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Stormtroopers being ripped off by Polish Recaster

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Tecumsea, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. Ferris A Fixture

    Selling your own casts under the alias of a recaster is not a bad idea. Zane may have a good point: would the people that buy recasts have bought an original? My guess is in most cases they would not. So every extra sale via this channel does bring in extra money, as you'd only have to take the resin cost into account. Besides, I don't know about you, but if things are going for bargain prices I tend to buy more than I need. I suspect people buying recasts have even bigger grey armies.
    In this model, you can undercut the recaster, beat him at his own game.

    For this business model to succeed there must be a downside to the el cheapo channel. No box, no service, a smaller range, and maybe cheaper resin.

    And the channel must in no way be associated with the original manufacturor, but that would not be hard in the anonymous internet.

    Thinking about it.....may this be why some manufacturors remain relatively unmoved by recasts....?
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  2. DEL A Fixture

    You're dead right although my real point was about the nature of the criminality rather than any serious expectation that any recaster would change his spots.
    As I said I don't know anything about casting and the costs involved, but I imagine that once overheads are covered there's not a lot going into legitimate manufacturers bank accounts.
    This is why I can't quite equate the resources, energy and effort expended by this guy for what appears to me to be minimal returns.
  3. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    I think its down to his global location and the exchange rate. Ten grand of UK currency goes a long way in certain countries - this makes counterfeiting (for thats what this really is) a very attractive proposition.
  4. stu A Fixture

    Ebay report done via web and phone...now I got to join the VERO programme !!!!! and I hardly sell on ebay !!!

    The 2 kits that he has of mine have slowed dramatically of late,,,one I kinda expected the other was doing very well until the last month. The future of both products is now in the balance.

    Here is a run down of what it takes to bring a bust from carl to market.... read and weep !!!!

    1 Hours of looking and research,,,,no cost

    2 Books ordered to understand colour schemes, regimental history and the little bits that go into painting instructions. Variable cost but spread over a few kits its not too bad ,,,lets say £30

    3 Master,,,cost £710

    4 Rubber ,,2X Moulds £100 to £125 cost,, not time to mould it etc etc

    5 Resin £4 per casting maybe less

    6 £2 to cast,,,its what I pay somebody, sometimes when bizzy.

    7 Box with labels £1,,,doesnt include cost of time to desprue and package

    8 Boxart,,,, Anything from £200 to £350

    A mould will last 25 to 35 casts the lower figure if you care,,,,,and a lot higher if you don't give a damn

    In the present market place sales average about 40 to 60sales,,,great pieces will go over 100,,,this takes sometime to achieve.

    These figures are not random !!! its what I take into account when I commission a piece. The other factor, before you think I am making a good living is that trade sales can take 50% of the sales at a Discount of 40%,,,this is my factoring of a product and why my Direct range will be growing !!!

    Products are numerous and of great quality but sales because of this diversity are falling,,,,,too many cooks you might say. Add slime like artstudiojan the recaster and you start to get a problem.

    As stated I love what I do ,,,,its a small hobby and full of friends far and wide. I hope to continue and push harder to entice you to buy my products but the writing is on the wall for at least one of these kits.

    Thanks all for your support

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  5. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

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  6. ellie A Fixture

    Stu is right in what he is trying to do, having had dealings with ebay over the past few months. it's you that has to do all the chasing and they give very little support. you have to be on to them all the time to get movement. we have had a polish guy contact us last week with regards to buying our figures but he has not responded to our emails which makes you wonder.

    as Stu says we do this because it's a pleasure to produce something that will give hours of pleasure to others. it's not my full time job it's just something that my daughter started and something we both take great joy in doing. but when people like this scumbag and others start to ruin what you have built up then people like ebay should do more to help.

    All the ideas that have been posted are good but at the end of the day the scumbag will just close down and start it all again under a different name. and so we go round again. because they are in another country it's hard to prosecute them and so they feel safe in the knowledge that no one can get to them. They will make money on the kits as they don't have to pay for masters, painters, books, and such. the guy as made well over 1,000 sales and only had 3 negative feed back. and if you look closely it's the same people that are buying the recasts I had a look at his history so it's not a massive customer base he has but one that keeps coming back for more.

    I wish you well stu it's always sad when something you love gets brought down by the scumbags called re-casters. I hope you don't have to withdraw the two kits but if that's what you have to do then it's a very sad day for both you and the hobby.


    Ellie's Miniatures
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  7. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    I had a quick look at this auction. If you ask a question (at the bottom of the listing) is it posted for all to see? If that's the case, we should all bombard him with enquiries (is it an original, what company, who is the sculptor, etc). Public shame, if that's possible:mad:
  8. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    Thank you Stu and Ian for being so candid about your businesses - I hope this gives people a real insight into just how hard it is to turn a profit from this hobby. I have just started to produce castings of my own work and share the same fears of how I can protect the copyright of my work in the future. If you are reading this and have purchased recasts in the past (or are now considering if you should) please don't. The consequences are that your actions will aid the fall of many a good company - businesses that feed new and original work into the marketplace. Its a sad fact to realize that when all the creative talents that drive this hobby forward are gone - all that you will be left with is the tired and worn out recasts of a bygone age.

    Please think on before you buy....
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  9. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture


    I have started this 'Ball Rolling'! ... it will be interesting to see the response!;)

    Asking, if this is a genuine 'Stormtrooper', piece or a Recast, .. with added suspicion.

    (Always up, for a good old scrap, when its worth it):D


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  10. akaryu Moderator

    I just asked the following question:

    Dear artstudiojan,

    What is the brand of this figure, which company, who is the sculptor? Who painted the bust shown in the photograph?

    - dragonrouge

    This is the answer I got:


    I do not know who it was carved figurines bought in China."

    No great help I'm afraid if the guy claims ignorance or innocence, but don't let that stop anyone from firing questions at him!
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  11. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    Yet he knew where to go to steal the digital box art image :cautious:
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  12. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    "Is this an original or recast? It looks like a Stormtrooper kit. If so (and like the rest of your auctions), why not list it as such?"

    There that should get the ball rolling.....subtle enough:rolleyes:
  13. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Hmm! Two questions posed! ..yet nothing flagged up on questions asked! ??? Why!

  14. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Paul! the ball is already rolling! ;)

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  15. akaryu Moderator


    Indeed! I'm completely ignorant of copyright laws, but I wonder if nothing could be done by the owner of the box art image based on the ownership of the image or the firm's logo. The poor ignorant Pole uses the Nut's Planet logo on some of his offerings and the empire lady's bust is advertised with Pepa Saavedra's pictures of it complete with Pepa's logo/signature. Surely something could be done with that? Then again we have a saying in Flanders: It's the fool and the dumb ass who fill the lawyer's purse. Most irritating to me is the complete lack of concern from ebay, anything goes as long as the cash flows!
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  16. Nap Moderator

    Based on Piets post and the sellers response it would seem he buys from a recaster in China perhaps and then recasts .......

    This is the message I have sent .....
    Dear artstudiojan,

    You have a lot of different companies releases on sale are they original item or are you recasting from ones you have bought from the company's .

    You are not a registered outlet of genuine releases from companies so can you tell me why and how you are selling so cheap

    - rebeccajake0

    Let's see what happens


    I am DEFINATELY concerned about the lack of e bay response they seem to be hiding behind their blurb
  17. ellie A Fixture

    as I have posted before ebay will do very little to help, as far as their concerned he makes money for them and that is what counts in their world not illegal castings.


    Ellie's Minaitures
  18. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Sellers can choose whether to post the question and answer onto their listing and make it public.
    Expect they're not going to want to do this.

    But still think an avalanche of Qs could make the seller suspect they're about to get found out soon and take down the recast listings?

    I also think if you bid or buy the item you get the sellers email contact - so could get one step closer to stopping them?

  19. stu A Fixture


    I asked Slimey fartstudiojan to remove listing etc etc,,,,No reply.....bad manners for a kick off !!!

    I reported to ebay through the listing,,,you get 95 letters/spaces...it was hardly enough space to fartstudiojan in !!!!!

    I then spoke to Julie @ Ebay,,,very nice indeed and reported everything with the item numbers etc etc,,,,,she kindly told me they would sort it within 3 days ie when the item ends.

    I informed her it was my product to sell and that it was a recast/counterfeit and that I own the images. She seamed to struggle with the understanding of recast and counterfeit which lead me to believe her real name wasn't Julie. !!!! and that maybe English was a foreign language. Not convinced its gonna go well but as said if plan A fails I will be looking to implement plan B.

    Plan B is confidential at present but will require some help from the planet members,,,,,so please don't all harass the Janfartstudio or he may let one off !!!

    I suspect he has a mule on here that finds out the relevant info,,,,,I Know on fairly good authority Who this maybe !!!! I

    Also Farty arty studio slack arse does have a lot of followers trying to fill the void ,,,I mean review his relief/ service .

    If any body recognises these followers please out them,,,

    I am following to find out what happens.

    Many thanks

  20. Martin64 A Fixture

    I think that you took the appropriate action to contact ebay. As the legitimate owner of the product in question you will be treated (hopefully) different from other complainants (at least that is what ebay states about violations of copyright as far as I know).
    Chances are that his online-shop will be closed. Unfortunately chances are that another shop will open up again...
    Your idea about offering products without boxart and packaging at a cheaper price for guys that want to save some money sounds interesting. I am just not sure if that would make customers of these products turn away from these "cheapos". As said they might not be interested in the product but more in the bargain.
    Cheers, Martin
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