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WIP Spartan 200mm bust

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by Reddo, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Reddo Active Member

    Hi All
    This is my first 200mm bust. Wanted to get some feedback on the eyes (not that you will see them well in the finished model) - are they fine for this scale - or need to be tweeked. Hard to get a photo as the eyes are so sunken in the sculpt - so this is thru the 5X magnifier on my bench and zoomed on the camera.

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  2. megroot A Fixture

    There is nothing wrong with the eyes they look perfect.

  3. Einion Well-Known Member

    They look pretty good Peter. The iris on the right eye looks a little larger than the one on the left; if you want to try to correct this I'd shave off a little of the right side of it using some of the eyeball colour.

    I'd shadow the iris colour a bit more, primarily at the top. Especially once you've painted the surrounding skin and added the eyebrows this eye colour might be a little light.

  4. tonydawe A Fixture

    I concur with Einion. A few minor tweaks will improve the eyes significantly
  5. Ferris A Fixture

    A great job! The tweaks above will get them to pop.

    Then there is still the choice: gloss coat, or painted catchlight?....

  6. Reddo Active Member

    Thanks Guys - I will try the tweeks after painting a bit more as suggested.

    I tried putting a pure white pinhead spot on the edge of the pupil and iris to show the light reflecting - but it seemed too bright and overpowered the eye completely. Should I use a different colour?

    I'll do a gloss coat on the eyes at the end.
  7. DEL A Fixture

    eyes are looking great, make the tweaks and they'll be spot on.
    As for catchlight mix a dab of iris colour with white.
  8. Einion Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't do it at all; only if the rest of the face, the whole model in fact, is painted accordingly (seeing as you're suggested a specific light direction). And for me it's gloss coat or catchlight, not both.

    When you do paint catchlights or other specular reflections mixing the white with something else to take the edge off is a good way to make it not stand out too much, I do this all the time in paintings - that way you get to have the highlight spot larger without it being too strident. A light grey or beige can work well, but nearly any very light colour can too depending on the context.

  9. Gellso A Fixture

    looks good Peter. Unfortunately once the helmet is on you really don't see much details of the eyes so I'd say they were perfect mate. Youve managed that mean look to them...great stuff. looking forward to seeing this one progress as it was my last figure and found him quite challenging. If you need advice for doing the checks on his helmet pm me and I'll tell you how I did mine..
  10. Reddo Active Member

    Progress continues: The helmet is,as Gelliso pointed out, tricky. The space for the checks is not even, and is bigger on the back then the front by a mm or so in places. Here is my attempt at the first pass - more work to do on it for sure. Red and white is a very unforgiving pair I think for a geometric pattern. My usual way to do checks is make a mask and spray over, however, on a canvas so small I felt I could only go for 3 rows not 4 as the box art shows.

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  11. megroot A Fixture

    Great work.
    Stay away from the catchlight. I find them awfull. They look only good when you look at the bust in front of you. Once you turn the bust, the catchlight is always wrong. So you could do a gloss varnish wich give's you a catchlight in every direction and is always good.
    But that's only my opinion.


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