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Starting out with Busts 1/12

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by spinnerguy, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. spinnerguy Active Member

    If there is another section on here for these comments,then I have been unable to find it.....
    I have never attempted miniature busts,but am just wondering -firstly how do you clamp the subject to drill and mount the carrying "pin",and secondly -at what stage do you decide to fix it into the piece (presumably before any painting ?)
  2. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Here's what I do....
    First I decide on the base and type of post I'll use to mount the bust.
    I use my bench top drill press to drill the base to accept the post but don't fix the post yet.
    The using the drill press, I drill an oversized hole in the underside of the bust.
    Not safe but I just hold the bust in my hands and feed it up onto the drill bit.
    Yes, I've had the bit bite the resin and rip it out of my hands. I just try to do it slowly and carefully.

    I pack the hole with 2 part epoxy putty to maybe 3/4 full (for a hollow brass tube mount).
    With the post in the base, I push the bust down over the post and adjust it until it sits straight and true.
    After it cures, I use more of the putty to fill and smooth the hole to look good.

    I'll mask the post and prime the bust and start working it. I never attach it to the base until is finished. Really helps when you have to strip and start over
    I use some great clamps I have to hold the piece while painting and curing in my drying box. I'll try to post some useful photos later or tomorrow if you like.
    Hope this helps ☺
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  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi spinnerguy

    Welcome to PF good to have you here

    After prepping I drill a pilot hole using 2-3mm drill then like Craig hold the bust ( H & S horror ) and carefully drill using either a 5 or 6 mm drill .

    I then prime the underside in Matt black ...let it dry

    Fit a brass tube of 5 or 6mm using 2 part epoxy , at the same time putting 2 washers on loose

    The washers are fitted once bust completed...they tidy up the holes nicely on the bust underside and base top

    The brass tube is fitted into the base hole

    I wrap the base plus the tube in kitchen cling film and the using paper tape hold this in place

    I then prime the rest of bust .

    I use the base as a holder to paint

    Or ...I get my mate Jimbo to drill as he is more sensible...and safe than me ...so he says ...LOL

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  4. sippog Active Member

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  5. elgreco A Fixture


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