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"Standdown Shenanigans" Camp Bearcat, Vietnam 1967

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Jungle James O'Leary, May 18, 2022.

  1. Jungle James O'Leary Active Member

    Here is a diorama I built back in 2020. It depicts members of 2d Battalion, 47th Infantry (Mechanized), 9th Infantry Division, who were back at basecamp for a three day standdown after being in the boonies for over 60 days straight, returning to the company area after doing some drinking. On their way back, they encounter the M151 driven by an MP who hassled them at the PX the day before for not having patches sewn on their uniforms and their boots shined. One Grunt is expressing how he feels about MPs by urinating on one of the seats. The MP happened to see this and is about to confront the rebellious urinator. Meanwhile, one buddy is making a half-assed effort to stop all of this from happening and further along the road, one guy holds his buddy's beer while he vomits, giving him a hard time while he does.

    The figures are all conversions of Bravo 6 figures. They are painted in acrylics and some details to note are the properly patched and badged uniforms, unit crests on the caps, MP helmet liner painted as one from the 9th MP company, various types of beer cans and bottles, urine stream coming from the urinator, and blacked boots worn by the Grunts compared to shined boots worn by the MP.

    The photos are a mixture of the diorama being photographed by itself and then with two different backdrops - one of a company street at Bearcat and the other of the PX. Some may seem redundant, but angles or focusing is slightly different.

    20200601_083353.jpg 20200527_105855.jpg 20200527_110315.jpg 20200527_110059.jpg 20200527_111415.jpg 20200527_111230.jpg 20200527_111157.jpg 20200527_111043.jpg 20200527_111009.jpg 20200527_111005.jpg 20200527_110914.jpg 20200527_110839.jpg 20200527_110807.jpg 20200527_110725.jpg 20200527_110641.jpg 20200527_110517.jpg 20200527_110404.jpg 20200527_110357.jpg 20200527_110042.jpg 20200527_110004.jpg 20200527_093525.jpg 20200527_092709.jpg 20200527_092412.jpg 20200527_092030.jpg 20200527_092021.jpg

    Hopefully some of you may have found this diorama to be a bit humorous. Others may have experienced similar events while in the military.

    Thanks for looking.
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi James

    Great diorama, love the story and who doesn't love Military Police !.......really like the thought behind this and all details , the characters and look on the faces especially the MP seeing what's happened in the jeep ...finely modelled as well

    The pair who are redecorating the ground successfully work well within the story

    ...obviously a good Standown

    Again lovely painting on the figures

    Why not think about entering in the class of your choice in our Figure of the Month (FOTM) , here are the links for each class




    Good to see your artwork

    Look forward to the next from you

    Happy benchtime

  3. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Darn James you’ve clearly got some inside intel on this one mate!
    It’s another gem about the lighter, off duty side of operations & army life. Can so relate to issues like this.

    My buddy, when we were Corpies together, used to reassure ourselves MP’s were “Just doing their job!” :)
    It never made much sense & extra guard duty or CB was a regular punishment that was awarded for “Conduct Unbecoming…” ;-)

    Your story telling & lore behind your dioramas is priceless.
    Keep on Rollin’
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  4. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Excellent work

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  5. Jungle James O'Leary Active Member

    Seems to me based on Nap's and Mike's comments, others may have experienced similar or unpleasant encounters with the MPs of the Armies they served in. When I was in Iraq, I remember the MPs pulling over Soldiers for riding bicycles too fast. You would think they would have better things to do than hassling Soldiers trying to get some exercise in the middle of a war.
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