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Speira Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Warren SMITH, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    I came across this Manufacturer by accident, whilst surfing the net.
    They create and print 3d figures from a large range of eras., and different scales.
    I was after Napoleonic British in 120mm scale to put with the Roll Call figures sculpted by Moz Corry back in the 1980's.
    I ordered three kneeling figures at euro 25.00 each, just to get a feel for them..
    They arrived today. I personally am impressed with the one piece castings, all slightly different poses and different faces.
    They do look like large scale Airfix 1/32 figures.. Which is not a negative comment. In the new year I will certainly purchase a few more for my diorama.
    I have placed them with the Roll Call figure as a comparison..

    Smithy 20211209_110341.jpg 20211209_110422.jpg 20211209_110600.jpg 20211209_110612.jpg
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  2. MCPWilk A Fixture

    As you say they look like the Airfix 1/32 figures. The problem with some 3D models is that it is fine shrinking a figure because you start with reasonable detail which remains with smaller scales. However there is always a tendency to make accoutrements, especially weapons, overscale and this shows up when a figure designed at e.g. 75mm is enlarged to 120mm. 120mm is a scale 1/15, which means that the detail you see at 1 foot (or one metre) on the model should be what you can see on a full size figure at 15 feet (or 15 metres). The figures should therefore look fine as part of an infantry square when painted. The bayonets will need to be thinned down though.

    Good luck,

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  3. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Spot on Mike.
    Looking at the site, these figures appear to be created with printing the larger scales in mind. The facial details are excellent and each figure is an original face sculpt, that does not make them look like brothers. There is also a politically correct figure who could find his way to the local chippie blind folded.
    Most other details are also very well done, shako plate and lace..
    The down side is the rifle barrel and bayonet which are clearly over scale, the canteen appears under sized as well..
    But to be fair, Its rare to see the same rifle/weapons from different sculptors that have the exact same dimensions. REEDEES miniatures do the Brown Bess rifle which, could be an alternative if complete accuracy is required. They dont come with bayonets ( hint Steve if your reading this :whistle: )
    As for the bayonet, if it was to scale it would be very fragile, so for an all thumbs modeller like myself I'm happy to put up with what is on offer.
    The figures are also printed to order " as per web site " so with the help of a friendly Email some minor/major flaws could be rectified.
    I've never been a fan of having to remove large chunks of resin from the two waist halves and then trying to get them to fit together, so these Pre Built figures are also right up my alley.
    They also offer the option of 1/12 scale as well, so I'm going to try one of those as well..

    My final opinion: Well worth a look and I will certainly be adding a few more to make up my diorama. Yes they do have some issues, compared to what other companies like Alpine and Andrea produce. But these manufacturers dont cover this time period. At Euro 25 per figure, cheaper that the top of the range Manufacturers.

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  4. nig-g Active Member

    I like the look of these! As Smithy says some of the more recent offerings look like they are designed to be produced in larger scales but I think it would pay to be selective in what one orders.
    I too fancy having a go at one of these in 1/12 scale so would be interested in your views Smithy.
    Smithy, I guess you were aware that the Lost Battalion still produce some of the original Roll Call figures.
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  5. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Hi Nigel,
    I've just ordered a 1/12 figure, along with 4 x 1/16 figures from them so I will get back to you on how the 1/12 figure looks close up. I dont expect it to arrive before February though.
    Yes, I have bought from Lost Battalion and have the Royal Scots figures, I even tried my hand at casting one of the kneeling figures and the figure loading ( for my own personal use ) so I can increase the size of my dream diorama. I currently have 6 figures, built and ready to paint, plus I now have the three from the review above.
    I doubt the Royal Scots and the 27th Inniskilling regiments fought side by side during the war but I'm sure the diorama will look good.

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  6. MCPWilk A Fixture

    I would consider a 1/12 (150mm) scale figure as well. Who is the manufacturer?

  7. nig-g Active Member

    A real commitment Smithy but it will surely be an impressive diorama when finished. I look forward to seeing your comments on the 1/12 scale figure in due course.

    Mike….it’s all the same manufacturer, Speira, who can print most things from their extensive range in a variety of scales including 1/12. I think one would have to be a bit selective as some are clearly designed for smaller scales and would not look quite so good scaled up. But many could be the starting point for very acceptable figures, maybe with a bit of work (thinning bayonets, barrels straps etc).
    I also like the look of some of the ACW figures.

    cheers both.
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