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Stormtrooper Miniatures 1/9 scale Bust, Germanic Frank Warrior, 5th Century BC

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Martin Philpott, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Stormtrooper Miniatures 1/9 scale Bust, Germanic Frank Warrior, 5th Century BC

    Company: Stormtrooper Miniatures.

    Catalogue Ref: PPST26

    Sculptor: Carl Reid.

    Box Art: Ernesto Reyes.

    Material: Resin.

    Price: £42.00

    Availability: Direct from Stormtrooper Miniatures



    Stormtrooper miniatures offer a huge and contrasting catalogue of high quality resin releases, this Germanic Warrior is a typical example of that. As soon as I saw the box art I was gripped and just had to get my hands on one these wonderful looking busts for review. Stuart Hale is the proprietor of the company and as a sponsor of the pages here at Martins Scale Models kindly forwarded the kit for appraisal, today I publish my findings, kick back and enjoy….. your in for a treat.

    First Impressions.

    A total of 7 individual pieces of high quality resin are included in order to complete this kit. The main piece (torso) is wrapped in a separate envelope of bubble wrap while the remaining pieces are wrapped together inside a clear plastic re-sealable bag before being further protected by bubble wrap. As you can imagine this level of packaging offers great protection and as such everything arrived in perfect condition with no damage or missing parts.
    The box is sturdy and practical being constructed of heavy duty cardboard with a lift off lid. The top of the lid offers some nice artwork along with details of the enclosed piece. Contact details of the supplier are also included. There is a simple text error which reads as Franck Warrior, it should read Frank, clearly not a deal breaker but I did feel it needed highlighting to prevent any confusion.

    The Figure.

    You could not help but be impressed at the first sight of this magnificent main piece, talk about instant impact, this has that in abundance. A simply outstanding sculpt from the endlessly talented Carl Reid has offered us a magnificently crafted piece that would grace the collection of any serious figure painter. The level of crispness that remains from the casting process is of the highest standard and quality, rich in well defined, beautifully sharp and clean detail forming an excellent foundation for you to lay down your paint. Any clean up required is straightforward and unproblematic following the standard procedures and using the correct tools for resin. Lets take a closer look at all of that detail……..

    (photo below) As first impressions go it does not get any better than this….


    (photo below) Excellent viewing from the back.

    The cape looks sensational from this angle, so much incredible texture with a very natural looking flow to the material thrown across the shoulders. Creases and folds look spot on and will be even more of a feature using highlight and shadow techniques during the painting stages. I also love the way in which the hair lays across the top of the cape giving a positively wonderful three dimensional layering appearance.


    (photo below) Incredibly nice facial expression and features.

    Facial features are dynamic, some of the very best I have seen, best of all they look awesome no matter what angle they are viewed from. The expression certainly portrays a seasoned warrior that looks to be in full battle cry with open mouth, teeth on show and intensely obvious frown. The platted hair looks incredibly as does the moustache and eyebrows.


    (photo below) The level of detail throughout is top drawer.

    As explained above, view that face from any angle and it looks simply outstanding, most notable here is the nose with the fantastic looking ‘hook’ appearance, its the smaller attention to detail like this that makes such a difference. Also worth a mention are the profile of the cheek bones, well pronounced and in keeping with the look the sculptor has set about creating.


    (photo below)

    Some very nice sculpting has created a wonderful head of hair for this character, including those platted pieces on either side. When you see the fully assembled and painted piece at the end of this review you will understand how all of these individually brilliant details combine to produce an exemplary kit.


    (photo below) Detail on the clothing is beautifully crafted.

    The bandolier and waist belt look stunning, beautifully raised and laying very naturally across the clothing adding a great deal of depth. The buckles on both are superbly crafted and will look fabulous once painted in metals offering good contrast to the leather. The studs on the leather vest type top are incredibly well pronounced and give excellent added interest and well defined detail. The cape looks very convincing laying over the top.


    Right Arm with Axe.

    (photo below) Wonderful attention to detail in this arm and axe.

    Starting with the arm, definition is excellent with the muscle tones showing well in the forearm along with the well pronounced tendons on the back of the hand. The hand grip around the handle of the axe is superbly effective and believable with more sumptuous detailing on the fingers. The fold in the arm as it is drawn back has been captured to perfection. The axe itself has a lot of appeal, the wooden handle should be straightforward to replicate while the axe head is beautifully and authentically shaped. Clearly it is difficult to authenticate against the genuine item but from research and reproduction pieces of this era the axe looks the part and offers a fantastic representation.


    (photos below) The two photos below are reproduction axe’s authentic to this time period. The kit part has been well represented in comparison.



    Left Arm.

    (photo below) Just as with the right arm, the detail remains strong here.
    Just as we have seen with the right arm the attention to detail continues here with the left. Again nicely pronounced muscle tones with superbly sculpted fingers. The hand has the shields grip handle moulded in situ and the small hole you see on the upper arm is a locating point for outer edge of the shield thus creating a perfect fit.



    (photo below) The shield is just awesome, wonderful addition to the kit.
    Clearly a standout feature of this piece is the shield, in my opinion it looks incredibly good. Some great contrast on the outer metal rim with those raised studs which are further replicated on the smaller inner rim. The thin metal struts that extend from the inner rim to the outer edge also add interest as does the domed centre. Your creative streak can very much be let loose with the finish you choose here. Just a few casting lugs to tidy and make good but all straightforward. Fitting to the figure should prove easy enough with the locating pin on the arm and the handle grip pre moulded to the hand. A fabulous addition to the kit.


    (photos below) Reproduction shields from the era our figure portrays, a great comparison for the wonderful kit offering.




    (photo below) Great textures and authentic detailing combine to create this awesome sword.

    Beefy, great textures and awesome looks give this sword the appeal of a weapon fit for a warrior. The scabbard is just divine showing perfectly formed detail and contrast between the leather sheath and metal locket and chape pieces. The handle and pommel of the sword finish off the look wonderfully.



    (photo below) A great amount of attention is given to the small and intricate dagger.
    Worn on the left hip of the figure is this beautifully intricate dagger, designed to be as visually pleasing as it is deadly! The scabbard is more subtle in its appearance but offers a great opportunity for replicating either leather or wood. The handle is somewhat more lavish with some fine detailing to pick out and highlight to good effect.


    Display Pedestal.

    (photo below) I love these supplied pedestals.

    The tried and trusted display plinth Stoormtroopers provides always makes for a wonderful and pleasing addition to their kits. Beautifully shaped with those curved edges and awesome textured surfaces all helping to create a pedestal base very well suited to the bust very much in keeping with the overall finish and quality. Just take a closer look at the completed piece in the photo gallery below from Ernesto Reyes to see the excellent effect.

    Reference Material.

    As ever we have a certain amount of reference material included in the kit. On this occasion you will be able to let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing the colours in which you paint the warriors clothing and weapons as clearly there is no reference going back to 5BC! A great opportunity to be expressive and artistic in your chosen finish.

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  2. Martin Philpott Active Member


    The 4 photos seen below are courtesy of the Stormtrooper Miniatures website, Facebook pages and the awesome GothicgeeK. The first shows multi angled images of the assembled but unpainted completed bust on its supplied display plinth.




    (photos below)

    The 8 photos below show the utterly stunning work of Ernesto Reyes. There can be no doubt, his expertise where figure painting is concerned is second to none, quite extraordinary talent that has truly done justice to this wonderful bust.










    You only need look at the photos above to sum up this awesome release from Stormtrooper………QUALITY.

    The epic team of Stuart Hale, Carl Reid and Ernesto Reyes have once again combined to produce a stunning masterpiece that would grace any serious figure painters collection. All of the boxes get ticked when it comes to subject choice, price and quality. The sculpts wonderfully animated pose certainly conjures up the Germanic Warrior image most of us might well imagine, with regard to finishing it, this is a golden opportunity to allow your imagination and artistic streak to run wild.

    One to add to your Christmas list? You better believe it.

    Author and PublisherMartin Philpott.
    Martin’s Scale Models on Facebook.

    My sincere thanks to Stuart Hale, proprietor of Stormtrooper Miniatures and official sponsor of Martin’s Scale Models for this fabulous opportunity and awesome review sample.

    Stormtrooper Miniatures Media Sites.
    Please be sure to click on the links below in order to keep right up to date with all that happens on the Stormtrooper Miniatures website and Facebook pages.

    Website: Stormtrooper Miniatures Website.

    Facebook: Stormtrooper Miniatures on Facebook.
  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent review,Very nice bust.
    Martin Philpott likes this.
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Nice review Martin

    Really like the texture of the cloak and the movement of the head and hair

    Thanks for sharing

    Martin Philpott likes this.
  5. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Thanks fella's much appreciated ;-)

  6. clrsgt A Fixture

    An outstanding bust and an excellent review.
    Martin Philpott likes this.
  7. Mark S Guest

    Great subject matter, my kind of bust but I find the hair to be quite odd and not a good fit for the head.....and the arm holding the axe seems ill proportioned to the rest of the body.
    I'm keen on the subject matter but unfortunately for me the aforementioned points mean I won't be getting this one....shame.
  8. kagemusha A Fixture

    Sorry....but for me personally.....that's as far away as you can get from an 'unbiased' review!.....
    There really is a need for manufacturers to include parts pictures in their own announcement photos of new figures....leave it to the viewer/buyer to decide on 'QUALITY'...
    Marks comments on the hair and arm are far more 'useful'.....than the blatant sugar coated comments of the reviewer IMHO
    The old addage of a picture being worth a thousand words was never more true.....

    Gaudin, Desdichado and Mark S like this.
  9. swralph A Fixture

    Great review Martin.(y)
    Great enthusiasm for a great bust.:)
  10. Mark S Guest

    Well said Ron,

    Surely manufacturers and/or retailers who have any self respect and confidence in their own business endeavours would find such a snivelling arse licking review to be embarrassing and potentially counter productive.

    I'm not a manufacturer nor a retailer of figures but if someone took my product and did what has been done with this piece I'd be feel very uncomfortable knowing that your average figure modeller is a very experienced person and well informed enough to find a review like this offensive to their intelligence.
    Desdichado likes this.
  11. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Ron, its really very simple. As you say its not for you, that's great. The review has served its purpose, it gave you and others the chance to decide if you like it, you clearly don't, others clearly do. My input as a reviewer is done.

    The blatant accusation that its such a biased review however is not so nice is it? Totally unnecessary and unjustified given the fact you are basing this statement purely on your own feelings and without knowing me. How do you arrive at the fact its so very biased, I would love to know as that's quite some accusation?

    How would it make it more useful for the manufacturer to post photos of the parts? The viewer/buyer is able to decide for themselves on quality regardless of if its the reviewer, the manufacturer or Mickey Mouse posting the photos.

    "Far from unbiased" not unlike your reply then. The strength of your disapproval indicates there may be more to your comments that you are letting on, is the grudge with reviewers in general, just me or the manufacturer?

    Ernest likes this.
  12. Martin Philpott Active Member

    (y) Mark, thanks for the constructive reply, I take it you got turned down.
  13. kagemusha A Fixture

    Where in my post did I say it wasn't for me....or that I don't actually like it....presumption on your part does not meet the requirement of a serious and unbiased review now does it!
    'Blatant accusation'.....no....honest opinion....yes.....as for 'knowing' you....what has that got to do with a truly unbiased review...not once did I mention your name......my comments were purely concerned with the overtly positive bias....with no possible room for negatives...
    There is no hidden agenda behind any of what I said....to imply I hold any 'grudges' shows that you understand nothing about me either.........

  14. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Ron, you have a good day soon fella. I won't hold my breath though ;-)
  15. kagemusha A Fixture


    Wow!....what an 'adult' response.....says it all for me (y)
  16. Tommys War A Fixture

    As a manufacturer who regularly provides review samples to Martin, let me come back on that.

    Mark, I have plenty of self-respect and confidence in Tommy's War as a brand thanks. Confidence is something that I'm certainly not short of.

    Why do I work with Martin? There are lots of online reviewers, Martin is certainly one of the best in that I've worked with. The samples are passed to Martin without any restrictions in terms of what he can and cannot say. The samples are from general production (contrary to popular belief they are not cherry picked to provide the best casts) and he reviews in his own time with zero input from me.

    What I like about Martin is that he goes further with his review, they are full of links to actual equipment which is a massive boon to modellers and something I don't have time to do. Martin has a massive amount of enthusiasm (which you seem to be mistaking for 'arse licking') and the enthusiasm comes across in buckets.

    From my point of view if Martin finds a fault or wants to criticise a figure then he can, its an independent review and he can say what he likes. I'm not scared.

    Martin is a true gentleman, one of the nicest men in modelling and I'm shocked and saddened that you have chosen to make such a vile personal attack. I don't know what's driving that, but you certainly sound bitter.

    Let me finish by saying that I track links to my website and I monitor their source. I regularly get 3-5 per day from Martin's website, I used to get a lot from Planet Figure but that's dropped to perhaps 1 every few days now. Planet Figure is mocked as 'Planet Pedant' and 'Planet Moan' by many modellers I speak to and they seem to be leaving the site in droves. It's not hard to see why when you read posts like yours.

    I'll continue to provide Martin review samples as long as he wants them. If you don't like it then don't read them.
  17. Desdichado New Member

    In fareness to Martin, his pictures are lovely and some of the best I seen. Wish more were as good but only have an android phone to use. No real money for a camera as on disability money.

    Theres no other blog that does as many figures as Martin, but I only real use the photos to make my mind up. I do find his reviews to be sugar coated and quite sickly to read. I follow his Facebook and website all the time but everything is full of superlatives. Everything is awesome or utterly awesome or amazingly talented or sublime. Some of my friends that like the Nutz Planet stuff are in my local club and also follow the page and they often say that there are too many flattering words. There does seem to be a lot of biased stuff going on and lots of creepy arse licking that I now ignore so just look at photos. Some writing is embarrassing so I know where kagemusha is coming from. This is what me and my mates think, but its good to see new figs reviewed.
    Martin i don't know you but you would get more respect maybe if you stopped every other word being awesome or sublime. It comes over as an advert so that you keep getting free samples.

    Ive been watching on planet fig for a year but this post seemed to have the things that i always notice with sugar coated so signed up.

  18. William Shotakote New Member

    Pictures are indeed a very useful part of this review.... Any one can see for themselves whats on offer, the actual review is comprehensive and very enthusiastic, to a degree that it starts to feel a personal tribute rather than a review of a piece for what it is.

    It is a matter of opinion of course, but where Martin sees i.e "The cape looks sensational from this angle, so much incredible texture with a very natural looking flow to the material thrown across the shoulders. Creases and folds look spot on" I see a very basic folds that seem like a very hasty sculpting. I certainly seen better from many manufacturers and have those pieces in my collection.

    In this context, an abundance of descriptions like "second to none" whilst PF is such a rich community where there is plenty of artists who's skills are as good if not better, devalues such review and sounds like a sales pitch.
    If there was more adoration included, the box would start oozing honey...
  19. Tommi A Fixture

    WTF!!! I don't get it ? If you don't like reading reviews then don't continue to read them ! its that simple, there is plenty of other material to read on here.


    Nice review Martin and thanks for posting.

  20. Babelfish A Fixture

    Love it or loathe it, Martin's writing style is his own. And whether you agree with what he writes or not, his enthusiasm is clear to all and he puts a lot of time into his reviews. And as Darren says, he often goes the extra mile to post up accompanying reference pictures.

    No need for personal attacks and insults. Keep it civil please.

    - Steve

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