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Spare horses 1:24 scale?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Dani A., Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Dani A. New Member


    I seem to recall some firm had a 1:24 (resin?) walking horse. Does anyone know which firm, and where to get it?

    Any suggestions on horses available as spare parts in that scale (compatible with 75-80 mm figures)?


  2. stefan-peter New Member

  3. georges64 Member

    Hello Daniel,
    Look after Preiser's range.They have some horses.Four poses I think,but they need to be enhanced.They look like toys but are good as basis.
  4. John Long Active Member

    Dani, try United Empire Miniatures. Steve Lennon did a 75mm horse a while back. I bet it's still available.
  5. Dani A. New Member

    Hello all,

    Stefan, Georges,

    I have taken a look at the sites - these horses seem to be adequate as a basis for improvement/conversion. I understand they are one piece, polytene plastic figures?


    That is the horse I was thinking about!

    Thanks to all so far. Any more leads?

  6. quang Active Member

    Hello Dani,

    If you're a stickler for horses as for historical details ;) , you should consider Fabrice Eisenbach's models.

    IMO, they are the most accurate miniature horses around in term of anatomy, proportions and poses/gait.

    If I remember well, they are cast in metal and come in 3 different scales (smallest being 54mm and the biggest 90mm) and two different breed (light and heavy horses).

    Parts are interchangeable so that you actually choose your own gait or stance.

    If you're interested, drop me an email. I'll see Fabrice at the Sevres show in November.

  7. stefan-peter New Member

    Hallo Daniel,

    The modell-horses of lineol are resin. Lineol has a sytem like the historex-figures.
    You can order the modell-horses in the parts, that you wish. In former times Lineol-Figures were toy-soldiers. But today the figures have a high quality, they are modell-figures. I like the lineol-figures. The Figures of germania have a high quality too.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

  8. Dani A. New Member


    I have not found that Lineol line you mention. Could you supply a webpage address?


  9. stefan-peter New Member

    Hallo Daniel,

    I know, the homepage of Lineol shows not all Informations of the figures-programm. But I give you the adress of the owner:
    Owner of the firm is Mister Gert Duscha.

    Gert Duscha
    Munsterbrock 11
    37696 Marienmünster

    Fone:+49 (05276-8259)
    e-mail: gertduscha@t-online.de

    I think, that it is better, if you phone Mister Duscha and tell him, what kind of modell-horse you need for your projekt. I allways order my Lineol-figures by phone. I think, that Mister Duscha has no problem with english.

    In Germany there are many firms that produce modell-figures in 1:24/25. You will find more information about this firms under www.figuren-journal.com
    This page is in english too.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß


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