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"Submit a Figure!"

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Dan Morton, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Cicero New Member

    Hello matt,

    Untill now I never got into the adventure of scratchbuilding a figure. But with your suggestion I would surely consider it.

    However as I am an antiquity fan, a figure I like to see released by one of the manufacturers is a civilian Roman (scale 90 mm). We only get Romans in armour, so a civilian would be nice for a change. My suggestion: Marcus Tullius Cicero, the famous orator, adressing the senate and dressed in the senatorial toga. It would also be a challenge to paint a white garment.

    Another suggestion (scale 54 mm): a consul having it's triumpf in the streets of Rome, riding in a chariot and his head adorned with laurels. Maybe to complete it accompanied by a few lictors.

  2. nagashino New Member

    Hey Matt

    I think some of these have been re-issued in the last month or so. Nice idea about conversion parts.

    My idea for a figure - how about a Japanese or Russian infantryman from the Russo-Japanese War 1905? Come on Mr Cannone, this would be just up your street - 70mm, Elite Miniatures to produce :lol:


  3. mahross New Member

    I have to agree Phil. My suggestion would be a few nice WW2 British/Commonwealth figure. And also some WW2 French troops. Come on Taesung!!

  4. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Could I suggest giving the sculptor some ideas on poses, maybe the regiments or whatever, types of equipment and weapons? Phil's given a suggested scale, but Ross what scale would be preferred?

    And incidentally, I agree about the Russo-Japanese War. That would be neat!

    I'm kind of assuming (entirely without justification or any kind of reinforcement from the pro sculptors or any manufacturer) that they actually do read this thread. Who knows really? But if I were them, I'd want to know those kind of details.

    all the best,
  5. Antlion Member

    Mexican/American War Dragoons! A bust from this era, too.

    Opium War, too...

  6. Wlas Member

    Lots of talk about actors and actresses. John Wayne? No offense, guys and girls, but really?
    How bout a figure of a true American Hero who became an actor instead of an actor who only pretended to be one?
    Audie Murphy's grave at Arlington is the most visited after JFK's.
    Someone give him a 120mm honor please.
  7. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I have to begrudgingly agree about John Wayne.

    And if we DO want to sculpt some figures of actors, how about Jimmy Stewart, who was a pilot in the AAF in WW2? There are many other actors like him who served their country, some in combat, some making training films, some doing USO tours, bond drives.

    All the best,
  8. Mike McGregor Member

  9. lemur New Member

    hm,.. Wouldn't that be a great bust (1:9)

  10. Dan Morton A Fixture


    You are the intended 'customers' of this forum and if you're reading this forum, I'd like to hear from you. Please drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think about it. Good - :) or Bad - :angry: I'd still like your opinion. Especially if you have suggestions to improve it and make it more useful to you.

    If you don't want your name or firm mentioned, tell me and I promise you I won't disclose it.

    OR if you choose - let the Planetfigure members hear from you online in this forum!

    All the best,
    Dan Morton
  11. mcsneed17 Member

    i would like the following figures first ben, disreali, fafhrd and gray mouser, ham from doc savage and long tom also from doc savage, justice inc (all the characters).
  12. Stuart New Member

    Just to be different I'd like to see a few '70's rock groups modelled. Andrea has kicked off nicely with an earlier period Elvis (would late period still fit in the standard Andrea box??).

    How about The Who? Lots of hair, a very animated Moony on drums, Daltrey showing plenty flesh whilst swinging the microphone and Townshend doing the big windmill powerchord. Entwhistle may be a problem though as he just hung around the back of the stage.

    Some of the bands from that era had lots of colourful characters and costumes and I reckon could provide a great challenge for figure painters. (Elton, Queen, Zeppelin, Stones and on and on.......

    The CW, WW1&2, and medieval modellers all have plenty potential for dioramas and groupings of figures, I have a vision of a 54mm concert stage.

    A jazz scene would also be welcome, Bird, Dizzy, Miles, Krupa, Peterson.

    If none of the manufacturers will do it, can anyone advise me of any suitable 54mm figures or instruments; piano, drums, etc that may be available. I know Andrea (my hero) has done the Vietnam era guitar player (currently on my "to be converted"production line, and the accoustic guitar but any info on other suitable items would be most welcome.
  13. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I could dig the jazz cats, preferably in 80 - 120mm. Even from the current scene would be cool. Nice idea!

    all the best,
  14. quang Active Member

    Cool idea, Stuart.

    I'd vote for the Abbey Road album cover with the four Beatles in 54mm crossing the street. A truly 'iconic' image.

    We can always dream on! :)

  15. quang Active Member

    As I'm listening to the fabulous SMILE cd while working, how about Brian Wilson in his famous sandbox? :)

    At least that would give us some groundwork to do! :lol:


  16. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Quang - Why not give the Abbey Road cover a shot? You could do it, if anybody could! I'd love to see that!

    As for the jazz guys - Horace Silver sitting at the piano, the Diz blowing his cheeks out, (my personal hero - since I'm a drummer) Buddy playing a double paradiddle on the snare, Jeff Beck bending the strings of that Fender. Those would be cool.

    All the best,
  17. Stuart New Member

    Yoko might not give you the OK, Quang.

    Just out of interest (or not!) Franklin Mint released a set of figures in glass domes depicting the Beatles album covers, Abbey Rd being one. I haven't seen them in the flesh but I'd imagine (!) that the detail is fairly limited. I managed to post a pic of my "Lennon during a break in the photo-shoot" Sgt Pepper attempt. Have a look under my profile. It was converted from Verlinden's Duke of Marlborough, the coat and flares are made from rolled Miliput. As the outfit was a stage costume I deliberately didn't make it very detailed. It was painted to depict the satin like effect you see in just about every photo. It has been in storage for a while and needs a new base, a better sign, and a ciggy in JL's left hand.

    More musician please, manufacturers.

  18. quang Active Member

    Yoko? Oh, no! :lol:

    Stuart, is that a 355 I see as your avatar?

  19. Stuart New Member


    A 355 it is, your eyesight is superb. I had one a long time ago and sold it when I had to start doing grown up stuff like pay a mortgage.


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