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WIP Critique Stormtroopers 120mm Panzer Meyer

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. dancap3286 A Fixture

    Looking good Mark...

    when I first saw the face sculpt I did not really see too much of a resemblence but now that you have put paint to him, he looks like the real deal! I'll keep my on this one as it progresses and I'd like to pick up this figure for myself.
  2. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Rob ... Likewise :) and glad your following :) Take your time with them and I'm sure you'll get the hang :)

    Dan .. Thanks! :)

    Belts an straps ....

    The one piece is going okay and the hat is well on the way, the belt, binocular strap and
    the lens cover are done! Usual colour mix for the leather but went for a softer less worn look.... hmmmm

    A request for info ... What colour Waffenfarbe? I'm not sure so wondered if anyone might have a definitive answer?



  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    Very good progress Mark. He's coming along nicely mate.
  4. housecarl A Fixture

  5. Gellso A Fixture

    Great stuff

    Looking good Mark....The figure that is......not you:p
  6. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Tony ... Cheers :)

    Carl .. Thanks for the link :)

    Grant ... LOL! Yes I'm not wearing so well as my figure ! :D

    Many thanks for the various links and the info Carl, Andy and Collin.... Cracking!
    So with the info I have I went for what I hope is a possible set of waffenfarbe :)
    Only the pistol holster and the map to sort out now then tweaking and weathering to follow

  7. unknown01 New Member

    The feel of a material of the belt is very wonderful.
    The very beautiful color.
    Excellent progress.

  8. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Mitsutaka ... Thank you :)

    Still on with this fellow :) Mostly work is finished now and just tweaking and weathering to do. Except for the map :(

    Trying something different so bear with me :)

    I had some bits of decal paper left from doing the Para harness decals so I took a bit that was clear ( but had been sprayed with Klear ) and painted a tiny map on it. Then coated with more Klear.

    I will let you know tomorrow if it worked LOL!

    The supplied base is epoxied onto a block of pine, filled to fit exactly and I'm now veneering the block....

    Busy, Busy :)

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  9. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Well, the hand painted Decal worked! even the pencil lines were visible :)

    Almost finished, Just sorting the base atm.


  10. pinsel Active Member

    nice.i have jut looked around and at the time of this pics Meyer was 43 Member of LAH which was commanded by Dietrich.this was an panzer unit.so i think the piping of the peaked cap is pink......as shoulderboards are framed pink
    this because normaly all units wore at cap the piping of the weapon branch.
    because at german army every combination is known it would be interesting to see some colour pics showing if he wore the piping in pink.as panzer officer normaly he would have .
    want not start here anything its only an thought maybe one member have here exact informations.i know of panzer officers which wore at officer shool the normal infantry cut uniform jacket but cap in pink piped.does any body have here informations would be interesting
  11. stu A Fixture

    yum yum as usual mate, you have truley captured the look of meyer.

  12. housecarl A Fixture

  13. pmfs A Fixture

    Great map!

    Hi Mark!

    I think white more accurate than the fieldgrey on the Meyer´s uniform, but you are the painter, your choise is my happyness my friend.
    Wonderful reproduced like always.
    Great leathers to.:)

    The Waffenfarbe army colour or unit is Yellow.:)
    SS-Obersturmbannführer Kurt Meyer "Panzermeyer"
    Commander of SS-Panzer Aufklarungs-Abt 1
    SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Liebstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler
    Feb/March1943 at Kharkov.
    This figure is based in Kharkov 3rd battle:)
    The guy is from (Recce), reconnaissance detachment.
    Any doubt: HERE
    I have more...
    I hope this helps.
  14. stu A Fixture

    Hi pedro,

    If you look in Platz der liebstandarte by RZM Imports on pages 53 to 57 you will see that he wore the grey side as well just as much.It was this series of pictures that the idea came from.

    Although he was the commander of his elite recce battalion at kharkov he was still upper most an infantry officer. The only colour painting of him in the above book shows white waffenfabre, but I suppose we may never know.

  15. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Stuart!

    In Kharkov picture from Bunsarchive seems white?! probably the right color?! Recce color is Yellow, and Meyer is comander of Aufklarungs-Abt 1.

    If I was the painter of this figure I will choose Yellow.
    ...but I understand our point of view.:)
  16. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Marcus, Pedro and Stu! ... It's a nightmare eh? for the Mo I'm sticking with white, But thanks for the input and info :)

    Carl ... Many thanks for the link :)

    So almost done! The snow is the usual white micro-balloons filler with baking soda to finish, Tamiya weathering master as mud and Klear to get everything looking wet and slushy


  17. pinsel Active Member

    hi mark
    no big deal looks smart any inch.it was only because i am myself COMPLETLY unsure and thought maybe one does know.but if one says on an colourpic he saw it silvery white one can asume that he maybe used the cap he had from Allgemeine SS.those wore white.so maybe he never made an transition to an new cap because the old was still serviceable.thats the devil with german army ther are allways exeption from an basic rule.
  18. stu A Fixture

    Picture of meyer around kharkov


    Attached Files:

  19. pmfs A Fixture

    Any colour photo?:D
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  20. pinsel Active Member

    even if black white its piping is very bright might be yellow which i doubt or really silvery white.
    well he sientific way is piant an figure cap in either silver-pink-yellow-make always black and white pics and then look which looks similary...:D:eek:
    i would go with that pic the way Mark painted it

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