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Completed Critique Stormtrooper 1916 (Young Miniatures 1/10)

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kaz6120, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi there,

    I've just started my next project, "Stormtrooper, Battle of Somme 1916" from Young Miniatures.

    This figure is really a great sculpt. There's nothing I can add to it. Only thing I did was applying some epoxy putty to the plinth to make it look as it is a part of wooden base.
    stormtrooper-0-1.jpg stormtrooper-0-2.jpg

    This time, I used Vallejo black primer for foundation for the first time. Usually I airbrush everyghing in black after spraying grey primer surfacer but with black primer no need to do that so this is really a time saving.
    stormtrooper-1.jpg stormtrooper-2.jpg

    Now I haven't decided which style to choose for painting helmet, one color or camo....

    If someone have good references for painting WW1 German helmet and uniform please let me know.

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  2. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Hope these are helpful! The color variations in the M1915 tunics are probably a result of the original photo exposure but they may also be original dye color differences. I have no way of knowing. I think you always have some room for color 'interpretation' with WWI uniforms and especially with late war clothing.

    All the best,

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  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Schulterklappen or epaulettes...

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  4. Ulrich A Fixture

    If you want to paint him as Member of the "Battle of the Somme 1916" please not the "colorful" helmet camouflage. That was first use after July 1918. Same with the colorful shoulder boards. They were out of order with introduction of the Bluse M 1915. And I know no photo of a Strom Trooper with a colored shoulder boards. Only "Fieldgrey" with a piping in red, white, yellow (depends on the unit) and the red unit number.

    And Dan has shown some variations for the colour "Feldgrau"

    If you need more informations please let me know. But Dan has don a good job with the pictures

  5. Padlych New Member

    I'm sorry, whay you use black basecolor? Is it for shadows?
  6. pinsel Active Member

    battle of somme is not possible at all simply because of the rifle.its the karabiner AZ this was not issued to normal infantry only to artillery and sturmtruppen.so its an figure wich can be only depictet from late 1917 to war end.if you want to show somme you must alter the rifle to Gewehr98 which was issued to the normal infantry.or if you want to do it earlier its then automatically artillery.
    so stormtrooper1916 is simply not possible.sturmtruppen where issued in this fashion only from 1917 onwards.normaly the classic sturmtruppler wore an oval batch with deathhead and crossed bones on the lower tunic arm at left side which is here of course no thing because its an bust
  7. Ulrich A Fixture

    Don´t know why Sturmtruppen are not possible in 1916. In the sources that I know "Sturmtruppen" or "Storm Trooper" are "used" since 1916 (for exampel Battle of Verdun). Sources: Wikipedia Stormtrooper, Osprey "The german Army in World War I (1915 - 1917), Military History and some others

    Yes, you are right "Pinsel""Markus" or whoever you are. They use the short K98a. So I think it is possible to say "Battle of Somme. 1916"

    And I would like to know, which "classic" Stormtrooper is wearing that sign, you mentioned, on his arm. I have found a drawing in the osprey book where the Stromtrooper is wearing a cuff (hope it is the right word) with a big "S" on it. And I have seen some photos of strumtroopers without anything on the sleeve

  8. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    @Pinsel, Ulrich:

    You must free yourselves a little bit from the thought, that German troop units were equipped and uniformed totally equal from 1915/1916.

    Already at this time lack of all ruled in Germany - the front troops also had to suffer from it.

    There are several descriptions of combatants from this time who report correspondently how "coloured-dappled" the German soldiers already looked at this time.

    Okay, there was a Reglement, but the German economy could not correspond to this.

  9. pinsel Active Member

    hello martin
    well one can attest that the short carbbine was not issued to infantry in an regular manner.alone that adolf hitler which considered the rifle as the weapon of the infantry and the carbine as weapon of artillery or other not front line units,shows that normaly the infantry was issued with the gewehr98.
    and not the short carbine.simply because the infantryman first did not like the short weapon and showed disrespect to the units equipped with that and regarded them not fronttroops.
    hiltler never came free from this.and so he did not allow the STG 44 to be called like the inventors of the weapon wanted Maschinenkarabiner but he invented the word STURMGEWEHR.
    wich is untill today the standart.when the special troops for trench warfare where established they got the short rifles to fight more efficient in the narrow trenches,where the long rifle prooved to cumbersome.
    the classic stormtrooper which is depictet in the orginal photo was not before 1917 founded as STURMBATTALION.and as i know it was then when some special insignia was developed for them.
    ich mache da keinen glaubenskrieg daraus.ich sehe ja das diese leberwurscht "U" aus VERGRÄTZTHAUSEN meinen namen in anführungszeichen setzt,was wohl eine art brandmarkung in dessen kleinlichem weltbild darstellen soll.na wenn er meint dann soll er sich daran delektieren.
  10. Ulrich A Fixture

    Please, Markus, if I had offended you with that "Quotes" in my last post I beg your pardon that was not my intention, but this is a international, English speaking forum, so you have attacked me the second time in German which the most here didn´t understand. If you had a problem discuss that in a way that everybody here can follow.

  11. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Pinsel is right!


    But there was a second - later - version of this badge which showed not bones but crossed hand-grenades, without crown...:


    And Ulrich is also right!

    (Ulrich - I think You meant not a cuff but a brassard)...:


    There not always is THE only right solution.
    Nice if one remembered, before one argues...

  12. unknown01 New Member

    Hi! Kazufumi.:)
    Great start!(y)
    I'd like to follow with interest.

  13. kaz6120 A Fixture

    wow..I've got a lot of replies in such a short time and discussion heated up, I was surprised. :)
    Thank you very much for your comments and info, everybody.

    Thanks a lot Dan, that's really helpful.

    Thanks Ulrich, for your info. I'll keep that in mind and I will paint him with non-camo helmet.

    Thanks Padlych, It's a black primer surfacer, and reason why I always paint it black is because yes its for shadow but mainly because it's easy for painting acrylics which can paint lighter color on darker color, so I can focus on "lighten up". And also, when you paint color on black base color, black reveals its true color and its transparency. That's why. I imitated this method from the famous painter Mr.Calvin Tan's way.

    And thanks for your discussion, markus and Ulrich. I just took "battle of somme 1916" from the product package name. In the package there's a real ww1 soldier photo in the background and its rifle and uniforms are completely based on that photo. I have no idea the photo is really taken in "battle of somme", but the product is perfect copy of the photo.

    If the title "battle of somme 1916" is incorrect, I can change it into "Stormtrooper 1917". I don't want to scratch-build K98 rifle I want to use it as it is. Title is not high priority in my mind I just want to paint this sculpture as it is, so the title will follow after. I just want to know "What color painting and title fits best on this."

    But, I have Osprey Men at Arms "The German Army in World War I (1917-18)" and I found the illustration of the solider exactly the same equipments (rifle, helmet, uniform) on, in the section of "BALCANS 1917-18". it saids "August 1917".

    And also, in Osprey Men-at-Arms "Ther man Army in World War I (1915-17)", I found the same equipments on P15, in the section of "Storm Troops June 1916". The battle of somme is from July 1916 to September 1916, so it is 1 month earlier than the battle, but I think the possibility that the equipment is used in the somme is high. What do you think?

    Thank you very much HIKARU! Be patient, I'm a slow-hand! :)
  14. pinsel Active Member

    to sort things out for the english readers
    my dear Ulrich
    in germany its an sign of DISRESPECT to write an persons name in "".its like pointing with the finger towards an person.my name is open and clear here for all.if you do not like what i write no problem.but i will not accept this gesture of disrespect here again.
    you overstepped the border now again.the first time when you did blame me the purchase an figur at Peddinghaus was an open statement of mine in supporting recasting companies.
    and in regards to your PRIVATE MESSAGE you did sent
    do not think that i get terrified by you because you vowe with your solissors.
    first all good german have their RECHTSCHUTZVERSICHERUNG so do i.
    i printed out the thread with the peddinghaus figure once,and would not hestitate to contact the compay in regards to your comments about their product and your guesswork about.
    and never come with the word ANSTAND-or good conduct.you have overstepped in this forum here AS FIRST the borders to disrespect.
    and thankls your PN did enlight you any further
  15. pinsel Active Member

    to your figur
    i would paint the helmet in MIMIKRI this gives you nice variation because the rest is grey and in greens.
    so you could have an little spark.
    in my little world the classic sturmtruppler is from 1917 onwards.but i was not present at this date.and there are so many publications around that i would not dare to render my oppinion right.but one has to achor to something.and what do some months.
    well the addition of the long gewehr98 could be an nice aspect.or one sculpt an spiked helmet and redo the tunic somewhat.so far the only low ranking german with pickelhaube is from verlinden released as bust-and the face is very cheerfully...
  16. megroot A Fixture

    I think you gonna paint this awesome.
    And for Markus and Ulrich....please guys, if you have some troubles in person will you do it trough PM. It makes a mess off a good thread about figures.

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  17. kaz6120 A Fixture

    I've started painting eyes.

    stormtrooper-3.jpg stormtrooper-4.jpg stormtrooper-5.jpg
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  18. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Here's progress... I applied catch-light on eyes and 1st hightlight.

    stormtrooper-6.jpg stormtrooper-7.jpg

    That's all for the foundation. I will apply more and more brush strokes from here. :)
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  19. sarouman A Fixture

    Hello Kaz
    Good start and the information about the clothing and the pads will help in a very good result!
    Acrylic painters or will use oils and painting?

  20. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot for your comment ALEX,
    I will use Acrylic only.

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