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SS panzergrenadier

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Pete_H, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Pete_H New Member

    Recently, I grew sick of painting khakis so I put the 70mm Ranger (by Soldiers) to the side. I figured its for the best since I want to do the best job I can, and if my spirits aren't into it then ... well, you know the rest. Whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, I always remember the sage advice that was once given to me by the sole miniature vendor in San Diego (who's now on a quest to find Sasquatch in Washington state): "paint a nazi!"

    After digging through one of my gray army boxes, I came across Warriors' 1/35 panzergrenadier. I really don't like painting Italian camo because it's "too easy," so I opted to paint it in some SS camo pattern. After cleaning and priming the figure (not much clean-up to it), I realized that I made a rookie mistake - I did not check my references. As Homer Simpson would say, "D'Oh!" After a bit of research, I found that I needed to modify the trousers by removing the left thigh pocket and sculpt on some diagonal pocket flaps on each hip below the waistline. I also needed to sand off the Wehrmacht insignia - the eagle on the right breast and the collar insignia. I then sculpted on the rectangular insignia patches on each collar and will eventually paint in the rank insiginia.

    Okay, now we're ready. I have chosen to paint the spring version of Oak Leaf pattern B.When painting camouflage, I like to paint it in layers. I begin with the one color that seems to dominate the pattern, and then paint each color of the pattern, starting with the one that seems to cover most of the pattern over the base color, move onto the color that predominates within this first layer, and so on. In this case, the base color would be Vallejo's SS Camo Pale Violet Brown (825) with a bit of Flat Flesh (955) to give it a bit of a faded look. I also went ahead and undercoated the tunic with a mix of Vallejo's German Uniform (920) and Neutral Grey (992).

    Once dry, I'll go in with the first color of the pattern ...

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  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Always on the lookout for WWII German stuff, since I talk about it more then actually painting it, I look forwoard to more installments of this SBS (Which I intended to print BTW).
  3. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Excellent start my brother....more, please! ;)

    All the best

  4. Pete_H New Member

    Once the base color is set, it’s time to plan how to go about painting the pattern. Notice how the entire pattern seems to be made up of what appear to be odd-shaped ovals, with those of each color joining up to form larger bodies. Although there are single odd-shaped ovals by themselves above the base color, these are few and far between. Also, notice how most of the time the colors not only overlap, but are contained within another; for instance, note the bright green shapes contained within the medium green shapes, and so on. So it would seem that painting odd-shaped ovals and forming larger shapes with them would be the way to go.

    And now for the colors. Normally, I like to start out with the darkest and/or the second most predominant color in the pattern (second only to the base color). In this case, I lucked out: the darkest color is that most predominant color. Taking a very careful look at the pattern, it seems that there are two distinct shades of medium green – one seems to be a bit on the brown side; I’ll need two separate layers for these. Of course, the bright green is a dead giveaway and the color that appears to be above all others, so this one will be my last layer.

    My color layers will be as follows:
    1st. layer: Vallejo’s Dark Green (979)
    2nd. layer: Vallejo’s Luftwaffe Camo Green (823)
    3rd. layer: A mix of Vallejo’s Brown Violet (887) and SS Camo Bright Green (833)
    4th. layer: Vallejo’s SS Camo Bright Green (833)

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  5. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Keep it coming, man!
  6. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Awesome Petey...can't wait to see him come to life my brother...

    All the best

  7. Pete_H New Member

    Having decided the order in which I’ll paint the layers, it’s time to study the shapes within the pattern itself. Note that the patterns for each color are composed of many odd-shaped ovals, with clusters of them joining up to form larger shapes. So when painting each layer, I’ll use a size 1 round brush and paint randomly shaped ovals using each layer’s respective color. I’ll do so with the first layer using Dark Green (979) and forming large shapes. Afterall, it appears that this color forms the largest shapes within the pattern.

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  8. Pete_H New Member

    Once dry, it’s time for the second layer, using Luftwaffe Camouflage Green (823). This color appears to form similar shapes to those from the first layer. However, this color does not appear to cover as much of the pattern as the Dark Green, but it still overlaps it in some areas. Now it’s time to paint this layer pretty much the same way the first layer was painted.

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  9. Pete_H New Member

    Something in the pattern caught my eye upon close examination: there appears to be a very similar shade of green to this one. It seems that there is yet another shade of green that is part of this pattern, but with a more brownish tint. For this color, I mixed one drop of Brown Violet (887) with SS Camouflage Bright Green (833). I then painted a third layer using this mix, but covering less area than both prior layers combined; this layer also randomly overlapped the other two. Even though this layer and the last appear very similar in color, they are different enough to merit attention to this small detail.

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  10. Pete_H New Member

    For the fourth and final layer, I’ll paint the smallest ovals that appear in the pattern: those using SS Camouflage Bright Green (833). However, note in the pattern that this color appears mostly as blotches contained within the other colors.

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  11. Pete_H New Member

    The fourth layer painted. I also added more ovals alone over the base color using colors from prior layers; I then added a SS camo bright green oval inside the large ones of these.

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  12. BigDaddy A Fixture

    Herr Pete!

    Glad to see you are painting over on the dark side. Great job so far, I have recorded your color combos- as I always look for new ideas. Great stuff.

    I can hear the panzer march in the background.

  13. Pete_H New Member

    With all this work done, I still wasn’t happy with the outcome, so I went back and took a look at some more resources. I noticed that more coverage by the green colors was needed. To remedy this, I painted more individual ovals over the base color, and then painted a bright green oval inside some of these. This gave the paintjob a more spotty appearance, as is the case with the oak leaf B pattern.

    Next up: highlighting & shading.

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  14. Pete_H New Member

    Guten Tag, Herr Matt!
    Buddy, you know me all too well ;) I should have the camo on this little dude done today.
  15. BigDaddy A Fixture

    Once you add the dark color (black/brown) it will fill up the space. You are on the right track.. looks good. Off to paint on Capt. Miller------

  16. captnenglish Well-Known Member


    You make it sound so easy. I am really enjoying this SBS.

    The other Matt
  17. Pete_H New Member

    Hauck (so there won't be any confusion),
    Painting camo really is that easy. The beauty is that, as long as you have the general pattern and the colors right, you can royally screw up the paintjob and it'll still look good. Give it a shot!
  18. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    I've actually got a German NCO on the workbench right now that I had hoped would be ready for SCAHMS, but alas it is not meant to be.

  19. Pete_H New Member

    I finished the shading & highlighting on the camo last night, but I want to get the tunic done. I'll post pictures later ...
  20. Patrick Kirk New Member

    I am dying here...it's awesome! I can't wait to see him!
    Atlanta is just weeks away, my brother. I am saving my ones!

    Take care


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