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Review Swiss Grenadier Sapper with Cantiniere 1812 Bust

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Henk, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. Henk A Fixture

    A quick unboxing review of Bonapartes Miniatures latest release
    Swiss Grenadier Sapper with Cantiniere 1812 Bust.

    Another beautiful sculpt by Richard Bailey, depicting a Swiss Sapper, in a moment of relaxation, enjoying a drink with his arm around the cantiniere. The pose, with both heads turned facing each other closely, has all the indication of the Sapper about to steal a quick kiss, reminiscent of Heathcliff and Cathy on the moors...
    The sculpt is very much "Richard Bailey ", with the typical flowing of the clothing, as if the subjects are standing in a stiff breeze, and ribbons wound around the hands of the cantiniere.

    The Sapper's hat plume has a buttoned cover, which I believe was worn when on march. The frontfacings of his jacket are visible, which indicates that the top half of his apron is folded down in dress order. The rank chevrons on the lower sleeves are very finely sculpted and cast, with very fine detail. All the cross belts and their buckles are very finely detailed.

    The cantiniere is wearing a skirt and apron, with The apron having lace hem detail. She is wearing a short military style jacket, with fur trim and lacing. Over this jacket, she wears a hooded shawl or short cloak. She is wearing scarf around her head, under her bonnet. She carries a satchel and the small dispensing barrel on her left side. The barrel comes with a separate spout, which has a moulded on tap, and a hollow end.

    The casting is very clean, there is a little bit of flash present ,but none that needs more than a quick pass with an exacto knive to clean. A quick dryfit shows that a few pieces need a small amount of trimming to achieve a smooth fit, and there are a few small remnants of pour plugs (back of collar, back of right arm, bottom of barrel,cantiniere's left hand) which need to be cleaned up. Likewise, there are a few small mold lines present, but they can easily be cleaned up.

    The rear of the piece is somewhat curious, neither devoid of detail (as many busts are), nor fully detailed. It starts to go around in detail, with the cantiniere's hooded shawl, but than there is only the top half of the Sapper's backpack.

    20210804_152850.jpg 20210804_152925.jpg 20210804_153027.jpg 20210804_153447.jpg 20210804_153109.jpg 20210804_153230.jpg 20210804_153144.jpg 20210804_153613.jpg 20210804_153536.jpg 20210804_153649.jpg
    20210804_154123.jpg 20210804_154150.jpg
    20210804_153729.jpg 20210804_154238.jpg
  2. Ben-nl A Fixture

    nice review, I like this bust!!!
  3. misfit151 A Fixture

    Very nice indeed.....it goes together very well....(y). Mike
  4. clrsgt A Fixture

    Good review; well done bust.
  5. Henk A Fixture

    Which regiment are you going to do Mike? ;)
  6. misfit151 A Fixture

    Hopefully 2nd....(y). Mike
    Henk likes this.
  7. Henk A Fixture


    I've decided on the Battalion du prince de Neufchatel. There's something about the yellow that I like.
    Nap likes this.
  8. Pilgrim53 Active Member

    The more I see of this bust the more I like it; sorely tempted, Shall see it Sunday week at Stoke show all being well.
  9. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Henk

    Nice review on a lot of resin , well described and pics look good

    ...good choice of uniform on your version as well

  10. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

  11. Scott Sheltz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the excellent review! Great looking bust
  12. Tommy Brown Active Member

    Nice review. Looks like you will have some fun time fixing all the bubbles for the bear fur tips.
  13. Henk A Fixture


    Nothing that a drop of CA glue won't fix :D
  14. Tommy Brown Active Member

    Of course you can fix it. Same with the beard. Anything pointed has a bubble. It is just casting problem shouldn't be there.

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