth the money


  7. simon1969 New Member

    Only £15!!?
    If only all 90mm figures were that cheap!
    I'd definitely consider "stepping up" a scale!
  8. Guy A Fixture

    One of the reasons I have gone back to 54mm is the price of the 90's and larger figures. Also the vast improvement in the castings of 54's since I painted them last. The 120mm Diorama Studio's"General of Chusun" was only 39.95 at Red Lancers. Compared to Andrea's 90's and others.......can't buy and paint as many as before. So I went down to 54mm again. :(

    guy (y)
  9. simon1969 New Member

    Forgot to mention!
    This figure has inspired me so much that also on order with this is the base for it (never get that far normally :( ) and some "micro balloons" for the snow (can't have him looking so cold on a nice verdant patch!)
    Has anyone worked with these (micro balloons)? got any tips? (already got face mask - not a proper respirator though so I'll have to take my chances :( )

  10. Guy A Fixture

    Hey Simon,
    I ahve never heard of the Micro Ballons. Please tell me more about them. I use one of 2 products. Hudson & Allen, "Snow" or another item I get in Craft stores Called "Snow". I am at work now so I can't remember the brand of the second item but will look when home. I like the craft item, you apply with a painters knife or toothpick, or popsicel stick. Some of the pics in gallery show it's use.

    Guy (y)
  11. simon1969 New Member


    Micro Balloons were, I believe, originally intended to be used as a filler in conjuction with CA.
    but they have been used by many people to represent snow in 1/35 & 54mm (maybe bigger?) to very good effect from what I can see from photos (never seen it "in the flesh")
    The only place i know to get them from is Historex Agents UK in the "Deluxe Materials" section
    I first heard of them from an article in Mil Mod by Graham Scollick about his scratchbuilt Royal Marine figure.
    I've attached a scan from that article, but it's not reproduced very well, but you get the idea from it

  12. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Microballoons can be glued in place using white glue. I'm selling the diorama studio figures and busts overhere in Belgium and they go like crazy. I only wished I had brought more from Euro. I'm kind of afraid to have them shipped from Korea, with those postage and import costs. Anyone got some experience with that.

    Many thanks in advance,

  13. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Simon,
    I like how the snow looks in the pic you posted and may have to look into where I can find in the states.

    Thanks Gino,
    I just ordered the General, 120mm figure from Red Lancers. I hope it is as good as it looks. I have not had any experience in ordering from the Aisian countries so I can't help you there.

    Guy (y)

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