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Acrylics starting with acrylics

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by cdown67, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. cdown67 New Member

    i would like to attempt my next figure in acrylics. currently i use oils. i am sure there are a million opinions but is there a definitive article or book i can use as my bible? I have used Sep Paine's book since i started.
    i look forward all of your responses
  2. LVM Active Member

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  3. Ferris A Fixture

  4. Andrew Craft Well-Known Member

  5. Einion Well-Known Member

    Honestly, you don't have to go for a book any more if you don't want to - there is a truly vast amount of info available online on how to use paints of this type, in a whole range of styles. Plus many gurus on tap to answer any questions that crop up in a timely manner (y)

  6. cdown67 New Member

    thats awesome thanks guys. i think my real hesitation is i have never been to a show or club or really ever been able to get any tutoring so when i try things i am working without any real foundational knowledge...i hope that makes sense.
    When i read postings and see the photos of painters who just started i am dumbfounded by how good there...i figure i am missing something really basic.
    thank you all so much for this...i will post my first attempts and hope for good criticism. you guys are the best ...thanks again
  7. housecarl Moderator

    Where are you located Craig? There must be a club nearby.
  8. cdown67 New Member

  9. Einion Well-Known Member

    Worth remembering that "Just started modelling..." and "Just started with Acrylics..." doesn't mean they only just started painting :)

    Starting simple and working your way towards greater complexity and subtlety over time is a good way to go; might be worth sticking to the idea of doing a basecoat followed by only one highlight and shadow colour to begin with. Your early pieces will lack punch, but you'll be able to focus your attention mainly on one thing so you don't get overwhelmed with six things to worry about at once; once you master transitions with that many colours you can move on towards more contrast without being so caught up with how difficult it is to get smooth graduations.

    Acrylics, Vallejo and all similar paints do have a steep learning curve and they are notorious for being very challenging to use initially, even if just because they dry so quickly. But that's also one of the best things about them in that you can paint a layer on, force-dry it with a hairdryer, paint another layer and so on as many times as necessary. You literally can apply 30 coats* in a single sitting if that's what it takes.

    *Very thin coats.

  10. cdown67 New Member

    great advice...thanks so much. I ordered some more paint ...i will post some pics once i get started.
  11. cdown67 New Member

    i just posted some photos of my first attempt at a face...after all of your help and direction...thanks again everyone
  12. housecarl Moderator

  13. MINIATURE-ART New Member

    A very important that I forgot to say is that everything around us we have a piece of paper they sweep the brush us. never to paint with acrylic paint is as much as the brush. wipe a couple times and then paint. select brushes with natural hair (not synthetic) long job strain. thus have more time to brush our color. I first hand-colored do 12 times. We start from top to bottom we are continuously trying to put as close as possible but not again turn the brush us (not as a wall paint) if left channel does not concern us because the second hand will have a time from right to left, the third hand from bottom to top, 4th from left to right. In this way gaps will be filled and most importantly because we will have very few and diluted color to brush our color will "build". repeat the procedure after 10 minutes and up to 8 hands the day, they give the impression that dry but are superficial
    I know it seems complicated but it is not. just the acrylic more time and patience course
  14. cdown67 New Member

    THEODORIKAS, thanks so much ..i am pretty sure i was able to follow that. i most defintly understood the need for patience.

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