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Stormtroopers.capt Stewart,93rd Sutherland Highlanders

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by davidmitchell, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. DEL A Fixture

    No? trapped on the 5th circle of hell
  2. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Cant be anything good on the telly tonight.:D

    Cheers Davie
  3. DEL A Fixture

  4. Helm A Fixture

    Just for Carl

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  5. moz A Fixture

    Del, you should get a bollocking for using up bandwidth.
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  6. Helm A Fixture

  7. diamond cutter Active Member

    FFS! for an old biddie?
    have you seen the tits on Pammie
    Very big and plastic but supprisingly lovely
    Appologies to the purist
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  8. DAPPLE New Member

    Hi Gentlemen
    And in this case I use that term very loosely.
    I feel I have to make a comment on this thread and this site, and I apologise for talking off topic on this thread but I don’t see another option.
    A quick background on me I have no axe to grind, I have no hidden agenda against any sculptor or painter or poster, I am not a sculptor and I am not a very good painter I came here about a year ago when I started painting figures and hoped to learn something.
    So far it hasn’t been so great!
    The 19 figures I have completed or are waiting completion 13 are from, a combination of sculpting and supply from Moz or Stu this in no way expresses a bias just a preference!
    If I am aloud to express an opinion without getting shot to pieces I would like to.
    I have the RHA officer previously discussed on another thread (again apologise for being off topic) from an untrained eye I find the stance a bit odd but in general I like it that’s why I bought it.
    As for the 93rd Highlander I agree with Gaudian (small font, “can’t put my finger on it”) to my untrained eye it don’t look quite right, also I would not be able to paint the tartan, so I will not buy it. I hope its ok to voice that opinion? As I am sure some of the people voicing positive opinions are as untrained as me and feel happy to voice their opinions.
    May I also say that Moz’s first reply in this thread is commendable well said Sir! You appear to be a Gent.
    As for the majority of the rest of you are you really happy with your comments and responses? And if you are in doubt if “the rest of you” applies to you, assume it does.
    Do you think it does you and more importantly this site any credit what so ever?
    It’s like watching a bunch of squabbling school children and really does the site no credit at all. I don’t really care how it reflects on you.
    Look at the number of views of this thread, compared with others, do you think that is a response to your intelligent articulate comments? Or maybe the silent majority that like me now sadly find it as amusing as much as annoying.
    To see these petty and pathetic ramblings, that you now seem it necessary to emphasize with childish images, don’t slag off others for hijacking threads when you do things like that.
    Should we agree with everything everybody says? No.
    Should we disagree with everything somebody says? No
    Should we have the right to say what we want (as long as it’s not defamatory) Yes.
    Can I suggest you look at what has been written on here by you and others and can you tell me it has really helped anybody? And is your ego really that important? And that comment is aimed at all and not anyone specific.
    In my opinion, if I can have one again? Everybody needs a huge look at themselves if you want newcomers like me to stay with this site, and if you don’t want that, then carry on in your own petty like clique factions.
    @ Moz, Stu Sorry I don’t like everything you have done but I sure love the majority.
    @ David Mitchell great painting just thought I would mention that!
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  9. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Best wishes David, Stu and Moz and always my full support for superb work from me, a modeller first and just dipping his toe into the world with good friends.

    I have watched this thread and tried my hardest to see all opinions hence this is my first post.

    A new release is released just as that and I see no reason why any comment needs to be made, I feel Colin is right, can we please have a section where we are able to release without comments, let the customer decide.

    Is there anyway a manufacturer can request a block on new release comments, yes good and bad. I have one for next week but equally I am dreading the response of a few, I do not dare think how Stu must feel at present. By the time we offer as releases these are sculpted, cast, paid for in both master and often box art, we are not posting for opinion but more so to hope someone likes and buys the piece.

    It has been mentioned that people are worried to post, well manufacturers are also becoming the same and maybe a simple post of, new release on blah blah (the manufacturer) website is the order! We don't want that but who in their right mind advertises to have it openly criticised which will possibly affect sales .

    Critiques can be saved for WIP and not to kill a mans living. There is a difference from advertising a completed piece from a manufacturer to showing a private sculpted/painted piece.

    Unless requested, and correct me but I thought there was a designated section for critique, the new release section was just for that.

    Those that know me will know that I would cut my arm off to help people, the comment above also is a concern, please look and understand the full context of this thread and why it has become as it has, it certainly was not from David, Stu and Moz. I suggest a search using the words Moz and Stu within threads will show you the pattern nicely.
    Now I have been a member on
    PF for over 10 years, from modeller to now manufacturer ,I hope that this does not continue as I feel it is close to biting the hand that feeds within PF being felt by both sculptors and manufacturers.

    Best wishes
    No swearing needed and standing by my name
    Graham scollick
  10. stu A Fixture

    WOW,,, I must be doing something right or wrong !!!!, second time I've hit 3,500 plus views and now 6 pages.

    Davie,,,, sorry my friend, you have painted this superbly like I knew you would.

    Moz,,,, sorry mate we done it again.....we must be a class act, hard to follow/beat this one.

    This is the strange bit..... in the case of this piece and the Royal Artillery Officer both pieces had been generally available on a B/W boxart and freely open to any comment or critique, whatever or however you like to give it. They had both been reviewed openly again for any whatever. Then the painted piece is shown and this lot starts again.

    I do find this very very odd and kind of vindictive for god knows why.

    Like Graham has said,,,I am now a bit reluctant to release prducts for this to happen again.

    As a tester I got Moz to put the 42nd into Sculpting to see if the same people would post up negative critique, sure enough they did. I dont normally put images of masters up before there time as it can cause headaches replying to people asking when it will be available,,,,its not my main occupation you see. So again they are being vindictive.

    I dont like critique but I can accept it where it is due and especially from people that you know what they are talking about. They give good concise constructive critique that is backed up with the reasons why and examples of why they have brought the critique to your intension. This is also backed up by the fact that they know and are qualified to give sutch advice and you know this because you know who they are. In regard to the critique of this piece I really have struggled to take it on board, but thats obviously my fault/perception

    I strive to bring good quality, well cast and desirable figures and busts to you the customer. Sure I am not going to entice all of you but thats fine and everybody may not like everything about the figures I produce , again thats fine.

    These last 2 maulings really have made me look at my buisness and how I run it, like I said I'm out of the monastry and fully refreshed.

    I would really like to thank everybody for all there positive comments and support of stormtroopers and hope that overactive threads like this dont put people off following planet figure, as it truley is a great forum for us all.

    Many thanks

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  11. Tommi A Fixture


    Can’t believe that we are here again! This is all getting a bit to frequent and TBH I’m getting pretty sick of it all so this will be what will happen for any future occurrences.

    If you have nothing constructive to say in a civilised manner then don’t bother to comment. If you have any personal issues with other forum members then keep it off the forum and use another form of communication. I do not have the time or energy to spend a big portion of my life sorting out some of the behaviour that has been displayed on this forum over the past few months.

    I actually enjoy my HOBBY painting figures and busts, is this not what it’s all about!

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