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Squaddie Finished

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by Flyingkiwi, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Flyingkiwi New Member

    120mm Resin kit from Firing Line
    Hope to have a break from DPM for a while!!
  2. Graywolf Active Member

    I am not so experienced on modern uniforms but as I see from the photos of the Brit forces, you did a great paintwork on the camo pattern.congrats for this . on the other side, the head of the figure looked a little bigger to my eyes and I am afraid the fit of left hand to the forestock of SA-80 is not so good.
    bestest regards
  3. Flyingkiwi New Member

    Cheers Engin
    Yes, I think the neck is too short and the legs are too skinny for the body perhaps. Fitting the rifle the hands proved a nightmare as you have picked up! Oh well, always learning.
  4. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    nice job with a LOT of camo! Your fleshtones on the face look nice as well!

    Jay H.
  5. iceman Member


    Nice camo.

    He looks dog tired, being ex forces myself (captain in the 2nd Battalion The Queen's Regiment) I can sympathize with him as he looks like he's been out on exercise for some time, however his combat dress looks a little clean, especially as his boots look quite muddy, just an observation.

    Great job though!!


  6. nagashino New Member

    Hello Clinton

    Excellent job on the DPM mate. I bet you could paint it in the dark now :lol:

    I remember we used to get our combats tailored, especially the trousers, so they were a bit close fitting :eek: . We had a tailored pair for depot and standard cut ones for out in the bundu. I don't think they do that nowadays from what I've observed.


  7. iceman Member

    Hi Nagashino

    Yes you're absolutely right about the tailoring of trousers for around camp, I used to stitch my denim's as well as only ironing them on one side, after a while became a bit two tone. Won't tell you what I did to my parade shoes, but it did save an awfull lot of bulling, had to be careful about craking them though, as they'd then be fubar'd and have to fork out for some new ones. I learnt this from my time as a squaddie, before going to Sandhurst, as I had travelled around the worldwide after passing my RCB, my regiment thought they'd best get my mind and body back into the army way of thinking, so had to enlist for a potential officers course, which was the thirteen weeks of basic training for the Queen's Division at Bassingbourne Barracks, Royston, that was sheer hell, the NCO's knew we were going to be officers, so beasted us more than normal.

    Who did you serve with?

    Off the point I know, so sorry Clinton, should have sent Phil a PM.


  8. iceman Member

    Hi Clinton

    Sorry meant to ask in my original reply and then got all misty eyed!

    Where did you get the ferns and leaves from for your groundwork?


  9. Flyingkiwi New Member

  10. MikkoH Member

    Good looking DPM! And dude looks like me back in 93. Well my camo was different and RK on my hands mut sure my face got same look as he does and my pack was as big(or at least it felt like that. :lol:

    Cheers Mikko
  11. JFlint New Member

    Great paint job. It's a wonder you didn't go blind!!

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