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Review SS Panzer Grenadier from Sovereign 2000 ( S2K )

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi folks

    I was recently sent the subject of this review by the owner of S2K Marc Day to share with all , on receiving I had a feeling I had seen it somewhere before ...I was right ...way back in 2006 PF member from Greece painted a version https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/ss-scharführer-wiking-division-kharkow-43.21399/

    S2K have now obtained the masters of this and others and have decided to release

    The release details are :

    Lets see what we are looking at:

    Title: SS Panzer Grenadier, Wiking Division, Kharkov

    Reference : S2KB022

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 2

    Sculptor : Tony Williams

    Casting: In House by Marc Day

    Box Art: None available for the review but has since been painted by Marc Day

    SS Panzer Grenadier Wiking Div.jpg

    General comments
    • Resin is easy to work with and holds details well
    • Prep is minimal as expected with just 2 parts
    • Casting itself is clean and shows no air holes on main bust and has good undercuts
    • Conversion potential for other units possible if subject matter not to your taste
    As in previous releases the resin is held in a more than suitable box with the parts being packed in bubblewrap , although not on the review box there will be a painted version on purchased items

    Parts consist of just 2 ...the bust and a base

    S2K WIKING 001.jpg

    Out came the optivisor looking for Prep to be done ...
    • Bust : Casting lines on either side on sleeve/shoulder, this does not run over the hood inner but can be seen under the chin on his left ,
    • The lines is also seen on the right sleeve........removal of these will be a simple matter of a sharp ( be careful :) ) modelling knife and sanding .
    • Casting excess to remove from rear of hood ( snips and sanding will deal with this )
    • A hole is supplied to drill if you wish to fit a post for basing
    • I suggest you wash the piece ( as I do with all of mine before priming)
    • Base : Fill small pin hole on sign on front
    • Wash and pin onto leading edge underside of the bust ..if you choose to use base
    S2K WIKING 010.jpg S2K WIKING 011.jpg

    So there you have it ...simple prepwork , prime and paint !!!!

    Looking at the main piece ...as you can see a one piece cast , our subject wears the a lined coat over which he has his webbing , the prolific hood ( fur lined also ) was designed to fit over the helmet if worn ( this restricted the vision to the sides ) , similar versions were made using Italian camo material but they were normally a gray/green , a similar winter coat was issued but often without the linings

    Over his head he has the headover/scarf which clings close to his face and under the chin , under this he wears the issue 1940 "Schiffchen" or "Little Boat" based on the Luftwaffe issue

    S2K WIKING 002.jpg

    Under the jacket he wears his uniform button up at the neck , the SS runes insignia and his rank are on the patches ...these are sharply cast

    S2K WIKING 009.jpg

    The buttons have the correct texture on it which shows good research initially

    S2K WIKING 002.jpg S2K WIKING 005.jpg S2K WIKING 004.jpg
    S2K WIKING 003.jpg

    The hood itself is fold back onto his shoulders with the very well textured lining , where the coat opens there are good undercuts , the rear of the hood hangs low at the back

    There are ties hanging down from the hood to pull it tight when worn up

    Leather equipment straps are sculpted on , stitching is in place at the edges

    Pocket definition is well done , particularly the edges

    The headover has a fine texture on it which will benefit washes and dry brushing ...as will the lining of the hood.

    The cap is pulled down at the back underneath the headover , at the front the badges are accurate and very well cast

    S2K WIKING 006.jpg S2K WIKING 007.jpg

    The face itself shows a soldier fighting against the cold , mouth clentched shut , nice features on the nasal area , eyes slightly shut but with more than enough access to easily paint up

    S2K WIKING 008.jpg

    Now to the base

    A simple shaped piece again suitable for the piece, if you use it....pin it , textured well with the Wiking Division sign on the front

    S2K WIKING 012.jpg S2K WIKING 013.jpg

    Lets have some of Marcs artwok as well :

    1.JPG 4.JPG 3.JPG 5.JPG

    ...and the version from Christos

    wiking  Christos.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A nice addition to the S2K range , easy to convert if you wish , simple prep and lots of textures to paint up , no major issues casting and a reasonable price as well , a fairly quick paint up as well

    Its good to see this available again and will soon be put onto the website ( there is a contact tab there as well) , or you could message via this forum.

    Website details: www.sovereign2000.uk.com

    Thanks to Marc for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Happy bench time

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Here we have some references pics for you



    z.jpg zz.jpg

    zzzzzz.jpg zzzzzzz.jpg


    Original Italian camo version

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  3. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    Nice bust there Kev, I like the pebbled finish on the buttons & texture on the hood fur lining, & the toque.
    This one would look nice with the parka painted in Italian camo......
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  4. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Chris agree ref the Italian version so I added pics to the review

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  5. PanzerIV Member

    Nice bust and nice review, thanks for posting. I will add though that two of your reference pics are inaccurate as they show the reversible camouflage jackets worn by the Wehrmacht and SS. The Bust is wearing the 'Kharkov' fur lined parka that was never reversible and never available in white. Early versions as seen in the Third Battle of Kharkov were a tan colour or field grey. The late version which could be unbuttoned all the way down was usually in field grey or occasionally the Italian pattern you have shown. Anyway, thought I should point that out.
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks for commenting , it's a nice straight paint up

    Appreciate you saying ref references , I added mine for interest and possible conversion potential but please do add any references you have on the parka ...all will add to the review and be useful

    Happy benchtime

  7. MrBMB A Fixture

    Nice but I only do elbows!!

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