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Review Spanish Guerilla (Priest) from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 15, 2021.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to everyone

    Its been a trying time for all especially figure company's in the miniature world , no matter where they are based so it was good to receive a review item from none other than


    The release is from the Peninsular Wars , where all spanish fought against the french no matter what their profession or gender including children and priests

    Prior to this RP released a child guerilla from the same conflict which I looked at here

    This latest release depicts a fighting priest so is the ideal companion to the child in a display

    The peninsular war was renowned for the horrors and ferocity of the fighting on all sides depicted at times by artists like Goya

    [IMG] 7c3c8d4a1bffd14b2ca16ebb5075f73a27af8b8c.jpg 1_f9h3YXp5wlXbS1Q7cinchg.jpeg

    Priest fighting.JPG

    Naturally there are many books written about the so called "Spanish Ulcer" and of course uniforms worn

    [IMG] Book uniforms.jpg spanish-guerrilla-in-the-peninsular-war.jpg Book RP.jpg spanisharmyA.jpg images.jpg b.png RP Book.jpg



    Obviously the period is popular amongst wargamers as well:


    monk line up.jpg Spanish-Header.jpg

    Our subject is slightly bigger though !!

    This is the artwork for the release painted by RICARDO PISA

    Painted RP front.jpg Painted RP Rear.jpg

    Details of the release:

    Title: Guerilla Peninsular War ( Napoleonic Series )

    Reference: RP-B-3-004

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 17 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting : YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: Ricardo Pisa

    Note: Limited run of 150 units worldwide , UK stockists include SK Miniatures and EL GRECO Miniatures

    As always packing is all done in house and the resin is well protected in bags and bubblewrap

    In a strong cardboard box with a push over wrapping which shows both a unpainted and painted version of the piece

    DSCN2145.JPG DSCN2181.JPG


    Parts include Main Torso , 2 arms, a choice of 3 heads ,, a staff with hands, hat, blanket roll, waist hanging cords, large bag , a smaller pouch 2 pistols, powder horn, cup and of course a bottle of "something"

    Not one but 3 head with different hair styles.....

    RP Resin head 3.jpg Resin RP Head 2.jpg Resin head 1.jpg

    Prep as with the previous , fit is really good on all pieces with minimal of prep needed , slight flashing and quick sanding , during the resin views I will highlight anything on pieces

    Build will be best planned to allow for access when painting to some area's

    Continued in next post


  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets meet the priest (Click on pics to view a larger image)

    Main Torso

    As you can see we have a75% sculpt with the lower torso ending just above the knees would be , prep needed was filling the with the slight gaps on the shoulder edges , easy to deal with with a small amount of filler , then its sanding away small casting remnants on the underside

    If you are mounting on a brass rod as I will then now is the time to carefully measure and drill the appropriate hole ( Like some I will then choose my base and mount it up ...ideal hand hold )

    Strewn across the torso are the straps pulling into the clothing with a natural look , straps have stitching worked on them with the various cords being twisted

    Cast onto the front are the lower parts of the 2 pistols he carries

    As with previous releases RP pride themselves on putting TEXTURES in place and this is clearly shown on the straps and the actual clothing

    Around the neck we have a cross on a bobbled chain , nice and sharp , I think I might be tempted to as the Jesus figure on mine as well

    A hood hangs at the rear sitting well onto the shoulders

    There are fitment points and cutouts for the head, arms and equipt , dryfit highlighted no concerns



    These are the full sleeved of the garment , there is a tiny bit of sanding to remove a casting line and small excess amount at the top of sleeve ....on both arms TEXTURES are really good , with very good folds and creases in addition to a cleverly positioned cutout to fit the hands into place with ease

    Fit is simple with very accurate fitment points

    DSCN2158.JPG DSCN2160.JPG DSCN2159.JPG


    Hugo has chosen to give the modeller a choice of 3 heads , all shouting , mouth wide open , all have the same finely worked features , mouth , teeth and tongue are in situe and with no miscasting on any of the heads in this area , the nose , eyes etc are well defined , eyebrows slightly raised with the exertion he is shouting


    The first ( from the left as you view the pictures ) is cut at the top ready to take the headwear , sanding is needed to have clean fit , very good creases and jowls on all faces

    The middle one needs a sanding at the rear to remove the casting and resin excess , tiny amount of filler need on the head side, the hair is shorter at the sides

    The right hand one has the upper head shaven ..a la typical priest/monk style , you will to sand and fill where you remove the casting excess on the top of the head

    Its entirely up to you which you choose , the others can be used in other projects ...a win win situation

    DSCN2161.JPG DSCN2162.JPG DSCN2163.JPG

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Onto the remaining pieces


    A large piece with the priests various items that must be wrapped up inside , very good textures the blanket has a pattern of various sections included , allowing various colours to be painted with ease , fits is spot on at a angle into a well formed cut out at the rear of the torso ...NO filler needed at connecting point , you will need to slightly lengthen the cord that will meet it from the torso

    DSCN2165.JPG DSCN2166.JPG

    Satchel/Provisions bag

    Well sculpted and seemingly full of items , perhaps some actually religious ?? , the prep being just removing the casting post from the lower rear , I will reduce the thickness of the ends cast on to allow a cleaner fit as dryfit showed a gap ...easy to deal with though

    The bag itself is held in place by a toggle and in the outside opening we have the priests bible ...clearly marked accordingly

    DSCN2167.JPG DSCN2168.JPG

    "Water"/Wine bottle and cup

    Looking a the anger in the face I think this will contain wine without doubt !!!....wrapped in a rafia type covering , plaited straw ...to protect the contents from damage , nice surface work on this

    The straps are something I will thin down slightly , there is a casting block to sand away from the bottle base , slight adjustement when fitting in place

    The cup , possibly tin has flashing to remove on inside of handle and fits nicely into place with a tiny bit of filler


    Pistols/Powder Horn

    Both pistols are cut just in front the firing mechanism and both are very detailed , fitting by means of a small post and cutout above the waist cord on torso ...my suggestion is to dryfit and paint up then fit later

    The powder horn has been decorated with studs , something often seen at this time , a slight and careful sanding will be needed but nothing else


    There is also a small pouch with a artillery design on it of crossed cannons below a crown, with a tier of cannon balls under....perhaps "donated" from a unsuspecting french soldier ....you can see it in the painted version on the right ...fitting is again no problem


    A wide brimmed piece of headwear , seen in use by many , and quite distinctive of the priesthood as well , well textured with a good fitment on the underside

    Slight sanding around the edges , I might consider thinning the brim down a little as well , If you choose not to fit onto the head a option I might look at is have it hanging at the back of the torso on a cord ...just a idea!!!

    DSCN2175.JPG DSCN2176.JPG

    Waist cord ends

    Well shaped and fitting easily , adds a bit of movement to the piece , good surface work on it ........"IF" you break it then twisted wire is a ideal replacement

    All that is needed is removing from the former sprue



    The longest piece obviously , slight sanding to remove the excess casting points close to the sculpted on hands .

    The hands are excellent one having a ring on a finger , positioned exactly to allow a accurate fit into the lower sleeves , good finger definition as well including nails

    The stave is fine but another option would be to add a cross ( as in the picture in the first part ) or perhaps form a longs blade similar to a farmers item

    DSCN2178.JPG DSCN2179.JPG

    Final Thoughts

    Something unusual from RP but totally historically correct , great research , casting and presentation , there are many colour options for the clothing as well , a choice of heads as well.......a unique piece

    All credit to the RP team for releasing in what has been a extremely different time , Hugos dedication and attitude is a credit to himself and all involved


    RP would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input (y)(y)

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details contact:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site using PM

    Happy benchtime

  4. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thank you so much for your words.... Excellent review... Congratulations... Thank you so much for believe in RPmodels...

    Big hug.
  5. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    its a great piece
  6. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Nice touch with the additional heads. Looks like another good one from Hugo and RP.
  7. Sgt. Red Active Member

    It looks really great. Whats the price?
  8. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Sgt Red

    Its 53 euros...

    Thank you.
    Sgt. Red likes this.
  9. Airkid A Fixture

    An excellent piece - very dynamic and historically spot-on. Full credit to Hugo and the RP team, and a top class review from Nap again!

  10. Billy Dickinson PlanetFigure Supporter

    What about if he was say 75mm with legs etc, and had a mounted opponent as per the painting, what a great vignette that would make !
  11. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Billy

    There are a diorama with the full figure for next year... In the end of the year in 75m... I just ask you to a little patience...


    Thank you so much...

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  12. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Full figure in 75mm would be great Hugo. Looking forward to that one.
    Just received my 1/12 copy today, your usual high standard from the RP team.
    Nap likes this.
  13. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Barrie

    Thank you so much for your kind words... Im glad you liked... The diorama will come in the end of next year because we just launch a historical diorama per year. And for next year we have planned the launch of a ambush of polish lancers by the guerrillas in Peninsular War. It will be amazing and it will be very nice. You will love it... Full of action and drama... You can see a full nation focused in the battle... Old people, child, dwarf, lady, young guys... It will be very nice...

    Thank you so much.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  14. Cannonball A Fixture

    Wow-a full figure version in a diorama. Look forward to that very much.


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