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Stormtroopers.capt Stewart,93rd Sutherland Highlanders

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by davidmitchell, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. old grumbler Active Member

    oooooyarrr batten down zee atchezzz!!!!! Vat a thigh slappenfarter! zee rosbeef eez a petite patronizeeeng to zee cousin continentale ici n'est pas? Jah?
  2. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Very nicely done David!

    I have one in my stash and its a lovely sculpt in the flesh so to speak!

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  3. davidmitchell A Fixture

    The battle honours on the Regimental Colours are , Cape of good hope,Balaklava, Alma and Sevastopol. Will try to get a closeup photo of the this .Thanks for all the comments.

    Cheers David
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  4. megroot A Fixture

    And now in normaly English so we on the other side of the Northsea know what you have to say.

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  5. stu A Fixture

    I will probably be remoulding this soon, but if the negativity shown by johan and the ever present critique fr old grumbler has the same effect as with the rha officer then it wont be worth it.

    Thanks to everybody that loves the piece. I changed the right arm as the figure looked unbalanced and wrong

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  6. BobLff257 A Fixture

    Great figure Stu, I think another mould is in order. Lovely painting by Dave, welcome to the big league of 120mms :LOL:

  7. old grumbler Active Member

    Stu, Johan just made a critique, that's all, a valid critique, I happen to agree, millions may disagree so don''t resort to throwing the toys out of the pram. If you're that sensitive pack it in and go live in a monastery.
  8. brian A Fixture

    Much ado about nothing.Nice figure and cracking paint job.Not my period and not my scale unfortunately.
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  9. ubbi Active Member

    nice sculpt and great painting David

  10. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi David; Was very excited to see your take on this figure. I picked up a copy in Chicago and as coincidence would have it, I just put the finishing touches to the tartan about an hour ago. So I'm most grateful for your interpretation as I will definitely use this post as a guide for the rest of the way. Thanks for the battle honours info. and for doing such a fantastic job.
  11. Nap A Fixture

    Hi David ,

    Lovely work on this , not a figure modeller (Busts ..Ra ra ra(y)) but I can fully appreciate the massive amount of work that you have done ..great result especially on the mass of yellow on the colour itself.

    Any chance of some close ups of the figure ?

    Moz has done a really nice job sculpting IMO ..so hats off to both of you .

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  12. Funky50 Guest

    Really crisp paint job was it with acrylics.
  13. davidmitchell A Fixture

    All painting done in oils .

    Cheers David
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  14. Kreston Active Member

    Nice job, David. Would you mind sharing your oil mix for the tunic? Thanks.
  15. clrsgt A Fixture

    Thanks for the information on the regimental colours.
  16. Waterman Active Member

    Amongst all the positives, we have just two negatives, again from Pinky and Perky, so on that basis it must be a nice figure well received by the majority. Everyone is entitled to their honest opinion, but going by previous comments these two seem to have their so called opinions joined at the hip, and now come across to me more like a vendetta against someone they obviously have an issue with. Just an honest opinion. Personally I like the figure, and I liked the Crimean RHA figure as well. The answer is simple, if you don't like it, then don't buy it.
  17. Don Well-Known Member

    Well said that man!

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  18. Funky50 Guest

    Absolutely ......But there seems to be an agenda from at least one of these commentators to be as critical as possible of a certain sculptor at every opportunity and then revel in the furore that it seems to cause ,which was my initial point! It's also a bit of a shame that what starts out as a thread on someone's undoubted painting achievements always seem to be Hijacked and turned around to a constant drip drip drip of uncalled for criticism but as I was once told opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one.Sorry , I didn't really want to give either the oxygen of a response as this will undoubtedly result in more sarcasm and fake wounded innocence and an opportunity for them to hammer home their dubious points in the same superior and sarcastic manner... it just seems to me to turn a friendly and otherwise informative web site into something a little more distasteful..... Which is a shame .....In anticipation of being called over sensitive and invited to join a monastery this will be my last post on this
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  19. Don Well-Known Member

    Dont worry Funky they have just done it again over on Sculpts with a new figure by Moz 120mm Zouave. I was able to show Moz the error of his ways and advize him always to check with this pair before he sculpts anything. To save them having to always point out where Moz is going wrong.
    This time it was the way a chap wore his cape, obviously wrong because its not the same as a metal models kit. They both mentioned this so metal models must be correct in everything and everyone else should copy them?????????????

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  20. Silversurfer Active Member

    Hi Funky,
    don´t be so angry about these guys! In Germany we have a good word for such beancounters:
    "What bothers the German oak, when the wild sow scrubs on it":D I know these kind from the airplanemodeling scene, it´s always the same bullsh...! Talking for talking's sake(n)

    Yours Thomas
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